Overkilling The Mocking Bird: Anti-White Stereotypes Impeding Justice

Sooner or later it was certain that the lawyers for
black basketball player Kobe Bryant would start yelling
"racism" in defense against charges that he raped
a white woman.

Just as

O.J. Simpson
`s defense was able to get him acquitted
of the double murder of

two whites
in 1995 with the

same tactic,
so lawyers for Mr. Bryant are now
deploying it to save their client from a serious prison

But the Simpson and Bryant cases are not unique.

Last week Mr. Bryant appeared in court in Colorado,
where he faces trial on rape charges, with his white
female lawyer

Pamela Mackey
, who pronounced to the judge, "My
client stands accused of a very serious crime. There is
lots of history about black men being falsely accused of
this crime by white women." [AP,

Bryant attorneys raise race issue during hearing

Everyone`s read

To Kill a Mockingbird
, in which a saintly black
man is nearly lynched and then nearly convicted of
raping a white woman, when it turns out the trashy white
woman tried to seduce the black.  Miss Mackey is hoping
the judge and jury have read the book too, or at least
seen the movie, and will allow reality to imitate art.

But the Bryant rape case is not the only one where
the real villains are whites (either vicious and

bigoted white men
or sluttish white women) and all
blacks accused of raping white women are simply innocent
martyrs to racial equality.

The New York Times recently reported on an
obscure case in Georgia involving a black high school
senior sentenced to a 10-year prison term for raping a
16-year old white girl. That rape, too, you see, didn`t
really happen.

The black convicted and sentenced is a young man
named Marcus Dixon, who acknowledges that he had sex
with the young woman but claims it was consensual. She
had vaginal bruises that suggest otherwise, and Mr.
Dixon, it turned out, had a history of sexual harassment
of girls in the school (where, the Times was
quick to point out, he enjoyed a 3.96 grade point
average and had a football scholarship to Vanderbilt.
What a guy!)

I have no idea whether either Mr. Dixon or Mr. Bryant
is really guilty of rape, and from the facts so far
available, both of them seem to have a plausible
argument that they`re not. But in the Georgia case, the
local Afro-racists quickly seized the chance to

score racial-political points.

On the eve of a court hearing to appeal the Dixon
case, the Times reports, "nearly 100 people
gathered outside the state Supreme Court here, holding
candles and singing, `We Shall Overcome,"
and they
listened to the Rev. Joseph Lowery of the Southern
Christian Leadership Council, who has decided that Mr.
Dixon is innocent. "If the young lady was black and
Marcus Dixon was white, I don`t think we`d be here,"

Mr. Lowery declared to the crowd, in an astonishingly
frank admission of racial motivation.

In fact, the Dixon story is not especially
significant, even if the convicted man is innocent, and
in itself, as a simple case of justice miscarried, it`s
hardly worth the attention of the New York Times
(which seldom

reports at all
on brutal hate crimes

against whites
  committed by blacks).

The real purpose of the Times story is clear
from the headline it used to telegraph the point:

"Student Sex Case in Georgia Stirs Claims of Old South

There`s that mockingbird again.

The point is not that either he or Mr. Bryant is
really guilty but that the unspoken assumptions of black
innocence and white guilt have now so

permeated the minds
—of whites as well as blacks, of
the media as well as the courts—that yelling "racism"
can be considered a reliable if not infallible tactic to
get an accused black acquitted.

"Race plays a part in everything,"
said Johnnie
Cochran, O.J. Simpson`s black lawyer when his client
beat the rap for virtually beheading his white wife and
killing her white friend to boot. In that case,

black jurors
simply rejected any evidence pointing
to Simpson`s guilt, whatever its merits. That they did
so for reasons of racial solidarity was transparent.

Do blacks ever really commit any

or harbor any

hatred of whites?

Are all white women who claim they were

raped by blacks
simply liars who really sought sex
from them?

Can blacks today be convicted in American courts of
serious or notorious crimes against whites?

That may in fact be the case or may be soon, as the

of black victimhood and universal white evil,
with the assistance of

like the

New York Times
and big time lawyers like Mr.
Cochran and Miss Mackey, continues to entrench itself
deep within the minds of both races.



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