Obama Rumors Untrue—And Less Interesting Than The Truth

wild rumors
have circulated about Barack Obama, such

And finally, the most popular and yet
most self-evidently implausible rumor of all, assiduously
promoted by Obama`s media handler

David Axelrod

  •  that Obama refuses to be defined by his race, that he

    transcends race,
    that he`s not interested in race, blah

What do all these assertions have in common?

First, they betray a lack of awareness of the facts of
Obama`s life.

Second, they tend to reflect the widespread desire among
whites of all political stripes to not
about race
anymore, and to imagine that Obama doesn`t

In truth, the big secret about Obama is that there`s no
secret: as Obama explains at vast length in his memoir, what
he himself calls his
“racial obsessions” have dominated his life.

I document in my new book
America`s Half-Blood
(which you can
purchase here) how the President-Elect spelled out
exactly what he considered the central mandates of his
existence in the subtitle of Dreams From My Father.
To Obama, his autobiography is most definitely
not a postracial
parable. Instead, it is (as he helpfully says in his

A Story of Race and Inheritance

You probably got an email or two asserting that Obama`s
father was Arab, not black.

Actually, he was black. Here`s a picture of Barack Obama
Sr., with Obama`s mother Stanley Ann Dunham.

Obama Sr. might have had a tiny bit of ancestry from an Arab
slave trader or two to whom his African ancestors sold
captured black slaves, but he sure wasn`t 7/8ths Arab. In
his memoir, Obama rightly calls his father “black as pitch” and refers to his father`s tribe as
“as ink-black Luo”.
Here`s a picture comparing father and son:

Nor is there evidence that Obama, who displays almost no
spiritual side whatsoever in
Dreams from My Father,
is a secret Muslim.

The fact is that Obama would have been much more likely to
become a
Black Muslim

(a Scientology-like religion
made up in
the early 1930s
out of

sci-fi elements
and hatred of whites) than a genuine
Muslim. For instance, the young Obama adored
The Autobiography of
Malcolm X
—except for the part about Malcolm`s conversion
near the end of his life from the anti-white Nation of Islam
to Islam.

The notion that Obama is really the biological son of
African-American Communist Frank Marshall Davis—an aged
propagandist for the

Communist Party USA
who chased loose women with Obama`s
maternal grandfather in Honolulu`s red light district—and
therefore is a Communist through some sort of
inheritance is equally silly. The President-Elect is
clearly part East African. (Just look at him.)

There couldn`t have been more than a handful of East
Africans in <st1:place
w:st=”on”>Honolulu when Obama was conceived in early
November 1960, a few weeks before Ann Dunham`s 18th birthday November 29, 1960.
Certainly, Barack Sr. was the only East African in Ann`s
Russian language course at the
of Hawaii.

As for Barack Sr.`s ideology, we know quite well how it was
passed on to his son: through Obama`s leftist mother. As
part of her passive-aggressive war with her unsatisfactory

Indonesian second husband
for influence over her son,
she taught the boy to idolize his father as a great black
leader and to strive to emulate him by winning personal
political power to serve his race.

As a
black activist in Chicago,
the adult Obama still believed whole-heartedly in the
image of his father as the noble leader of the black race
concocted by his mother. The son imagined his father
demanding of him:

“You must help in your people`s struggle. Wake up, black

And we know almost exactly what political views Barack Sr.
passed on to Ann Obama during their brief marriage. That`s
because Greg Ransom of

has dug up the long article Problems
Facing Our Socialism

Obama Sr. published in the
East African Journal
in July 1965, attacking
Kenya`s centrist economic
policies from the left.

It`s not quite accurate to call Obama Sr. a doctrinaire
Communist. His
concern was less with socialism

 v. capitalism

 than with blacks

 v. whites


(Like Uganda`s

Idi Amin,
Obama Sr. was deeply displeased by the large

Indians played in East Africa`s economy
.) The young
Obama Sr.

Kenyan president Jomo Kenyatta`s public
advocacy of colorblind

 law and governance:

“One need not to be Kenyan to note that when one goes to a
good restaurant

 he mostly finds
Asians and Europeans, nor has he to be a Kenyan to see that
the majority of cars running in Kenya

 are run by Asians and

Like a proto-Robert Mugabe, Obama Sr. demanded
in his
characteristic peremptory tone:

“It is mainly in this country one finds almost everything
owned by non-indigenous populace. The government must do
something about this and soon.”

Obama Sr.

 didn`t seem to favor
Marxist policies for the sake of Marxism

, but
because government control of the economy was most
convenient for taking power

 and wealth from white
and Asian businesses and giving it to blacks

especially to blacks of Obama Sr.

`s tiny class

 of foreign-educated
black intellectuals.

Thus, it might be more accurate to describe Obama Sr.
`s ideology as “racial socialism

Like the more famous “national” variety of socialism

Obama Sr.

version of socialism was less interested in ideology than in
Lenin`s old questions of


As for the

Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers,
Obama was clearly
disingenuous in downplaying the extent of their

Yet it`s also evident that the McCain campaign
overemphasized the white radical Ayers, relative to its
about Obama`s deep relationships with
various black radicals, most notably
Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright
, Jr. Until the

mainstream media
finally noticed who Wright was last
February—after 42 states had already voted in the nominating process—Obama had
repeatedly boasted of his

closeness with Wright.

I would hardly be surprised if it turned out that Ayers had,
say, copy-edited a draft of Obama`s memoir in early 1995.
Yet, once again, Obama`s critics—in their fussing over
whether Obama would have used the word
“ballast” in Dreams
without Ayers` help—are missing the forest for the trees:
Obama`s rhetorical debt to Rev. Wright.

Last January, the outstanding British essayist Jonathan
Raban wrote in The

“… one sees immediately how much Obama has learned from him.
The title of Obama`s book The Audacity of Hope

 is an explicit salute
to a sermon by Wright

 called `The Audacity
to Hope

,` and his speeches are peppered with Wrightisms, … but his
debt to the preacher goes much deeper. … Obama, when on
form, can entrance largely white audiences with the same
essential story, told in secular terms and stripped of its
references to specifically black experience. When Wright

 says `white racists,`
Obama says `corporate

 lobbyists`; when

 speaks of blacks

, Obama says `hard-working Americans,` or `Americans without
health care` …”
[The Church
of Obama: How He Recast the Language of Black Liberation
Theology into a Winning Creed for Middle-of-the-Road White
January 9, 2008]

And what about the theory that Obama was actually born in  Kenya, on a
putative trip that his two parents took there to meet his

Ever since
tried to pawn off on the public hoax documents
purportedly about George W. Bush`s National Guard service,
it`s hard to take on faith pictures of pieces of paper. But
let`s take a step back away from the minutia of the birth
certificate controversy and just think for a moment about
whether the idea that Obama was born in
makes any sense.

Has anybody advocating this actually
looked at a globe
and thought about what a trip from >Honolulu to Nairobi would have been like on a
first-generation jetliner in 1961?

and Kenya are on almost exact opposite
sides of the world. The
Boeing 707
had a range of only 3700 miles, so the outbound portion of
their supposed trip would have looked something like this:


  • A flight from
    Honolulu to the West Coast.

  • Then a flight from the West Coast to the East Coast.

  • Then from the East Coast to a refueling stop at

    in Newfoundland.

  • Then
    Gander to London.

  • Then
    London to
    somewhere to the south (Cairo?).

  • Then on to

    in one or two more segments.


Great Circle distance
going the other way around the
world is slightly less, but there would have been even fewer
flights available.)

They would have been in transit for, say, 100 hours each

It would then have taken a day or two on buses to get to the
Obama family farm near
Lake Victoria.

Two round trip tickets for this ambitious expedition would
have been prohibitively expensive for anyone, let alone two
young students.

Barack Sr. only got from
to Hawaii
in the first place due to the famous

Tom Mboya Airlift
, an expensive

Cold War
project funded by Americans to woo the

next generation of Kenya`s elites
away from Soviet

Not surprisingly, there`s little evidence that Obama Sr.
ever went home to Kenya during his
four years in
America. It was just too

It`s especially unlikely that he would have taken his
heavily pregnant bride on such a grueling trip to

Besides the difficulties of travel for a pregnant woman,
Obama Sr. had a little problem that would have dissuaded him
from taking his new wife to see the folks. See, back in
Kenya, he
already had a
and two kids,

and Auma.

bigamous marriage to Obama`s mother
was a criminal act
in Hawaii. Fortunately, for Barack Sr., the
state of Hawaii
didn`t know about his other wife.

Granted, polygamy is legal (indeed, is

) in Kenya. But it
seems highly unlikely that Obama Sr. would have been in any
hurry to open the can of worms that his bigamy entailed
while he was still living in America.

Also, Obama Sr.`s father, Onyango Obama, a wealthy,
politically influential landowner, had

opposed his son`s marriage to a white woman on racial
. So, why would the young man go looking for
face-to-face trouble with his famously strong-willed father?

It`s not as if he was terribly serious about this latest
marriage. He abruptly abandoned Ann and Barack Jr. two years
later because his scholarship offer from the highbrow
School of Social Research
would have paid for the whole family to move to Manhattan
was, while prestigious, not
as prestigious as the scholarship offer from Harvard that paid just
his own living expenses.

Still, these anti-Obama rumors aren`t any more improbable
than the one that Axelrod and Obama have promoted in the
mainstream media about how Obama rises above race. It takes
a lot of cheek to try that one out after you`ve written a
460 page book about your ultimately successful 25-year
struggle to prove that you are
black enough
to be a

black leader.

The big difference between the anti-Obama rumors and

Axelrod`s pro-Obama rumor
is that the latter one worked.

The country had plenty of time to study Obama`s own first
book and challenge him on whether he still felt the same way
as when he wrote it. (In 2004, he said he did.) But, almost
nobody did. Obama critics instead went off on wild goose
chases to avoid dealing with the
“deepest commitments”
of Obama`s life, which all have to do with race, while

white supporters just imagined
that somebody so
charismatic just must
feel the way they do about race.

Fortunately, politics never ends. An

informed public can still restrain President Obama
working the worst mischief.

To help the American people understand better the man they
just elected President, I`ve written a reader`s guide to
Obama`s autobiography:

America`s Half-Blood Prince: Barack Obama`s “Story of Race
and Inheritance.”

Order it for

Christmas presents!

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