No Democracy For Whites In The New America

With a

Hispanic majority
emerging in the near future of
California and other western states (not to mention the
entire country), it`s high time the emerging white
minority learned its proper place in the New America,
and the Bush-Ashcroft Justice Department is on the scene
to help them learn it. 

Last week the Los Angeles Times
reported that the Justice Department has launched an

as to just why it is that more whites
don`t vote for Hispanic candidates in the city of Vista,
California. [Los Angeles Times,

Vista Is Examined for Bias
, By
Beth Silver, July 28, 2003]

Vista, in San Diego County, is the
home of

90,000 residents
, 40 percent of whom are Hispanic.
The problem, you see, is that despite the presence of a
large Hispanic minority, not one "Spanish-surnamed

ever been elected

local office
in the city`s history. To the

Bush-Ashcroft Justice Department
, this is a problem.

Therefore Justice munchkins have
descended upon Vista to investigate the crisis.  It
could be, you know, that it`s due to that

universal solution
to all non-white problems, white


"Justice Department
investigators want to determine whether a pattern
emerges in Vista,"
the Times solemnly
reports. "They plan to check whether members of
minorities and whites vote differently; whether whites
in Vista vote as a block against minority candidates;
and whether whites are able to beat minority candidates,
even when minority voters are unified at the polls, said
Justice Department spokesman Jorge Martinez."

And, if Justice "finds a
violation of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, it could
order the city to be divided into council districts,
rather than conducting citywide votes for elected
officials. The idea is that at least one district might
be drawn to encompass a concentration of the city`s
Latino population, increasing the likelihood of the
group`s electing one of its own, Martinez said."

In other words, if the Justice
Department doesn`t like the outcome of elections, it
will force the local community to change election laws
and procedures until it gets the outcome it wants.

So much for democracy in the New

It`s not as though local Hispanics
have been complaining to Washington about all the
gimmicks the whites have concocted to keep them out of
office. As the Times also reports, "an
advocacy group for a predominantly Latino neighborhood
in Vista said it had never heard a complaint"
the city`s electoral system.  A city planning
commissioner with the proper kind of surname,

Frank Lopez
, who has lost two elections for a city
council seat, agrees. "I don`t think there`s a
problem here and that`s all I want to tell you,"

The determination to find a problem
in Vista and rig the election to make sure fewer whites
get into local office comes straight from Washington
itself, and it`s not

Janet Reno
that started it but John Ashcroft and his

It`s interesting Justice is making
use of the

Voting Rights Act
to impose its will on a city in
California. Passed at the height of the "civil rights"
movement and the Great Society regime of

Lyndon Johnson
, the act originally applied only to
southern states and Arizona (which just happened to be
those that had voted for Mr. Johnson`s opponent in the
1964 election,
Barry Goldwater

A transparent violation of the
principle of equality before the law, the act was
renewed in 1982 when support for its extension was led
by yet another Republican stalwart, Rep. Newt Gingrich.

Republicans and others Americans
who hailed the act when it was directed only against the
South will no doubt today rejoice to learn that it is
about to be applied to them and their own communities.

Hence, they need to learn how this
masterpiece of progressive legislation works. As Vista
city attorney Wayne Dernetz told the Times, "the Justice
Department needs to determine only that white voters in
Vista tend to favor white candidates and dilute Latino
voters` preferences to find a violation of the Voting
Rights Act. Intent and cause are irrelevant, he said."

In other words, there need be no
"intent" to deny Hispanics what apparently is their
inherent right to win elections. All that is needed is
to show that "white voters tend to favor white

And of course they do. Black voters
tend to prefer black candidates, and Hispanic voters
tend to prefer Hispanic candidates. That may not be
quite consistent with the mythology of
"color-blindness," but it`s an obvious fact from
Political Science 101.

So it ought to be equally obvious
what the Justice Department finding will eventually be
and what the outcome of the next "election" in Vista
will be.

Keep a close eye on
what happens, because it will be happening soon in your
own city as well, as whites start losing the right to be
governed by the candidates they want to vote for.



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