Neocons Admit They`ve Blown It – Is The Draft Next?

Do you remember the ridicule

heaped on critics who predicted a quagmire
in Iraq?

Now neocons William Kristol and Robert Kagan are
calling for more troops and more money – two more army
divisions and another $60 billion to be exact.

Next spring, if disaster looms,” they write,
“it may be too late.” [Do
What It Takes in Iraq

Weekly Standard
, by William Kristol and
Robert Kagan, September 01, 2003]

John McCain, who experienced, but has forgotten, the
Vietnam quagmire has taken the bait and is

Bush to send more troops.

But there are no troops to send. The Pentagon doesn`t
know where it is going to get the troops to carry on the
occupation of Iraq at the present level of troop
strength. The Associated Press

that our combat troops are going to be
saddled with

assignments to overseas hotspots.

Army officials are concerned that they are going to
begin losing many sergeants and junior officers.
Officers in infantry divisions are scrambling to find
other military jobs that are not subject to overseas

Meanwhile, the handful of neocons who got our country
into this growing mess are still talking about the U.S.
invading other Middle Eastern countries as part of their
program to deracinate Islam.

On top of it all, neocons want to take on

North Korea
, whose army outnumbers ours two to one.

Bush is trying to get other

countries to send their soldiers to occupy Iraq
. So
far success has eluded him. Other countries don`t like
to tell us “no” repeatedly. They say they have to have

cover of the UN,
which the neocons intended to keep
out. The UN would likely get in the way of the neocons`
plan to use Iraq as a staging ground for invading Iran,
Syria, and Saudi Arabia.

Bush, however, is getting desperate. As our soldiers
are pushed off the streets of Iraq and congregate behind
hopefully impenetrable barricades, Bush might have to
let the UN rescue him on its own terms.

The UN should not do so, however, without a firm
understanding that it is not freeing up US troops for an
attack on another Middle Eastern country.

If you think about it, you will realize that the
neocons` war plans are taking us back to the

. There`s no way around it. Lacking sufficient
military forces to occupy Iraq with its small population
of 25 million, what would we do once neocons get us
mired down in Iran or Egypt with their large

Somebody needs to call a halt to this. It will not be
the neocon press or Fox News that does it. These folks
hide behind

, but their real motive is to make
the Middle East safe for Israel.

The alliance of neocons with white southern
evangelicals is not enough to control US foreign policy.
Sooner or later even the brain-dead are going to realize
that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, was not a
threat to us (until neocons got us mired down there),
and had nothing to do with the events of September 11.

We spent a fortune attacking a country that had done
us no harm, killing tens of thousands of its people, and
giving the US a black eye as an aggressor that starts
wars on the basis of lies and disinformation.

In the process, we also wrecked the political
standing of our best ally, British PM Tony Blair.
Two-thirds of the British people now believe that Blair
intentionally made a false case for invading Iraq.

When the public tires of flag-waving and war
propaganda, how will the Bush administration carry on
with its pretense that we have made the world safe from
terrorists by overthrowing Saddam Hussein?

Voters will begin to wonder why Bush doesn`t sack the
neocons who have brought him such deep embarrassment.
The longer Bush waits before sacking the neocons, the
more voters will wonder why they voted for Bush.

Our situation in Iraq is already bad. It will become
untenable if the Shiite majority decides to join in the
effort to drive us out.

It doesn`t appear we will be able to buy off our
adversaries with our money. Will we as a proud nation
respond to Iraqi resistance by conscripting our sons and
grandsons as targets for terrorists and guerillas?

While we are bogged down, what happens if something
hits the fan in another part of the world?

Will we be forced to resort to nuclear weapons?

Many people much smarter than neocons gave these
warnings in response to the neocons` promise of

It is time Bush replaced his delusional neocon
advisors with wise people of integrity.


Paul Craig Roberts is the author with Lawrence M.
Stratton of

The Tyranny of Good Intentions : How Prosecutors and
Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name
of Justice
. Click

for Peter Brimelow`s

Forbes Magazine interview with Roberts about the
recent epidemic of prosecutorial misconduct.