My Night With The Minutemen

Breaking News—
plan to build 300 mile fence along US/Mexican border
by David Marino, KVOA
Tucson, April 21, 2006

There has been so
much chatter in the MSM about the Minutemen that I just

had to ask

Who are these
Minutemen and what do they do?

For answers to
these questions, I headed to the California border with
Mexico, where the men and women of the California
Minutemen Project are patrolling for the month of April.

We were near
Boulevard, in the

eastern part of San Diego County
. The border there
is a rocky, treacherous terrain spotted with vicious
cacti that I unfortunately did not notice until I bumped
into them…yeah, good times…sigh.

The fence was a
joke, by the way. Meaning there really wasn`t one

I spent a Saturday
night with the Minutemen because that is reportedly the
best time to see the action.

Let me tell you a
little bit about these marvelous people:

  • Eric, now in his

    at the

    Battle of the Bulge
    .  He was wounded, captured
    and held as a prisoner of war for four and a half

When his tour was
up, Rick returned to California where he established
several successful businesses, served on his local
school board and

mowed the lawns
for free—just

because somebody needed to
. (Charming as the day is
long, he reminds me of

Forrest Gump
without the low IQ or the obsession
with Jen-nay.)

  • Steve, a proud
    U.S. citizen and immigrant from
    Brighton, England. In 1979, Steve
    left England
    armed with a 6 month Visa to work for a bank in
    Manhattan which later sponsored him for a Green

When Steve married
an American woman, there were a handful of cynics who
accused him of only seeking  citizenship
via matrimony
…so Steve

flat refused
to apply for a visa through his new

software engineer
, he moved to Dayton, Ohio and
waited eight years for his citizenship to come

“I love this
country…I love this country more than most who were born
told me. “That`s why I`m out here—I can`t stand
what`s happening to America.”

Other volunteers
were school teachers, businessmen, doctors and
scientists…a famous scientist in particular.

recovered specimens from the

1918 Spanish flu
which will now be used to create a
vaccine for the Avian Flu.  [More info


Yeah…sounds like a real


And one of my

Now these men are

volunteer Minutemen
—great Americans and beloved war

To be fair, there
have been myriad stories generated by the MSM about the
paramilitary-style of the Minutemen Corps. 

Not to mention the
images the MSM just love to publish!  For
example: if there is a

Confederate flag
within a 50-mile radius of the
Minuteman camp that will be the footage the MSM focuses
on with some ghastly headline such as Neo-Nazi
Border Patrol

blah, blah, blah

I suppose it
be difficult for the average American to
ascertain the truth when the story is told almost
entirely from the (ahem!) not-so-objective
perspective of say, CNN.

Tim Donnelly is

President of the California Minutemen
. He was kind
enough to open up the camp to me and show me the ropes.

In his day job, Tim
is a successful businessman. He volunteered to organize
the California Minutemen because, once again, somebody
needed to do it.

Tim`s wife, the
mother of his five sons, is Filipino.  Her father spent
12 years separated from his family in order to

immigrate legally to the U.S.

As Tim explained it
“He says that was the price he paid to give his
family a better life in America.”

Unlike the MSM, I
didn`t see a single Neo-Nazi—or anything even in that

On the contrary,
when one member arrived for duty wearing full
camouflage, Tim instructed him to change clothes—full
camouflage or military-esque appearances are
forbidden by

Minuteman standard operating procedure

Another Minuteman,
Carl, had the dubious honor of guiding me up a hill to a
main look-out point…

The path was
littered with “booties” and

left by smugglers and their party.  Booties
are strips of fabric that illegal aliens tie around the
feet to conceal their footprints from immigration

Carl shared a
couple of recent events with me.

A few nights before
I arrived, a group of

four Arab men
snuck across the border and walked
right through the Minuteman camp, apparently unaware of
its location. 


four Arab men.

(Caution: next part
contains graphic material).

Carl also told me
about a particularly horrifying event from the previous
week. He and the men with him heard the screams of a
woman piercing the quiet of the night. The screams came
from the Mexican side of the border, some distance from
where Carl stood. 

A woman was being

by a

hired coyote
who had brought her within site of the
American border and then demanded more money.

She couldn`t pay,
so he

raped her
—they later found her panties tied to the
border fence as a trophy and a warning to

other women
who can`t cough up more money.

The Minutemen never
found out what finally became of her.

The look on Carl`s
face made clear how frustrated he was that he was
powerless to help—the Minutemen

cannot cross the border
…that would be illegal
entry into Mexico
, a serious crime in

Mexican law!

Within an hour of
my arrival, one patrol group radioed back to camp that
twenty people were spotted hiding on the side of a hill
just on the other side of the U.S. border. They were
clearly waiting for the opportunity to

cross the border

The U.S. Border
Patrol was notified. Then the Minutemen just set up camp
on the U.S. side of the border directly across from the
border crossers and watched them—nothing more.

Border Patrol,
of course, cannot approach anyone

they actually cross the border.
So would-be illegal
aliens usually just wait for the Patrol to leave.

By the early hours
of the next morning, the twenty would-be illegal aliens
had grown frustrated with the Minutemen, whom they had
now determined were not

U.S. Border Patrol.

They began to

hurl rocks
at the Minutemen, hoping to

run them off
…yeah, not a chance.

After hours of what
can only be called (ironically)

Mexican Standoff,
this group of 20 left the area and
retreated back into Mexico.

Tim later emailed
me the weekend`s numbers:

This relatively
small Minuteman camp had spotted

114 such people
. According to Tim,

“40 have been apprehended; 33 TBS (turned back south) and the rest
are heading to a

Home Depot
, a

, a peaceful, pro-American rally, or a

near you.”   

So who are the

President Bush
and various Members of Congress have

called them

After getting to
know the men and women of the California Minutemen
Project, I have a response for our illustrious leaders:

How dare you—you
are unfit to represent this nation in any capacity!


tells us that illegal aliens are just
doing the job Americans won`t do. Well…

The Minutemen

just doing the job
our government won`t do:

Defending America!

Bryanna Bevens [email
her] is a political consultant and former chief of staff
for a member of the California State Assembly.