More Immigrant Hate Crime Hoaxes

Mazhar Tabesh, Nezar "Mike" Maad,
and Aqil Yassom Al-Timimi all have something in common.
They were held up by Muslim activists as innocent
victims of the “post-September 11 backlash.” They milked
the compassion of their communities. They won sympathy
from the media and politicians.

And now it appears they were all
hate crime hucksters who cried `racism` to cash in on
the terrorist attacks.

Mazhar Tabesh, a naturalized
American originally from Pakistan, co-owned a motel in
Heber City, Utah. Last July, someone

set the lodge ablaze
, causing nearly $100,000 in

"We are really scared because we
are Muslim – probably the only Muslims in the area – and
we are the target,"
Tabesh declared. "It`s

Tabesh complained of receiving
threatening calls from anonymous hatemongers who
“told us they would get us if we didn`t get out."

Utah residents organized a benefit
concert and raised $1,400 for Tabesh`s family. The
national press jumped on the bandwagon:
“Immigrant Family Feels Post-9/11 Rage,”
a Los Angeles Times headline. The accompanying
1,100 word story suggested that “white supremacists
and skinheads living in the area”
might be to

But the chief suspect turned out to
Mazhar Tabesh

Prosecutors say Tabesh invented a
"mystery man" arsonist and lied about witnessing the
non-existent lodger running from the hotel after the
fire started.

His motive? A Heber City police
officer testified at a preliminary hearing that Tabesh
was losing about $5,900 a month on the motel and still
owed $450,000 on the mortgage.

Tabesh will stand trial in June on
first-degree felony aggravated arson charges.

Don`t count on the

Los Angeles Times
to cover it.

The tale of Nezar “Mike” Maad
follows the same basic plot. Maad, an Arab-American
businessman and “tolerance advocate,” owned a print shop
in Anchorage, Alaska. On Sept. 21, 2001, someone
destroyed equipment and spray-painted “We hate Arabs”
inside the store.

Community leaders
created the “Not in Our Town”
fund, a city-backed charity which raised a whopping
$75,000 for Maad. A local newspaper editorial declared
unequivocally that the incident “was a hate crime. It
was vandalism. It was a statement against bedrock
American values…”

Five months after Maad was
“victimized,” a jury convicted him of

federal fraud charges
. During the hate crime
investigation, agents discovered that Maad had lied on
bank loan applications and federal forms about his
business finances and prior criminal convictions.
Nevertheless, Maad received a reduced sentence of six
months` prison time.

The FBI dropped its hate crime
investigation; Maad and his wife remain the prime
suspects in the languishing property damage case.

In Nashville, Tenn., Iraqi-American
Aqil Yassom Al-Timimi claimed someone set his Chevy
truck on fire after the Sept. 11 attacks because he was
of Arab descent. Although local TV stations ate up the
hate crime angle, one keen reporter remained skeptical
and raised the strong possibility of an insurance fraud

Writing in the Nashville Scene,
Matt Pulle reported that no notes or graffiti were left
at the crime scene. Emergency personnel were immediately
suspicious of Al-Timimi, who reportedly pressed them to
alert the media as soon as they arrived at Al-Timimi`s
home. [“Under Fire:

Is a local Iraqi a crime victim or is he a criminal
By Matt Pulle, September 27, 2001]

Sources said they suspected Al-Timmi
was the perpetrator all along, but more than a year and
a half after the fire, the case has languished. Al-Timimi,
the supposed victim of hateful wrongdoing, hasn`t been
heard from since. “If he was playing us,” Pulle
told me, “he did a perfect job.” 

The FBI and Justice Department have
vociferously condemned and aggressively prosecuted a
string of

anthrax hoaxes
that followed the September 11
attacks. But when it comes to cracking down on hate
crime hoaxes by Arabs and Muslims, the feds—too busy
politically correct
with Muslim leaders who pooh-pooh hate crime fraud– have
been appallingly negligent.

There is no way of knowing whether
fake hate crimes
outnumber real anti-Muslim crimes
because no law enforcement agency keeps track.

(Note to frustrated cops: Send

your suspected hoax cases and let`s get started.)

Hoax crimes
waste precious investigative resources,
exacerbate racial tension, create terror, and corrode

It`s a shame so many in the media
are more concerned with protecting the twisted cult of
victimhood than with exposing hard truths.

Michelle Malkin [email
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