Moose Loose With Racial Charges

I can`t change the TV channels
without seeing the ubiquitous mug of my former
Montgomery County, Md.

police chief-turned-author
Charles A. Moose.

First, it was Dateline NBC with
Stone Phillips. The following morning, he chatted up the
Today Show`s Matt Lauer. Now, he`s hanging out on CNN.

Next up on the publicity tour for
Moose`s new

on the

serial sniper investigation:
The Tonight Show with
Jay Leno. I`m sure the victims` families will think it`s
an absolute riot when Moose and Jay trade jokes about

white box trucks and tarot cards
. Haw-haw-haw.

While Moose yuks it up with Jay,
prosecutors in Virginia are hard at work preparing for
the capital murder trials of accused snipers John
Muhammad and Lee Malvo.

"Personally, I don`t understand
why someone who`s been in law enforcement his whole life
would potentially damage our case or

compromise a jury pool
by doing this,"

assistant Prince William Commonwealth`s attorney James
Willett, who is handling the Muhammad trial, told the
Washington Post.
Moose`s Memoir of A Manhunt
, By Linton Weeks and
Matthew Mosk, September 11, 2003]

Why would Moose risk tainting the
prosecution of the cases? Why would he jeopardize the
pursuit of justice?

The obvious answer is greed.
Earlier this spring, Charles

“Show me the money”
Moose quit the

he claimed to love so much rather than forego
the $170,000 book advance and $4-a-book royalties that a
local ethics board

he couldn`t collect.

There`s another answer. After
reading through his hastily written screed/diary/memoir,
it is clear that Moose has put the lucratively
therapeutic exploitation of his lifelong

racial grievances
above public safety.

Moose recounts the time he went
horseback riding in Hawaii with his

. The guide, who “was sort of flirting”
with his wife, asked what they did for a living. Moose
darkly suggests that because the guide mistakenly told
another rider that Moose was a police chief near (rather
than in) Portland, he must be racist who couldn`t
believe a black man could hold such a position.

Moose also claims he and his wife
were stopped by hotel security staff in Phoenix who
wanted to see their room key. “Apparently” they
thought his wife was a prostitute and he was a john.

Moose recalls how he

when he couldn`t get anyone to wait on him
at a Nordstrom`s shoe store in Oregon. (He should visit
my J.C. Penney`s.) “I saw other customers get waited
on. I saw they were white. I saw the salespeople were
white. I was the only black guy there.”
He shouted
at the “honkies” and stormed out of the store.

A few years later, he became
completely unhinged while waiting in line at the
Portland city employees` credit union. The woman behind
the counter was white. “I just went off. I started
yelling at this white woman working the counter, and
this white guy she was waiting on, about how long I`d
been waiting and how p—sed off I was that they were
making a black man wait in line…”

Later, he cursed at a white
Portland city employee crime prevention specialist who
reprimanded him for not dressing better out of uniform.

Then there was the time that he
was stopped by D.C. transit police on a Metro train who
simply asked for identification. His wife wanted to file
a discrimination lawsuit.  As first reported on
the Mooses ended up brokering

successful shakedown
of a much bigger target—the
Marriott corporation, which shelled out $200,000 when
the couple claimed hotel security workers at one of
Hawaii`s most luxurious resorts were racist because they
asked for ID.

More recently, Moose immediately
assumed racial persecution in Chevy Chase when a woman
working out at his apartment building`s gym simply asked
if he worked or lived there.

Rank-and-file cops in Montgomery
County have charged that Moose`s

racial blinders
endangered patrol officers and
investigators (from whom physical descriptions of the
suspects were

)—and probably cost lives.

Moose does little to dispel those
suspicions when he preaches that “We must all be

social engineers
and admits to having
feelings about Muhammad and Malvo
because they are black.

Of this I am certain: The
race-obsessed former police chief`s path to Jay Leno`s
sofa was paved in unnecessarily spilt blood.

Cue the laugh track.

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