Miller Watch (And Wait!) II: The Mop, The Faucet, And The Lunatic

Some weeks ago, VDARE.COM  instituted a new
feature, “Miller Watch,”
for the purpose of monitoring notorious immigration
enthusiast John J. Miller, National Review`s

National Political Reporter
, and giving him the
boot every time he makes a dumb remark on the subject
of U.S. immigration policy (or lack thereof). 

Wouldn`t you know? – since then,
Miller has fallen silent on the subject. We ask: “Where
is he?”

Miller never actually says in his book

The Unmaking of Americans

that his support for continued mass immigration to
the United States is contingent on the immigrants
themselves assimilating to American civilization.  But
he implies it, by his emphasis on the essential
need for assimilation and his certainty that the
assimilation of current immigrants is achievable if
the native-born elite abandons multiculturalism and
rediscovers the assimilationist ideal. This produced–in
his view–the glorious homogenized America that existed
before 1965.  By contrast, in my book

The Immigration Mystique
, I argued that the
assimilation of immigrants to the U.S. since
either failed to occur or did so only
imperfectly, owing to their resentment of the WASP
majority . It seems to have rankled Miller especially,
judging from his review of my book in the Wall Street
that an immigration policy devised by
Chilton Williamson might have barred his
Austro-Hungarian grandmother from the United States –
thus depriving us of a priceless national treasure.

Miller`s problem is not just that
the elite has yet to give up on multiculturalism and
reestablish the assimilationist ideal. Nor is it that
the immigrants themselves are increasingly indifferent
or hostile to American culture, up to and including the
English language itself.  It`s that neither the elite
nor the immigrants show the slightest sign of changing
anytime soon – if ever; while ceaseless waves of
immigration annually guarantee the annihilation of the
historic American nation in the very near future, if
steps are not taken to forestall it. 

In fact, the cultural, ethnic, and racial wars in
this country are accelerating by leaps and bounds. Mr.
Miller`s immigration-enthusiast (or anyway
immigration-complacent) colleagues at
NR have been compelled to take note. 

Rich Lowry,
the magazine`s editor, and

Jonah  Goldberg
at National Review Online have both
deplored the absurd affair of the Three Firemen statue
(white, black, and Hispanic) in New York. The
January 28 2002 NR

was a defense by Lowry of racial
profiling as a necessary weapon against terrorism.  (“In
a famous 1949 case, Justice Robert Jackson said that the
Constitution is not `a suicide pact.` Indeed, it isn`t,
but maybe our racial politics is.”)  Miller himself has

that, “The number of illegal aliens from
Middle Eastern countries now living in the United States
could fill two football stadiums, according to a

new Census Bureau  re
port.”  He

the “racial bean counting” at USA TODAY
that led reporter Kathy Kiely to

the fact that there are no blacks or
Hispanics among the states` governors, and that “if the
U.S. Senate and the National Governors` Association were
private clubs, their membership rosters would be a
scandal.  They`re lily white.”

Most recently, Miller has
deplored the
California State Department of Education`s decision to
reinstate bilingual education in the public schools in
defiance of Proposition 227, passed in 1998, as well as
the cowardly reluctance of the state`s leading
Republican politicians to criticize this act.

Well, just what did the boys at
National Review
expect?  The situation calls to
Dr. John Tanton`s famous
apocyrphal test for insanity: Put a man in a room with
open faucets spewing water and a mop to clean up with. 
A lunatic will continue mopping past the point where it
becomes obvious that the mop is no match for the

What`s going on at National Review
is increasingly frantic mopping. No wonder John Miller`s
been lying low
on the issue of the immigration policy faucet.

Rumor has it that John Miller has
said privately that he is “losing interest” in
immigration.  If so, that is doubtless because he can no
longer defend it on the grounds on which he professes to
find it defensible. Miller (born in 1970) is a very
young man still.  Thirty-two is an age at which is it
easy neither to abandon youthful ideals nor admit past

We at VDARE.COM are not only sympathetic to John
Miller (send him mail), we are anxious to be of help
by way of an encouraging nudge. The nudge takes the form
of a public challenge, as follows: 

To John
J. Miller, Esq.: INSOFAR AS you have consistently
defended mass immigration to the United States as a
means of assimilating worthy immigrants whose presence
among us shall by that means become a boon to America as
well as to said immigrants themselves; and INSOFAR AS
assimilation is patently not occurring, and shows no
sign of doing so in future; THEREFORE, we hereby call
upon you to renounce, on or before the LAST DAY OF LENT
(March 30, 2002), your support of a liberal immigration
policy for the U.S., together with all arguments
pertinent thereto, and join in the defense of our
country and against the unmaking of America and
Americans, their culture, institutions, and identity. 
(Signed), the Editors,”

(Click HERE to ACCEPT, John!)

Williamson Jr.

is the author of The
Immigration Mystique: America`s False Conscience

and an editor and columnist for Chronicles
Magazine, where he writes the The Hundredth Meridian
column about life in the Rocky Mountain West.

February 18, 2002