Meet the GOP`s Border Control Cross-Dressers

Every Democrat running for

thinks anti-illegal immigration activists
are all
racists and xenophobes. Do we really need a Republican
nominee for president who thinks the same way?

Breakout GOP candidate Mike
Huckabee, the

soft-on-border control former governor of Arkansas,

scored a jaw-dropping endorsement Tuesday from

Jim Gilchrist,
founder of the

Minuteman Project.
Despite a long gubernatorial
record opposing

employer sanctions
and pushing tax-subsidized
illegal alien education benefits, Huckabee won
Gilchrist`s support by unveiling a last-minute,
tough-sounding homeland security plan.

Trouble is, Huckabee has downright
and longstanding contempt for his new bedfellows of

Just two years ago, Huckabee
appeared before the

open-borders Hispanic group
, The League of United
Latin American Citizens (LULAC),

preaching an open-door policy
. According to the
Arkansas News Bureau, Huckabee also criticized state
legislation requiring proof of citizenship to register
to vote and enhanced reporting of illegal aliens as
un-Christian, un-American, irresponsible and
anti-life—not to mention

"race-baiting" and

Just last year, Huckabee lambasted
opponents of the

shamnesty bill providing a mass pardon to
illegal aliens as

"driven by racism or nativism."
He called strict
immigration enforcement—the kind he now supports—"sheer

in his campaign-timed book released earlier this year. [From Hope To Higher Ground,
117-118] He

actively invited
the Mexican government to establish

consulate in Arkansas
—giving its office a $1 per
year special

office space rate
—so that its foreign officials
could start dispensing security-undermining

matricula consular
ID cards to illegal aliens


purposes. And he`s not only


in-state illegal alien discounts
, he`s for expanding
them far beyond what the federal

But now that he needs to establish
his border control bona fides, Huckabee is all honey.
"Frankly, Jim,"
he said to the Minuteman Project
founder at a press conference in Iowa on Tuesday,
"I`ve got to tell you there were times in the early days
of the Minutemen I thought, `What are these guys doing,
what are they about?` I confess I owe you an apology."
Picks Up Minuteman Founder Endorsement
| The Trail |, Dec 11,

It`s Gilchrist and those who allow
themselves to be snowed by Huckabee`s cynical conversion
who`ll be sorry and deep in apology debt, I guarantee
you. Huckabee showed his true colors at the

Univision Spanish-language debate
over the weekend
when he pandered to the crowd by lamenting "racial
of immigrants—while remaining silent
about catch-and-release policies that fail to detain
criminal aliens who go on to

commit more heinous crimes
because politically

politicians and police chiefs
are more concerned
with being accused of

"racial profiling"
than protecting the public.

Huckabee isn`t the only shameless
border control cross-dresser in the GOP field, of
course. Rudy ("I supported sanctuary policies before
I was against them, but my sanctuary policy wasn`t
really a sanctuary policy, anyway"
) Giuliani now

"the advice of a great man, Father
Hesburgh, who said, `We must close the back door of
illegal immigration in order to preserve the front door
of legal immigration.`"

In an interview with Washington
reporter and author Bill Sammon, Giuliani
now says he really, truly would have deported 400,000
illegal aliens in New York if he could have. [Book
Excerpt: In New York, illegal immigration took a back
seat to making the city safe
December 11, 2007]

Never mind that small matter of the
lawsuit he brought against the feds to block them from
enforcing immigration laws.

Never mind that he was openly
inviting illegal aliens into his open-borders safe

Reports Sammon: "Some of the
hardest-working and most productive people in this city
are undocumented aliens,"
the mayor said at a 1994
press conference. "If you come here and you work hard
and you happen to be in an undocumented status, you`re
one of the people who we want in this city. You`re
somebody that we want to protect, and we want you to get
out from under what is often a life of being like a
fugitive, which is really unfair."
York Officials Welcome Immigrants, Legal or Illegal
By Deborah Sontag, New York Times, June 10, 1994]

Bringing up the false convert rear
is Sen. John McCain. Earlier this year, he was the most
vocal critic of grass-roots conservatives who mobilized
against the amnesty bill. He now says he has learned his
lesson and supports securing the border.

He has

learned nothing.
During the shamnesty debacle, he

Rush Limbaugh a "nativist";
over the weekend,
he repeated such contemptuous "straight talk" at
the Univision debate by assailing what he called

anti-Hispanic rhetoric
. In

an interview with the New Yorker,
irritatedly dismissed immigration concerns in Iowa as
marginal and irrational—just a bunch of "senior
in Iowa caught up in the "emotion"
of a cultural assault. [Return
of the Nativist

by Ryan Lizza, December17, 2007

Bad enough that the Democrat
candidates are still stuck in a 9/10 mentality on the
nexus between

immigration and national security.

The question for conservatives is:
Would a Republican immigration drag queen be any
better—or worse?

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