Making a Monkey Out of Darwin

"You have no notion of the intrigues
that go on in this blessed world of science,"


Thomas Huxley.

"Science is, I
fear, no purer than any other region of human activity;
though it should be."

Huxley would himself engage in intrigue,
deceit and intellectual property theft to make his
master`s theory gospel truth in Great Britain.

He is quoted
above for two reasons.

First is House
passage of a
climate-change bill. Depending on
which scientists you believe, the dire consequences of
global warming are inconvenient truths—or a
fearmongering scheme to siphon off the wealth of
individuals and empower bureaucrats.

The second is
publication of "The
End of Darwinism: And How a Flawed and Disastrous Theory
Was Stolen and Sold
by Eugene G. Windchy, a splendid little book that begins
with Huxley`s lament.

That Darwinism
has proven
"disastrous theory"
is indisputable.

"Karl Marx loved Darwinism,"

writes Windchy.
"To him, survival of the fittest as the source of
progress justified violence in bringing about social and
political change, in other words, the revolution."

"Darwin suits my purpose,"

Marx wrote

Darwin suited
Adolf Hitler`s purposes, too.

"Although born to a Catholic family Hitler become a
hard-eyed Darwinist who saw life as a constant struggle
between the strong and the weak. His Darwinism was so
extreme that he thought it would have been better for
the world if the Muslims had won the
eighth century battle of Tours, which stopped the Arabs` advance into France. Had the Christians lost,
(Hitler) reasoned, Germanic people would have acquired
a more warlike creed
and, because of their natural superiority, would have
become the leaders of an

Islamic empire

Charles Darwin
also suited the purpose of the


Herbert Spencer
, who preached a

social Darwinism
to robber baron industrialists
exploiting 19th-century immigrants.

Jacques Barzun

Darwinism brought on World War I:
"Since in every
European country between 1870 and 1914 there was a war
party demanding armaments, an individualist party
demanding ruthless competition, an imperialist party
demanding a free hand over backward peoples, a socialist
party demanding the conquest of power and a racialist
party demanding internal purges against aliens—all of
them, when appeals to greed and glory failed, invoked
Spencer and Darwin, which was to say science incarnate."

Yet a theory can
produce evil—and still be true.

And here Windchy
does his best demolition work.

Darwin, he
demonstrates, stole his theory from

Alfred Wallace,
who had sent him a
"completed formal
paper on evolution by natural selection."

"All my
originality … will be smashed,"
wailed Darwin
when he got Wallace`s manuscript.

Darwin also lied

The Origin of
about believing in a Creator. By 1859,
he was a confirmed agnostic and so admitted in his
posthumous autobiography, which was censored by his

examples of natural selection—such as the giraffe
acquiring its long neck to reach ever higher into the
trees for the leaves upon which it fed to survive—have
been debunked. Giraffes eat grass and bushes. And if, as
Darwin claimed, inches meant life or death, how did
female giraffes, two or three feet shorter, survive?

Windchy goes on
to relate such scientific hoaxes as

"Nebraska Man"
anthropoid ape ancestor to man, whose tooth turned out
to belong to a wild pig—and

Piltdown Man,
the missing link between monkey and

Discovered in
England in 1912, Piltdown Man was a sensation until

by a 1950s investigator as the skull of a
Medieval Englishman attached to the jaw of an Asian ape
whose teeth had been filed down to look human and whose
bones had been stained to look old.

Yet three
English scientists were knighted for Piltdown Man.

Other myths are
demolished. Bird feathers do not come from the scales of
reptiles. There are no gills in human embryos.

For 150 years,
the fossil record has failed to validate Darwin.

"The extreme rarity of transitional
forms in the fossil record persists as the trade secret
of paleontologists,"


Stephen J. Gould

. But that fossil record now contains even more
species that appear fully developed, with no traceable

Darwin ruled out
such "miracles."

And Darwinists
still have not explained the origin of life, nor have
they been able to produce life from non-life.

The most
delicious chapter is Windchy`s

of the

Scopes Monkey Trial
and Hollywood`s

Bible-mocking movie

Inherit the Wind,
Spencer Tracy as Clarence Darrow

The trial was a
hoked-up scam to garner publicity for Dayton, Tenn.
Scopes never taught evolution and never took the stand.
His students were tutored to commit perjury. And William
Jennings Bryan held his own against the atheist Darrow
in the transcript of the trial.

In 1981, Gould
this advice
for beleaguered Darwinists:

"Perhaps we should all lie low and
rally round the flag of strict Darwinism … a kind of

old-time religion
on our

Exactly. Darwinism is not science. It is faith. Always



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