Liberal Bigotry And The New School Segregation

The spirit of
George Wallace is alive and well—among left-wing zealots
in some of American`s most “progressive” taxpayer-funded


Oberlin, Ohio
, local

school board
president Tony Marshall argues that
only black high school teachers should teach

“black history.”
Non-black educators may be able
to teach black students to write well, conduct research,
and digest accurate facts and information. But arming
black students with the same fundamentals that every
other student needs to succeed is apparently not what
Marshall wants for his kids: “A black teacher brings
an experience and understanding of being black that no
else can bring.”

If Marshall had to choose between
hiring white historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. and black

Snoop Doggy Dogg, in other words, he`d rather
have the pot-smoking, profanity-spewing, gang-banging
convicted felon in the

because of Snoop`s skin-deep “experience
and understanding.”

Phyllis Yarber Hogan, a member of
something called the Oberlin Black Alliance for
Progress, agrees: "When you talk about

she told the Cleveland Plain Dealer
last week, “students need to understand it is not our
fault. Our ancestors did nothing wrong to be enslaved.
How do you work through that when the person teaching it
is the same type of person who did the enslaving?"

of educators` races heats up in Oberlin
July 26,
2003, Cleveland Plain Dealer]

Miss Dalton, the
passionate white grade-school teacher who assigned me
“Uncle Tom`s Cabin,” and Sister Laurita, the demanding
white nun who drilled

Civil War
-era history into my brain in high school,
and every non-black educator who has ever exposed a
child to the

Gettysburg Address
or the Amistad trial or
the abolitionist movement, would be shocked to know they
are now viewed by a vocal portion of the black
educational establishment as morally the “same type
of person who did the enslaving.”


National Education Association
and the American
Federation of Teachers, up to their eyeballs in
political corruption scandals and

campaign finance evasion
and embezzlement
investigations, naturally have nothing to say about this
blatant classroom racism.

But oh, can you
even imagine the national uproar if a white school board
president and a “White Alliance for Progress”
objected to black teachers teaching 19th
century American history because they were the “same
type of persons” who were ignorant slaves at the time?

Such are the

double standards
of diversity at the dawn of the 21st
century. And they are being enjoyed and exploited by
most every minority special-interest group.

In New York
City, “separate but equal” has made a forceful
comeback in the form of the

“Harvey Milk School”
the nation`s first publicly
run high school for gay, lesbian, bisexual and
transgender students. "Everybody feels that it`s a
good idea because some of the kids who are gays and
lesbians have been constantly harassed and beaten in
other schools and this lets them get an education
without having to worry,"
Mayor Michael Bloomberg

told reporters
this week.

“This school
will be a model for the country and possibly the world,”

Principal William Salzman crowed to the

New York Post
. Presumably, to eliminate all
“worries,” there will be no threatening heterosexual
teachers around to teach gay history or bisexual math or
transgendered geography.

Presumably, to
mitigate harassment, the school will build four separate
bathroom and locker room facilities. And perhaps—here`s
a novel segregationist idea in the name of safety—Harvey
Milk students should be protected when quenching their
thirsts through the use of

separately labeled drinking fountains.

Forty years

George Wallace
stood in the schoolhouse door,
educational segregationism is thriving. Close your eyes
and you will hear the same militant refrain being echoed
from public school halls and classrooms:

“I draw the line in the dust…and I say segregation
today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever…”

Only difference
is that Wallace`s heirs have traded in the white
robes of the

redneck Klan
for the

rainbow sheets
of the multicultural clan.

My, how we`ve

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