Legalize Drugs?—Or See Mexico Become Afghanistan South?

Heeding the advice of

Gen. David Petraeus
, Barack Obama has committed
17,000 more troops to Afghanistan and will keep 50,000
in Iraq after U.S. combat operations end in August 2010.

But are U.S. vital interests more
threatened by what happens in Anbar or Helmand than in
the war raging along our southern border?

Prediction: After all U.S. troops
in Iraq, Afghanistan and Korea have come home, there
will be a
on the

Mexican border
. For this is where the fate of our
republic will be decided, as the fate of Europe will be
decided by the millions streaming north from the Maghreb
and Middle East, sub-Sahara and South Asia.

Last year, 6,000 Mexicans died in
drug-related killings in a war where the tactics are
massacre, murder, kidnapping and beheading.

President Felipe Calderon has
ordered another 5,000 troops and 1,000 police to the
border. Primary target:

Ciudad Juarez
, across the Rio Grande from El Paso.

Some 2,500 federal troops are
already in Juarez, where in 2008 there were 1,600
drug-related murders. Gun battles occur every day.
Nationally, 45,000 army troops and police are committed
to this war that Mexico is not winning. For, according
to the March 3 Washington Times, the Pentagon now estimates the cartels field more
than 100,000 foot soldiers. [100,000
foot soldiers in Mexican cartels | Numbers rival
country`s army
By Sarah Carter]

The chief of police of Juarez
just resigned
after a cartel threatened to kill an
officer every 48 hours if he did not. To prove its
seriousness, the cartel murdered four cops, including
the chief`s deputy. Last year, 50 police officers in
Juarez were murdered.

"The decision I
am taking is one of life over death,"

Chief Roberto Oduna.
The chief would seem to have a
point. In January, his predecessor`s head was

found in an ice cooler outside a police station.
mayor keeps his family in El Paso, TX, as they have been
threatened with decapitation.

Friday, the State Department

"Corruption throughout Mexico`s public institutions
remains a key impediment to curtailing the power of the
drug cartels."
Calderon retorts that, while the
murders may be committed in Mexico, the cash and guns
come from the United States.

With oil revenue down since the
price dropped $100 a barrel, and remittances down from
Mexican workers in the United States as the U.S. economy

, too, has begun to die. Beheadings in and
around Acapulco have
not helped.
Warnings have been issued to U.S.
college kids to avoid Mexico on spring break, as
kidnappings for ransom
are rampant. Restaurants and
bars in Juarez that catered to folks from El Paso and
soldiers from

Fort Bliss
are shutting down.

In February, in the resort town of
Cancun, a retired army general sent to create elite
anti-crime unit was kidnapped, tortured and shot.
Mexican troops raided Cancun`s police headquarters and
arrested the chief and dozens of his officers in
connection with the murder.

Add a collapsing global economy to
a losing war with drug cartels, and Mexico is at grave
risk of becoming a failed state, a

, with a 2,000-mile border with the
United States.

How does one win a drug war when
millions of Americans who use recreational drugs are
financing the cartels bribing, murdering and beheading
to win the war and keep self-indulgent Americans
supplied with drugs?

There are two sure ways to end this
war swiftly: Milton`s way and Mao`s way.

 Mao Zedong`s
killed users and suppliers alike, as
social parasites.

Milton Friedman`s
way is to decriminalize drugs and
call off the war.

When Richard Nixon declared the War
on Drugs in 1972, Milton, writing in

objected on ethical grounds

"On ethical grounds, do we have the right to use the machinery of
government to prevent an individual from becoming an
alcoholic or a drug addict? For children, almost
everyone would answer at least a qualified yes. But for
responsible adults, I, for one, would answer no. Reason
with the potential addict, yes. Tell him the
consequences, yes. Pray for and with him, yes. But I
believe that we have no right to use force, directly or
indirectly, to prevent a fellow man from committing
suicide, let alone from drinking alcohol or taking

"Am I my
brother`s keeper?`"
asked Milton, answering,

Americans are never going to adopt
the Maoist solution. For the users of drugs are all too
often classmates, colleagues, friends, even family.
Indeed, our last three presidents did not deny using

Once, a Christian America outlawed
and punished


, alcohol,

and gambling, all as criminal vice.
Now, homosexuality and abortion are constitutional
rights. Gambling and booze are a rich source of
government revenue. And

loan-sharking is done by credit-card companies
, and
not just the


Will we
raise the white flag
in the

drug war,
as well?

Which is the greater evil?
Legalized narcotics for America`s young or a

failed state
of 110,000 million on our southern

Some choice. Some country we`ve



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