“Kill The F—–g Whites” In South Africa—Courtesy of FaceBook

In the
“New South
, there is apparently a renewed appreciation
for the old slogan

“Kill the Boer, kill the farmer”,
chanted at political rallies
and funerals during
“The Struggle”

Peter Mokaba
, a youth leader in the ruling African
National Congress party, is

with originating the catch phrase. Mokaba
went on to become a parliamentarian and a deputy
minister in the Mandela cabinet.

By the time he expired in 2002 at
the age of forty three (rumor

has it
Mokaba had revived the riff, using it liberally, in
defiance of

laws against incitement to commit murder
. Given the
mesmerizing, often murderous, power of the chant—any chant—in African
life, many blame Mokaba for

the current homicidal onslaught against the country`s
white farmers

Mokaba`s legacy lives on. Late in
February of 2010, a senior member of the
Pan Africanist Congress
of Azania (PAC)
a competing socialist, racialist political
party whose m
otto is
“Africa for the

a page on the social networking site Facebook.
For all to see were comments such as the following, written by
one Ahmed El Saud:

“Kill the f—–g whites now!!! If you afraid for [sic]
them, lets
[sic] do it for you. In return, you can pay us after the job has been done…
text us … We are not afraid for
[sic] the whites like your own people… its disgrace [sic]
… he ask you and
you dont [sic] want to… we will do it Mandela! [Sic
whites` Facebook page not ours – PAC
, By Cedric
Mboyisa, The
February 25, 2010]

[VDARE.COM note:

expletives deleted
because our readers have

quite enough

with workplace censorware as it is.

Other messages matched the savagery
of El Saud`s sentences, if not their syntax. One boasted
of “an army of
3000 people ready to kill white people within a day if
it were called upon to do so.”

Western Cape PAC chairman

Anwar Adams
, the responsible functionary, refused to
remove the page. Needless to say, his sinecure has not
been affected.

The African
National Congress (ANC) took a pixilated page out of the
PAC`s Facebook. Days later, this post appeared on a
Facebook page under the name of

ANC Youth League

Julius Malema:

f—–g white pigs. Malema is our leader. He will kill
Jacob] Zuma within the next six weeks.

ahead, my fellow black people. We will then take our
land, and every trespasser, namely white whores,
we will rape them
and rape them till the last breath is out

” `White kids will be burned,
especially those in Pretoria and Vrystaat. Men will be tortured
while I take a video clip and spread it on YouTube,”
read one post.

It continued: `Its
[sic] true what Malema said, silently we shall
kill them … Police will stand together … our leader
will lead us to take our land over. Mandela will smile

`White naaiers, we coming for you! Households will be
broken into and families will be slaughtered.”


posted on Facebook,
By Cedric Mboyisa,
The Citizen,
March 21, 2010

Was the murderer
seventeen-year-old Anika Smit, also in March
of 2010, a Facebook friend of Malema? When Johan Smit
bid his bonny daughter goodbye, before leaving the home
they shared in north Pretoria, he did not imagine he`d
never again see her alive. Naked and mutilated is how
this father found his only child on returning that day
from work. Anika`s throat had been slashed sixteen times
and her hands hacked off. She had been raped.
girl`s hands cut off
By Hilda Fourie, Beeld, March 12, 2010]

In Malema`s
defense, the ANC claimed he was not responsible for the
Facebook page. The youth leader might be hard to track
down in cyberspace, but Malema

performed in

at the University of Johannesburg, stomping about with a
group of students and singing, in

“Shoot the

, they are rapists.”
ANC Secretary
General Gwede Mantashe spun Malema`s live performance by
choosing to dismiss the power of “Kill the Boer.”

Mantashe said the song was only a means of ensuring

South African history
was remembered and not meant as an incitement to
violence against whites—who make up about a tenth of
South Africa`s 50 million population.”

Africa`s ANC defends `Kill the Boer` song,
Peroshni Govender, Reuters, Mar 30, 2010.]

No one who remembers the

of Radio Rwanda (first) and
Libre des Milles Collines
(RTLM), next, in
galvanizing the Hutu to

exterminate the Tutsi

can shrug off what is underway in South Africa.

Many South African blacks have a
pathological preoccupation with variants of
“Kill the Boer;
kill the farmer.”
In its hypnotic hold on the
popular imagination, the mantra resembles the
“`Kill them
before they kill you”
slogan that helped excite
Hutus to massacre half a million of their

Tutsi neighbors

In Rwanda, it was the

old media

transmitted older hatreds;
in Mandela`s South Africa
the new media is doing the same.

Is Facebook the face of incitement

genocide in South Africa?

Peter Mokaba`s funeral in 2002 was
attended by the current South African president Jacob
Zuma and his two predecessors,

Thabo Mbeki
. At the sight of the coffined Mokaba, the
crowd roared, “Kill the Boer, kill the farmer!”  Witnesses
will not say whether

“Madiba” (Nelson Mandela) partook

But to dispel any doubts about the
esteem in which Mokaba is still held despite his savage
slogan: the ANC has named a

soccer stadium
, built for the upcoming soccer

World Cup
, after this son of the
“New South

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