Joe To Mexico: Demand Money Back From Allyn & Co PR Flacks!

told you so.”
How we at VDARE.COM love to

say those words
! And, the

White House
, U.S.

, the

Mexican government
and the

graciously provide us with a treasure trove of

opportunities to gloat.

This time
I`m referring to a column I wrote nine months ago titled "
the Looming Public Relations Battle For Americans` Hearts And
Minds, Mexico Will Lose"

recall the

flap in late 2005
when Mexico

the Texas-based

Allyn & Company
public relations firm [email
] to clarify the U.S. "misperception" of Mexico.

At the
time, Allyn charged $720,000 to undertake this completely
impossible and utterly thankless task.

Why look

gift horse
in the mouth, I`m sure company President

Rob Allyn
asked himself.


wanted to convey, as

translated by Allyn
into public relations-speak, is that
more immigration, more guest workers and the proverbial

path to citizenship
, would clear up our "misperceptions.

Since the
likelihood of Allyn`s success in selling his agenda to an
increasingly skeptical

American public
hovered somewhere around zero, I suggested
to Allyn in my column that he insist on his money from Mexico


If Allyn
didn`t get paid a few months ago, he may have trouble collecting
now since his efforts—whatever they may have been—have crashed
head-on into a stone wall.

Mexico and Allyn are trying to sell—its

multiple fantasies
that the U.S. economy would

without foreign workers, that aliens are
just doing

"jobs Americans won`t do,"
and that Mexicans are "just
looking for a
better life
"—Americans are no longer buying.

The first
clue that things weren`t going so well for Allyn`s grand scheme
came in May when President George W. Bush took to the airwaves
to make a prime-time

television address
pleading for

"comprehensive immigration reform."


was so poorly received by

Americans in general

House Republicans
in particular that in a parliamentary
government, a motion of "no confidence" would have been
called for.

things got worse.

By July,
the nation`s mood had slipped further away from Mexico and
Allyn`s grasp.

mid-summer, Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert summarized
America`s illegal immigration crisis

this way

"Every state is a

border state
, and

every town is a border town
.   I`ve just returned from a
very informative trip to the

southern border
, but everywhere I travel around this
country, illegal immigration is a top concern.  It`s a top
concern among Americans because they want our southern and
northern borders to be secure. 

"Border security is
an issue of

national security.
  It is not a secret that


drug runners
-who want to do us harm- are trying to find
ways into our country and I believe we must first do everything
we can to stop them.

"Before we can look
at other immigration issues, we must

first secure our borders.
  I am disappointed that the
Democrats support a plan (S. 2611) for open borders and a plan
for amnesty.   Their plan is just plain unacceptable."

A summer-long series of
nineteen hearings held by

8 House committees
in twelve states followed. The goal, said
Hastert, "…is to get a stronger border security bill to the
President`s desk."

Come September, the House
passed H.R. 6061, the "Secure Fence Act of 2006." And on
September 29, the

Senate passed the legislation
that would permit a

700-mile fence
to be built along a portion of the
Mexico/U.S. border.

H.R. 6061 now goes to Bush`s
desk where he has promised to sign it.

In the
meantime, finally showing a hint of resolve, Bush rebuffed the
predictable protests of the Mexican government`s hierarchy
consisting of President

Vicente Fox
, President-elect

Felipe Calderon
and Foreign Secretary

Ernesto Derbez
who absurdly charge that the fence will "damage
bilateral relationships
"—one of their favorite nebulous
claims. [Mexico
To Lobby Bush Against Fence Bill
,  by E. Edward
Castillo, The Guardian, September 29, 2006]

summary, since Allyn & Company took Mexico`s money (under false
pretenses?) to improve its image, it has suffered the following

  • In
    the spring, President Bush was publicly humiliated when his
    nationally-televised speech pushing hard for amnesty and
    guest workers

    laid an egg

  • Both
    the Republican controlled House and Senate passed
    legislation, H.R. 6061, authorizing a fence to be built
    along the Mexico/U.S. border.

Does the
fine print on the Mexico/Allyn and Company contract contain a
non-performance clause?

Is it
possible to be less effective than Allyn & Company has been?

In the
private sector, a

failure of such magnitude
would result in a serious ass
chewing…one that we at VDARE.COM would love to deliver.

that isn`t possible, we`ll be content with having called it like
we see it…correctly, as usual.

Joe Guzzardi [
him] is the Editor of VDARE.COM Letters to the Editor.
In addition, he is an English teacher at the Lodi Adult School and has
been writing
a weekly newspaper column since 1988. This column is exclusive