“I`ve Had Enough”—An Open Letter To President George W. Bush

Peter Gadiel

George W. Bush
President of the United States
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, D.C.

Dear George,

It looks as though the

House of Representatives
is telling you and the U.S.
Senate/ House of Lords to drop dead on amnesty to
millions of illegal aliens. The House is holding
hearings across the country on the idea. And of
course—since 80 percent of Americans think it
stinks—that`s gonna to be the kiss of death.

The House`s attentiveness to the
wishes of the American people is in such sharp contrast
to your obvious contempt for them. It makes me think
about your

disastrous speech of May 15,
the one where you

tried to sell Americans on the idea of amnesty.

So I thought I`d write and offer
you a little advice.

I mean, it looks like you actually
thought Americans would be fooled. Sorry to disappoint
you, but the House`s insistence on allowing Americans to

show their anger in public hearings
shows that
was taken in.

Let`s face it George, anyone who
isn`t brain dead, understands that when someone commits
a crime and he`s given a pardon and the slate is wiped
clean, well,

that`s amnesty
. And your whole speech was about
trying to fool us on that point.

Of course I do see the distinction
between an ordinary amnesty and the super duper
kind of amnesty that you`re proposing. With an ordinary
amnesty, the criminal just gets back the same rights that he had before he committed the crime. He`s restored
to where he was before he broke the law; nothing more.

What`s different in your proposal
is that in addition to forgiving all the crimes
committed by illegals and “wiping the slate clean”
you actually want to give these criminals a giant
on top of it: U.S. citizenship.

So I guess I see your point. What
you and McCain and Kennedy and Lieberman and Hagel are
talking about is not amnesty because a real
amnesty would mean just letting the illegals

return home
and then allowing them to apply for
immigration visas without holding it against them that
they`d broken our laws.

That`s not what you and the Senate
Gang have in mind at all. You want to let `em

stay here
and then give `em a big prize.

Sure as shootin`, George, that
ain`t ordinary amnesty, it`s a whole `nother thing.

No wonder you gotta call it
something else.

I mean, suppose you rob a bank. And
you get caught, and instead of punishing you the
government tells you that if you quit

robbing banks
for a few years, at the end of that
time some bureaucrat is gonna give you a million
dollars. No one in his right mind would call that
We`d have to make up a whole new word for

And you, and McCain, and Teddy (the

hero of Chappaquidick
) already have: you call it
“earned legalization.”

Hmm. Makes me want to go out
and commit a crime so I can

win a prize from my government.

But look Georgie, your lies aren`t
working. No one`s fooled.

Let me tell you what I think is
going on here. I`ll use an analogy so you get it, okay?

Let`s say there`s this

, named Patrolman Bush, and every day he walks
his beat in Kennebunkport, Maine. And every single
he sees crimes committed by guys who are members
of a gang run by

Vinnie the Fox
. Every single day he watches Vinnie`s
guys beat up old ladies, commit murder, drive drunk and
run over pedestrians, whatever.

He knows when they`re gonna do it
and where they`re gonna do it. And this Patrolman Bush,
he doesn`t do anything! He just stands there…every
single day…watches it all happen and lets `em walk away
from their crimes without arresting them. Of course,
after a while the people of Kennebunkport get a little
suspicious. They wonder: “Hey, how come Officer Bush
stands by and watches these guys do all this stuff in
front of him…every single day…and he never does
anything about it?”

So, imagine that situation Georgie.
I mean, people are gonna start asking questions right?
They might even, Heaven forbid, say that Officer Bush
is, well, a little dishonest. No?

They might go to the Police Chief
and say: “Chief, we certainly don`t wanna suggest
that Officer Bush is not a nice man…after all

he talks about God
all the time and

about how he has a favorite hymn
and all that…but
since he lets Vinnie the Fox`s gang commit all these
crimes…every single day…and doesn`t do anything, we`re
kinda wondering if maybe Patrolman Bush is not on the up
and up.”

You see my point here, Georgie? I
mean you`re the cop on the beat. The Big Cop,
responsible for enforcing all the federal laws.
And you`re letting Vicente Fox`s gang commit crimes on a
massive scale…every single day…while you keep starving

Border Patrol
, and

Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

And then, in your speech on May 15
you actually admitted you know that
guarding our borders would discourage illegal
immigration! And Georgie, for over five years,
you`ve had the

power to secure our borders
and you`ve refused to do
a damn thing.

So, you know, people are like, well
they`re asking questions, George. They`re wondering if
maybe you are not on the up and up.

But as for me, George, I`m not
asking questions anymore. I`ve reached my conclusions.
And even though you don`t give a virtual fence about
what I think, I`m gonna tell you why you should
be worried about what I think.

See George, I`m a registered
Republican; have been since the day I was eligible to
register to vote. Voted for every

Republican presidential candidate
from Nixon on.
Even you (at least in


Now, I gotta admit I don`t vote
straight Republican. I split my vote. But even so, I`m a
dyed in the wool, rock-ribbed, Main Street Republican,
and I should be the kind of guy who`s gonna be in
your corner until the end of the line. If you don`t care
what I think then that might mean you`re out of touch
with your “base.”

So here`s what I think, George. I
think that you have violated your oath of office. You
have refused to live up to the most basic obligation
that every public official in America has: to protect
his fellow Americans from foreign attack, preserve the
general welfare and

enforce the law
(all the laws, George, not
just the ones you like).

So George, I`ve had enough. It`s
time to admit that, like the cop on the beat who lets
the criminals do what they want every day and lets `em
walk, you don`t belong in your job. It`s time for you to

Clear out your desk,

grab your Bible
and go back to

whatever it was you did
before a vicious trick of
fate inflicted you on the American people.

Let me add one thing George. My son
James was one of those

killed on 9/11 in the Trade Center
. I remember you
standing on the ruins of his building a few weeks later.
(George, I`ve never gotten any remains of James, so you
were standing on the only tomb my son will ever know.)
And I remember you saying to the American people: “I
hear you.”

Well, George, you sure fooled me. I
thought you were saying this: `My fellow
Americans, the monsters that did this should

never have been allowed
to get

into this country
and I`ll do everything I can to
make sure no one like that ever gets in again.`

But since that time George I`ve
seen you do everything in your power to make sure
monsters like that have no problem

walking across the Mexican border
; no problem

getting visas
and no problem

when their visas expire.

You`ve made sure criminals and
terrorists from many countries can legally enter the US
without a visa or biometric identifiers on their
passports. You even connive with Vicente Fox to let
illegal aliens use his

“matricula consular cards”
to ship money out of
the country and to evade US immigration law. (These are
the same cards that the

FBI calls
a threat to national security, and, by the
way, just recently your people at the

Department of Homeland Security
let my friend

Bruce DeCell
get into their building with his own
fake matricula card.)

And now your boys in the Commerce
Department are planning to ignore a law that`s been on
the books for over 60 years and they`re gonna let
foreigners control our airlines. On top of that you`re

collaborating with the Saudis
in some scheme to let
their guys get scholarships

to learn aviation in the USA
so that more of `em can
join those

other nice Saudis
who hijacked those planes on
September 11.

(Now I know what you meant
when you walked out on your porch in Crawford with that

Saudi prince
and said that you and he

“share a vision”
: it`s a vision of

more Saudi Arabians
committing more 9/11 attacks and
of you as the president who helps `em into the

So Georgie, I know you don`t give a
damn about what I think. Heck, I`m just an American. So
in your mind that means I`m so dumb that I`ll believe
you when you say that “amnesty isn`t amnesty.” I
guess you figure that since Bill Clinton got away with
saying “It depends what the meaning of the word

`is` is,”
that you could disgrace the Presidency
just like him and get away with it.

But Georgie, here`s your problem.
I`m a straight arrow kinda guy. I`m not like
those people at MoveOn.org who made excuses for
Clinton…I`ve got standards.

I thought

Bill Clinton
was about as

as a man could sink. And I thought

Jimmy Carter
was the

most dangerous President
that my country would ever
have to endure. I never believed there could be another
president who was as careless about the security of our
country or as big a liar as Slick Willy, and I never
believed there could be another president who would be
as much of a

threat to our country

Mr. Peanut

But I was wrong, George.

You beat `em both, George.

You beat `em by a mile.



Peter Gadiel (
him) is president of

9/11 Families
for a Secure America
His son, 9/11 World Trade Center victim James
Gadiel (North Tower, 103rd floor),
was 23 at the time of his murder.