Immigration Revealed As A Terrorist Weapon

Unable to shut up about the


uncontrolled mass immigration
, the Open Borders
lobby ever since Sept. 11 has periodically tried to tell
us that the 19 foreign terrorists who entered the United
States legally weren`t really immigrants. Therefore, you
see, mass immigration is OK. Like

everything else
the Open Borders crackpots claim,
this is wrong.

But that still doesn`t mean they`ll shut up. In a
recent letter to National Review, Open Borders

Daniel Griswold
note: click

for Craig Nelsen`s account of debating
of the Cato Institute, the Taj Mahal of
the Open Borders cult,

that none of the 19 terrorists of Sept. 11
was an immigrant.

"They were all here on temporary `non-immigrant`
tourist or student visas. They never applied to the INS
for green cards or any other permanent status."

I guess we`re supposed to feel a lot better.

He`s correct in only the most technical and
legalistic sense. In the first place, a good number (as
many as 40 percent, the INS has

) of all the illegal immigrants currently
here entered the country legally—and just never went
home after their visas expired. Since neither most of
them nor the 19 killers of Sept. 11 ever intended to go
back to the old sod, it requires just a wee bit of snake
oil to claim with a straight face that they`re not
really immigrants—foreigners who come here with the
intent to stay.

In the second place, the Open Borders lie has now
been put to what should be its final rest by a
comprehensive report

last week by the

Center for Immigration Studies
. Based in Washington,
the Center and its authoritative reports on various
aspects of immigration are far more patient than I am
with the fools, frauds and outright traitors of the Open
Borders mafia, but its patience pays off with facts and
statistics that raise some hard questions about our
immigration policies.  

"The Open Door: How Militant Islamic Terrorists Entered
and Remained in the United States, 1993-2001"

by the CIS`s research director, Steven Camarota, shows
how the 48 foreign-born radical Muslims who have been
implicated in terrorism in this country since 1993

"have manipulated almost every possible means of
admission to the United States: Some have indeed come as
students, tourists, and business travelers; others,
however, have been Lawful Permanent Residents and
naturalized U.S. citizens; while yet others have snuck
across the border, arrived as stowaways on ships, used
false passports, been granted amnesty, or been
applicants for asylum."

At the time they committed their acts of terrorism,
the report found, 16 of the 48 terrorists were here on
temporary visas (mainly as tourists), 12 were illegal
aliens and 17 were Lawful Permanent Residents or had
actually been naturalized as U.S. citizens. Even if you
don`t count the Sept. 11 19 as "immigrants," there are
plenty who are immigrants in every sense of the word who
have perpetrated terrorism. The point is that

mass immigration makes it easier for terrorists to get
into the country and carry out their attacks.

That ought to be obvious to anyone with a shred of
common sense, but it quite sails over the heads of the
Open Borders nuts.

Not only does anyone with any common sense grasp that
mass immigration and the lax border security it
encourages allow terrorists to enter the country easily,
but so does a gentleman not usually accused of having
much common sense: Osama bin Laden. The CIS report cites
a story from the San Francisco Chronicle (Nov.
21, 2001
) about the confession of yet another
terrorist immigrant, naturalized citizen Khalid Abu al
Dahab, who helped bomb U.S. embassies in Africa.

As the CIS report quotes the Chronicle story,

"Dahab said [Osama] bin Laden was eager to recruit
American citizens of Middle Eastern descent,"

and in meetings with him and a co-conspirator in the 1990s

"emphasized the necessity of recruiting as many
Muslims with American citizenship as possible into the

Probably Bin Laden, like many foreigners, doesn`t
quite grasp how

easy it is
for aliens to sneak into this country

But no matter how easy it is, it`s even better if the
terrorists are already here, and better still if they`re

legal U.S. citizens.

With the help of the Open Borders lobby over the last
30 years, that`s exactly what`s occurred.

When Vice President Cheney tells us

"The prospects of a future attack on the United States
are almost certain. Not a matter of if, but when"
when Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says

almost the same thing
, and FBI Director Robert

suicide bombings in the United States are
"inevitable," the terrorists they`re talking about are
probably the very kind of people that Osama bin Laden
was so eager to recruit in the last decade—the very

same kind of people
that the Open Borders lobby for
decades has told us will make such great Americans.


May 30, 2002