Immigration reaches the Heartland

By "Uncle Sam"

(Peter Brimelow
Recently we`ve received many of
these reports – from the South, from the Upper
Midwest, from suburban New York. It`s simply a
function of the numbers. The good news: It means
that immigration as a political issue is
reaching critical mass all over the country.
Significantly, "Uncle Sam" wants to
remain anonymous "for career-continuance
purposes." Another blessing of diversity.)

Colorado is on its way to Third World status.
The Sept. 2 Denver Rocky Mountain News
reported that during 1990-99, the Hispanic
population grew 42.2%, and the Asian presence
grew 62.1%. European Americans went up by 19.3%.
Of course this means we will be a minority in
Colorado in x-number of years. More than 20% of
the state`s births are Hispanic.

What`s amazing is that Colorado is supposed
to be a `refuge` state for European Americans
fleeing California and other immigrant
destinations. Yet even here our population is
being outpaced by immigrants. And that includes
the counties where the price of housing is
highest, where the growth is highest. Even in
mountain communities, nothing stops the Mexican
invasion. They`re everywhere. And most are

Douglas County borders the city and county of
Denver to the south. It`s growing faster than
any other Denver-area county. The county is
upper-middle-class and 93% white. But even in
Douglas County, the ultimate `white refuge`
county for white flight from other states, where
our population grew by 156% during the 1990`s,
Hispanics and Asians outgrew us percentage-wise
by large margins. That means there`s no hope
ANYWHERE for having a stable, long-term European
American community of any size.

And interesting numbers for Denver County,
which is just the city of Denver. The European
American population there declined slightly
during the `90`s, while others gained big-time
of course. And surrounding counties had large
white gains. This shows we aren`t moving into
Denver anymore. The city schools are 51%
Hispanic, 24% black, 23% white. They tend to
have the lowest school test scores in the area,
and the city has the most crime and gangs. If I
had kids, I wouldn`t put them into that
environment. Too bad, because Denver has nice
areas. But most of the resident European
Americans are older and have long since sent
their kids through Denver public schools. Or
don`t yet have school-age kids – and will bolt
to the suburbs the moment they do.

So by bypassing Denver (for good reasons), we
are forced to put building pressures on
surrounding areas … causing growth, sprawl,
traffic, less farmland. If the immigration
numbers were 1/6 of what they are now, we would
be more often moving into the city of Denver,
and much of the vast suburban sprawl of Denver
probably wouldn`t exist. The numbers of European
Americans moving to Colorado in the first place
would be much lower if not for Third World
immigration forcing us out of California and
other locales.

Now there is a `growth control` initiative
coming up on the ballot. It involves area cities
and counties trying to manage growth, open
space, traffic. Millions of dollars are being
poured into the campaign, from growth-control
advocates and by builders who want to capitalize
on the exploding population (which is expected
to rise by 1 million in the next 20 years,
50,000 per year). If the 1965 Immigration Act
hadn`t been passed, this expensive fight
wouldn`t be happening.

Either way, things will get worse. If the
growth control thing passes, fewer homes will be
built, meaning that housing prices will rise
even more than they are now … and the
`American Dream` will be out of reach for most,
just as in the Bay Area. If the initiative
fails, the growth will spiral and getting to
work will take forever and a day. Highways will
be gridlocked either way.

Looking ahead, as these trends continue,
European Americans will eventually leave
Colorado en masse, California-style, because of
crowding and Third World-ization.

The U.S. government will be cheering every
step of the way.

Here are the 1999 numbers for the Denver area
– Census Bureau estimates. Growth rates from
1990 in parentheses.

Adams County, pop. 331,045
White: 70.5% (+17.3%)
Hispanic: 22.3% (+50.4%)
black: 3.6% (+34.4%)
Asian: 3.5% (+66.8%)

Arapahoe County, pop. 482,089
White: 83.0% (+19.5%)
Hispanic: 6.8% (+51.8%)
black 6.4% (+32%)
Asian 3.9% (+35.6%)

Boulder County, pop. 273,117
White: 87.2% (+18.1%)
Hispanic: 8.3% (+48.9%)
black: 1.0% (+38.8%)
Asian 3.2% (+58.6%)

Denver County, pop. 499,775
White: 55.3% (-0.04%)
Hispanic: 27.8% (no info.)
black: 15.0% (+21.2%)
Asian 3.3% (+14%)
A. Indian 1.4% (+6%)

Douglas County, pop. 156,860
White: 93.0% (+156%)
Hispanic: 4.0% (+228%)
black: 0.8% (+205%)
Asian: 1.2% (+264%)
A. Indian 0.5% (+162%)

Jefferson County, pop. 509,222
White: 88.1% (+13.5%)
Hispanic: 8.5% (+40.5%)
black: 0.8% (+29.6%)
Asian: 2.4% (+58%)

Statewide: pop. 4,056,183
White: 78.3% (+19.3%)  – Down from 80.8% in
Hispanic: 14.9% (+42.2%)
black: 4.3% (+29.6%)
Asian: 2.5% (+62.1%)
A. Indian: 0.9% (+20.7%)

Percentages over 100% I guess mean some
people are in more than one category.

September 6, 2000