How Nancy Pelosi “Cleans House”

Remember how Nancy Pelosi

exploited the female card
before the midterm
elections? "Maybe it will take a woman to clean up
the House and a new speaker to restore civility,"

she bragged.

Women, she implied, do a better job
than men because we presumably know how to get down on
our hands and knees and scrub the mold and mildew out of
every corner and crevice of our own domiciles.

But from the way she`s acting,
Nancy Pelosi doesn`t know spic from span. She`s
conducting Beltway business as usual, just like the good
old boys she demonized throughout the campaign. (Madame
Pelosi just happens to do it in an

Armani aqua blue-gray pantsuit
that gets thumbs-up

obsequious Washington fashion writers

Well, a back-scratching
corruptocrat in pastel is still a back-scratching

Case in point: Which congressman is
Mrs. Clean considering as chairman of the House
Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence? Impeached
federal judge

Rep. Alcee Hastings
, D-FL, who took bribes, lied
under oath and was kicked off the bench.

And which colleague is she backing
for House majority leader? One of Congress`s leading
dirtbags: Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa.

As if his extremist cut-and-run war
strategy weren`t bad enough, Murtha`s (un)ethical record
is enough to make even liberal apologists blush.

Unfortunately, Murtha`s defeated
opponent, Diana Irey, couldn`t get folks to pay enough
attention to his Abscam past during the campaign. But
now that he is poised to assume the speakership and all
its attendant perks and privileges, the Abscam scandal
is front and center.

In 1980, Murtha was an unindicted
co-conspirator in a massive bribery probe—in which
undercover FBI agents videotaped Murtha entertaining a
$50,000 bribe from agents posing as emissaries for Arab
sheiks trying to enter our country illegally. Democrat
defenders of Murtha scoff that the story is

"old news."
(Liberal math: Abscam story from
1980 equals "old news". Bush National Guard story
from 1973 equals

"new news.")

But only recently have we been
reminded of Abscam transcripts that paint an even uglier
picture of Murtha than the short snippet of publicly
available FBI video in which Murtha turned down the
bribe. As noted by

The American Spectator
, an old Jack Anderson

"Murtha and Abscam: A Sad Spectacle"

[August 6, 1980] reported these little-noticed parts
of Murtha`s conversation with the undercover agents:

"I want
to deal with you guys awhile before I make any
transactions at all, period. . . . After we`ve done some
business, well, then I might change my mind. . . . "

. . .
"I`m going to tell you this. If anybody can do it—I`m
not B.S.-ing you fellows—I can get it done my way." he
boasted. "There`s no question about it." . . .

But the
reluctant Murtha wouldn`t touch the $50,000. Here on
secret videotape was this all-American hero, tall and
dignified in a disheveled way, explaining why he wasn`t
quite ready to accept the cash.

"All at
once," he said, "some dumb [expletive deleted] would go
start talking eight years from now about this whole
thing and say [expletive deleted], this happened. Then
in order to get immunity so he doesn`t go to jail, he
starts talking and fingering people. So the [S.O.B.]
falls apart." . . .

give us the banks where you want the money deposited,"
offered one of the bagmen.

right," agreed Murtha. "How much money we talking

you tell me."

let me find out what is a reasonable figure that will
get their attention," said Murtha, "because there are a
couple of banks that have really done me some favors in
the past, and I`d like to put some money in. . . .

[Full transcript

, video

—expletives are

So much for restoring cleanliness
and civility, eh, Nancy?

Abscam isn`t Murtha`s only ethics

Defense industry lobbyist

Paul Magliocchetti,

former colleague of Murtha`s
who worked as a senior
staffer on the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, has
reportedly funneled some $300,000 in campaign
contributions to Murtha over the last three election
cycles—either through his company, PMA, or its clients.
They`ve reaped rich rewards: In 2006 alone, PMA clients
received at least 60 earmarks worth some $95 million.
Murtha also aided Democrat Congressman Alan Mollohan,
who remains embroiled in a federal contracting
corruption probe.

In 1992, Bill Clinton pledged to
run the most ethical administration in history. We know
how that went.

Fourteen years later, Nancy Pelosi
has recycled the pledge—and is now well on her way to
recycling the same old soiled legacy.

A friendly woman-to-woman tip to
Nancy Pelosi: To clean a house, you take the garbage
out—not in.

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