Hate Crime in Phoenix? Police, Press Don`t Want to Know; Etc.

The Fulford File, By James

On Saturday, June 15, three
Hispanics fatally shot a young blonde woman named Lynsey
Chainhalt, and wounded three of her friends.

But the people who cover

“hate crimes”
seem to have missed this one. It`s
being reported as a

“road rage”

Three men in a blue SUV followed
Lynsey`s Chevrolet Cavalier as she drove home from her
job at Coco`s Restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona.

“Somewhere on Arizona 51, the survivors said the gunmen
pulled alongside Chainhalt`s car and started gesturing,
at one point throwing beer bottles from their dark blue
Tahoe or Yukon sport utility vehicle.

“Chainhalt attempted to lose the men by exiting the
freeway, but they cut off her car in a driveway in the
17800 block of North 20th Street. The men got out of the
SUV and opened fire….

“Phoenix police said the victims didn`t know the gunmen.

appears to be just one of those times when aggravations
or irritations get the better of people,` Phoenix police
Sgt. Lauri Williams said. ….. 

have not determined what prompted the shooting.”

Gunfire victim called sweet, loving
| Police haven`t
determined what prompted apparent road rage.
Sean L.
McCarthy and David J. Cieslak, The Arizona Republic.
Jun. 16, 2003 12:00 AM

Chainhalt`s funeral was held on the 20th.


The press template for this story
includes the following:

Aside from that, neither the press
nor the police have any idea what happened.

The Arizona Republic even
published a letter from a Joseph Gutierrez of Phoenix,
AZ, explaining that it was America that was to

Americans love their violence. They love to kill things
so much they will surely try to

those responsible for the tragic slaying of
Lynsey Chainhalt. People will say that`s justice. It is
The American way

There`s no suggestion of a possible
hate crime.

But, tipped of by a VDARE.COM
reader, I was able to find

one story
from Fox News in Arizona that said this:

are looking for three Hispanic males, all between 19 and
22 years old.

were driving a dark blue Chevy Tahoe or GMC Yukon with
tinted windows. …”

You can watch this on video


, and you`ll see that – after about a minute and
40 seconds – the newscaster mentions the Hispanic angle.

Neither of the stories in the
Arizona Republic
mention the word Hispanic at all.

But that kind of detail is
important in

crime stories,
especially since it`s the first thing
police will ask you about when taking down a description
of your attacker.

When three young men of one race
shoot four members of another race for no apparent
reason, it might seem to be a hate crime until proven

(And yes,

hate crime
laws are

very bad
, but Arizona

has them
, and this seems an obvious case.)

I`ve written about this

and I might as well quote myself here:

“But media blackouts on race and
crime produce what Marxists call a

"false consciousness"
.  People don`t know the facts
about crime. And they can`t decide on

public policy
because they don`t have those facts.

“The US has freedom of the press.
No-one is forcing journalists to suppress this

“Why don`t they just do their job?”


Republic`s editor]

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“The Stranger, The
Disgruntled And The Agent Provocateur”

A Nigerian immigrant surveyor in
England, Omorotu Francis Ayovuare, hasn`t held a steady
job for five years. But he has pressed 72 claims of
discrimination against companies that have failed to
hire him.

In the process, he`s cost the
British legal system half a million pounds.

Britain has

“loser pays”
system in which the loser of a

may have to pay for his opponent`s legal
costs. But that hasn`t stopped Ayovuare

“Mr. Ayovuare, who has an
M.Sc. in construction management from South Bank
University and is a member of the Royal Institution of
Chartered Surveyors, applies for hundreds of jobs. When
rejected, he often claims racial discrimination,
sometimes without waiting for a company to explain
itself. On at least two occasions, the successful job
applicant has turned out to be black.

cases have cost the tribunals at least £72,000 in public
funds. Mr. Ayovuare has not paid any compensation for
his failed claims: he has responded to three successful
costs awards against him by taking his opponents to

me a job – or I`ll sue”
By Adam Lusher and David
Bamber, Daily Telegraph, June 8, 2003]

I suppose this goes in the

“I told you so”
department, along with the latest

Supreme Court ruling
, and the

terrorist attacks.

Of course, it wasn`t us who

“told you so”
first – it was Enoch Powell. In his

famous speech
on the dangers of mass immigration he

“On top of
this, they

existing population” i.e. the English] now learn that
a one-way privilege is to be established by Act of
Parliament: a law, which cannot, and is not intended, to
operate to protect them or redress their grievances, is
to be enacted to give the stranger, the disgruntled
and the agent provocateur
the power to pillory
them for their private actions.

My emphasis. Powell`s speech was

widely denounced
. But it has been

shown to be


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