Ground Zero In Occupied America: What You Can Do

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The Struggle To Report Illegal Aliens: A
Status Report

The Open Borders propaganda machine
of the so-called

"mainstream" media
sees to it that Americans are fed
a steady diet of stories on the plight of illegal aliens
crossing the border, and living

"in the shadows"
(while, of course, consuming
taxpayer-funded services).

But as

Peter Brimelow

in the Blog
, the impact of massive illegal
immigration on the average American is a very real and
scandalously unreported story.

As proprietor of
for the past three
years, I have been getting a steady stream of e-mails
asking advice on how to report illegal aliens.

My correspondents aren`t
necessarily stalwarts in the real immigration reform
coalition. They probably don`t even care much about
politics. But they definitely need help.

So how can someone
report illegal aliens
criminal alien residents to the federal government?

First, read this

for background information.

If there is no U.S. Border Patrol
station nearby, your best bet will be contact the
Immigration and Customs Enforcement

division of the

Department of Homeland Security
by calling (866)
DHS-2ICE to "report suspicious activity"— (866)
347-2423. Either make a report there or ask for the
number of the nearest ICE field office with an
investigations division "duty officer." 

A list of

phone numbers
for former INS district offices that
now have ICE investigations divisions has been complied

American Patrol
in its

report illegals

Please do not send reports to
or its writers. We can only refer you back
to this same information anyhow.

Here are some of the stories I`ve
received via e-mail this past year, unedited to retain
their authenticity . . . most in English, but some in
Spanish too.

Illegal aliens
overrunning a house of God

11/12/04 — I am not here to hurt anyone, but our church
is under much stress. We saved and worked, and dreamed
of our own church, and after twenty years with God`s
help, we paid for the land and got our church. About
five years ago, Hispanics joined too, and were welcome.
We soon found out, most of them didn`t

speak English
. The

council of our church
got a nice brick church for
them in [city]

. They couldn`t pay to have the grounds took
care of, and the power was turned off, because the bill
went unpaid. Now our church is being overrun, and our
electric bill has gone from fifty to three hundred
dollars. This has got to stop. Why is our government not
doing its job?

Beware hiring illegal

9/23/04—I am an employer who hired an illegal alien for
work. he gave me

fraudulent documents
to work, which I copied and
took as real. he asked me to pay him cash and I did. at
the end of approximately 8 weeks he quit and then filed
with the Dept. Of Labor for a

that I never paid him anything, and is
using a law service provided to these people to extort
money not owed to him. Also I am subject to fines by
Dept. Of Labor for non-withholdings and other penalties.
We have time-cards and witness that he received his
earnings. He also contests that he was to be paid a
higher amount than I paid him. That amount is not made
by anyone at my company. How does the Dept. Of Labor
expect me to pay fines on someone who we

don`t even have his true identity

Fraudulent naturalized
American citizen still at large

8/30/04—I know of a person who submitted several

statements or documents to INS and who
has since been granted citizenship because INS never
really verified any of the submitted information. They
had regular income that was

unreported to the IRS
for several years before being
granted citizenship. They had been detained 3 or more
times by the Sheriff`s Department for domestic
incidents, but didn`t report that on the application
(There were no arrests for the earlier incidents, but
there was one for spousal battery a year after being
granted citizenship). There was importation of more than
$20,000 over several years (gifts from Mother!) that was
not reported to the IRS.

Seeking help for false
domestic violence accusations

8/30/04—Thank you for placing letters from the victims

false accusations
on the web. I am a victim of such
accusations myself. I have tried many, many times to
find articles on the web relating specifically to the
abuse of Section 204 by these vicious aliens, and yours
is the

only site
I have found. I am getting sick and tired
of getting thousands of irrelevant websites, and
websites designed to assist the illegal aliens!

European woman
marries only for a green card

11/1/04—I was born in New York, and at the age of 30 I
went to Europe to get married. When I got married, I
came with my wife to America. We had 2 kids, and one day
when I told her we are going to Europe on vacation, she
told me that "I only married you to come to this
country." That night, she took my kids and left to a
shelter. And now she is claiming that she has been
battered, which is not true. She is making false
allegations and using my kids as a shield. And the funny
part when she went to the shelter, she made no claim
until I filed a petition to the courts to know where my
kids were. After I saw the judge, my wife went and
claimed that I beat her in the body, which is not true.
I always argued with her because she never took care of
her kids. Please help me in what to do

Reporting a fraudulent Texas

que usted si hable Espanol estoy tratando de deportar a
una persona que vive en San Antonio, Texas yo tengo
todos los datos esta persona falcifico con ayuda de otro
senor documentos para estar con una visa de turista en
los Estados Unidos de Norte America, me gustaria me
pudiera dar informacion sobre que debo hacer o si usted
es la persona indicada para pasar todos estos datos le
agradeceria me contestara este correo, Gracias y que
pase buen dia.

hope that you, if you speak Spanish, I am trying to

a person that lives in San Antonio, Texas. I
have all the data on this false person, who with the
help of another person has documents to be with a
tourist visa in the United States. I would like for you
to give me information on what I must do, or if you are
the indicated person to pass all this information to, I
would greatly appreciate it if you could answer this
mail. Thank you and have a nice day.]

Veteran`s swimming
pool business sunk by "Sergio "

9/8/04—I had my own swimming pool business in, and like
most contractors picked up these illegals and my heart
honestly went out to these guys. I ran my business with
just my brother and I, after both of us had just
finished active duty in the us navy. I love my country
and I believe every one deserves a chance. This one guy
worked on and off for me when we needed an extra hand…

to my point, this guy Sergio that worked for me
basically ran my business into the ground. I took him
into my home tried to get him a work permit, let him
have one of my trucks to drive and payed him well when
he worked. I come to find out that he and some of the
guys he lives with were going out using my name and
soliciting work. And once things got out of control,
everything back-lashed and it was like falling dominos.
Job after job that Sergio was in charge of completing
either wasn`t paying, would not let us on the property,
or threatened to sue. When I confronted Sergio , he
basically told me "oh well," so I let him go. The
following weekend I went on vacation. When I came back,
my van was gone and the first thing that came to my mind
was Sergio. I called him and his reply was that he took
the van for monies owed to me as ransom. Now Sergio was
paid per completion by the job, since some jobs were
left in disarray and I could not even begin to explain
the mess I was left in. I called the cops they told me
to go to Sergio `s house, bring the title to the van,
and if it was there call the cops from there, and they
will arrest him. So like a fool I called Sergio and gave
him a warning and when I got to his house my van was
there, so without even thinking, I got in my van and
took it home. The next week or so I spent making a list
of all the tools missing and all the damage done to my
brand new van. I have estimated over $15,000 in tools
and damage. The cops said I could file a grand larsony
report, but what good would that do? Sergio would just
get a free ride back to Mexico.

Following that, I get a letter in the mail from a

"workplace project"
that Sergio (and a few other
illegals I don`t even know) are obtaining help to sue
for wages owed in the amount of $25,000. I almost passed
out, because to be honest, I was left so bad off by
Sergio , and had burned so many bridges with some of my
main sources of income where I had to sell my wife`s new
truck, my new truck, the van Sergio had because I
couldn`t afford to pay for the damages to it. And I sold
my new dump truck just to get rid of some debt because
I`m now unemployed. I`m left with one van for me and my
wife. I shut down my business and I`m now in the process
of filing

. I can`t believe this guy could basically
destroy my life. I was so excited when I came home from
the service I was ready to conquer the world now all I
care about is saving my marriage and being able to
support us.

These Americans need help.  Their
government is not giving it to them—yet.

Juan Mann [send him
] is a lawyer and the proprietor of