Gay Mob Shakes Down eHarmony


tolerance mau-mauers
: Your shakedown of a
Christian-targeted dating website worked. Homosexuals
will no longer be denied the inalienable
"right" to hook up with same-sex partners on
eHarmony. What a
landmark triumph for social progress, eh?

New Jersey

plaintiff Eric McKinley can now crown himself the new
—heroically breaking down inhumane barriers to
Internet matchmaking by forcing a law-abiding private
company to provide services it was never created to
provide. "Men
seeking men"
has now been enshrined with
"I have a dream"
as a Civil Rights rallying cry of the 21st century.
Bully for you, Mr. McKinley. You bully.

Neil Warren,
eHarmony`s founder, is a gentle, grandfatherly
businessman who launched his popular dating site to
support heterosexual marriage. A
"Focus on the Family" author with a divinity degree, Warren encourages healthy,
lasting unions between men and women of all faiths,
mixed faiths or no faith at all.

Don`t like what eHarmony sells? Go
somewhere else. There are thousands upon thousands of
dating sites on the Internet that cater to gays,
lesbians, Jews, Muslims, Trekkies, runners, you name it.

No matter. In the name of
tolerance, McKinley refused to tolerate eHarmony`s right
to operate a lawful business that didn`t give him what
he wanted. He filed a discrimination complaint against
eHarmony with the
Jersey Division on Civil Rights
in 2005.

To be clear: eHarmony never, ever
refused to do business with anyone. The company broke no
laws. Their great
"sin" was not providing a politically correct service that a
publicity-seeking gay plaintiff demanded they provide.
For three years, the company battled McKinley`s legal
shakedown artists—and staved off other opportunists as
well. The dating site had been previously sued by a
lesbian looking to force the company to match her up
with another woman, and by a married man who
ridiculously sought to force the company to find him
prospects for an adulterous relationship.

This case is akin to a meat-eater
suing a vegetarian restaurant for not offering him a
rib-eye, or a female patient suing a vasectomy doctor
for not providing her hysterectomy services. But rather
than defend the persecuted business, the
Jersey attorney general
intervened on behalf of the
gay plaintiff and wrangled an agreement out of eHarmony
to change its entire business model.

The company agreed not only to
offer same-sex dating services on a new site, but also
to offer six-month subscriptions for free to 10,000 gay
users, pay McKinley $5,000 and fork over $50,000 to New Jersey`s Civil Rights
division "to
cover investigation-related administrative costs."
lesbians to get eHarmony too
AFP, November 20, 2008] Oh, and that`s not all.
Yield, yield to the grievance-mongers:

Additional terms of the settlement

  • eHarmony, Inc. will post photos of same-sex couples
    in the
    section of its website as successful
    relationships are created using the company`s
    same-sex matching service. In addition, eHarmony,
    Inc. will include photos of same-sex couples, as
    well as individual same-sex users, in advertising
    materials used to promote its same-sex matching
  • eHarmony, Inc. will revise anti-discrimination
    statements placed on company websites, in company
    handbooks and other company publications to make
    plain that it does not discriminate on the basis of
  • the company has committed to advertising and public
    relations/ marketing dedicated to its same-sex
    matching service, and will retain a media consultant
    experienced in promoting the
    accurate and inclusive"
    representation of gay
    and lesbian people in the media to determine the
    most effective way of reaching the gay and lesbian

I have enormous sympathy for
eHarmony, whose attorney explained that they gave in to
the unfair settlement because
outcomes can be unpredictable."
dating coming to eHarmony
BY Elise Young,
New Jersey Herald News, November 20, 2008]  The

mob response
to the passage of Proposition 8, the
traditional marriage measure in California, must have
also weighed on eHarmony management`s minds.

But capitulation will only yield a
worse, entirely predictable outcome: more shakedowns of
private businesses that hold views deemed unacceptable
by the Equality-at-All-Costs Brigade.

Perhaps heterosexual men and women
should start filing lawsuits against gay dating websites
and undermine their businesses. Coerced tolerance and
diversity-by-fiat cut both ways.



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