Full text of the Attorney General`s Order – December 18, 2002:

Published on VDARE.COM on February 26, 2003


Order No. __

Delegation of Authority to the
Federal Bureau of Investigation to Exercise the Powers
and Duties of Immigration Officers

By virtue of the authority vested
in me as Attorney General, including 28 U.S.C. sections
509, 510 and 533, I hereby direct as follows:

authorize the Director of the Federal Bureau of
Investigation (“FBI”) and, under his direction, Special
Agents of the FBI, to exercise the functions of
immigration officers for the purpose of (1)
investigating, determining the location of, and
apprehending any alien who is in the United States in
violation of the

Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952
, as

, or any other law or regulation relating to

or the conditions of visas, admission of
aliens or the conditions of admission, or the
maintenance of status as an immigrant or nonimmigrant or
in any category of nonimmigrant; or (2) enforcing any
requirement of such statutes or regulations,
including but not limited to
nonimmigrant aliens
subject to special registration under

8 C.F.R. section 246.1(f).

Date: December 18, 2002

Signed: John Ashcroft, Attorney