Establishment Thought-Crime Watch

Recently, the
Wall Street Journal

that we at VDARE.COM were “cracked” for
suggesting it was, well, odd that the Secret Service
had an Arab guarding the president during a War on
(Arab) Terrorism. We

to them and to

Ron Unz
, who (being Ron Unz)

. We thought the controversy was over.
But there`s something about this profiling issue that
really upsets the kind of people who write for the
Establishment media.

The New Republic
has a feature called

“Idiocy Watch”

in which they highlight statements made after 9/11 that
don`t fit their worldview. Recently they


They extracted this
from what I had originally


Recently there have been a number of news items about
George W. Bush`s Arab bodyguard being thrown off a
plane. They mostly focus on the question of whether
racial profiling of Arab gunmen is appropriate…. My
question is one that no one seems to have asked: Why
does W. have an Arab bodyguard anyway? …. Anwar Sadat
was assassinated by his own troops (Bin Laden and
friends have been linked to that incident). But Sadat
didn`t have any choice about being guarded by Arabs.
Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her Sikh bodyguard.
She did have a choice about being guarded by Sikhs,
rather than Hindus, at a time when her troops were
engaged in clearing Sikh terrorists out of the Sikh
temple. In bullet-riddled retrospect, her choice was
…. What makes me [upset]–even madder
than heck–is that Bush, who is involved in a War on
Arab Terrorism, is so politically correct that he
apparently sees nothing wrong with being guarded by a
man who may decide, on principle, to kill him…. When
FDR interned and relocated Japanese and
Japanese-Americans in WWII, he was responding to the
massive sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. He was basing his
decision on the well-known fact that blood is thicker
than water, and that people frequently put loyalty to
family and religion over loyalty to the state.”

–James Fulford, writing in, a project of
Peter Brimelow`s

Center For American Unity
, January 9

The New Republic
must find something to disagree with in those
statements. But they don`t say what.

Well, recently,
they`ve had their work cut out, denouncing Idiots to the
right of them and idiots to the left of them – not only
anti-American but pro-American Idiocies,

Ann Coulter`s famous call to battle that
got her

by Jonah Goldberg. (They

the firing of Ann Coulter.) That`s what they
get for supporting two incompatible policies – mass
immigration and foreign war.

Here`s an Idiocy they
highlighted by Lowell Ponte, comparing left-wing
educational institutions to the Taliban:

“Those professing,
justifying, or rationalizing terrorism against
America–and bullying and brainwashing students into
complicity or acquiescence with their `peace` rallies–
are also destroying our universities as surely as if
they crashed fuel-laden airliners into them… It is
almost as if our universities have been turned into
little Marxist theocratic Talibandit Afghanistans.” —
Talk-radio host Lowell Ponte,
, October 3

Just over a month
later, Americans read this headline:

American man captured among Taliban soldiers.

John Lindh, a product
of Marin County`s left-wing

high schools
, had managed to get all the way to
Afghanistan to

fight against
his country, changing his name to
Abdul Humid on the way.

a 20-year-old U.S. citizen from San Anselmo, Calif.,
said the Qur`an permits Muslims to kill in cases of holy
war. The interview by a CNN reporter was aired in its
entirety for the first time Wednesday.

is a question that is addressed in the Qur`an itself,”
Lindh told CNN.

certain cases, Muslims by necessity can kill and…there
are situations in which a Muslim can be killed (by other

It seems that Ponte`s assertion about the condition
of American students was not Idiocy. It also seems that
the Marin County high schools have managed to produce a
good student – in that Lindh knows more about radical
Islam than the President of the United States, George W.

“Islam means peace”

I certainly hope – perhaps Idiotically – that I am
not vindicated in so dramatic a fashion.

January 26, 2002