Elites Want U.S.-Mexico Merger—Hence The Flaw In H.R. 4437

The focus of

is on

and the

National Question
. It`s a noble endeavor, but I
believe it represents only one component of a much
greater problem.

The root of the evil: our apparent
forced march toward a "comprehensive"
New World Order
of regional and ultimately global
government, where

nation-busting mass immigration
is just one part of
the process.

Though hardly a recent development,
the excellent recent work by

Jerome R. Corsi
exposing the

North American Union
, the

currency, the

NAFTA Superhighway
—and its

Texas highway segment
which is already
underway—leaves little doubt that the collectivist,

agenda of America`s ruling elite
continues full steam ahead whether the public likes it
or not.

The late

Dr. Sam Francis
identified this danger.

Shortly after the Mohammedan
attacks of

September 11, 2001,
Dr. Francis wrote that a
"large bucket of cold reality has been splashed into my
by a

Chicago Council on Foreign Relations
poll on elite
vs. public attitudes concerning mass immigration. [10/24/02
– Poll Exposes Elite-Public Clash On Immigration



[Summer 2002] poll shows that there is a vast
gulf between the elite and the public at large on
immigration, but more than anything it also shows that
if the American majority that favors reducing mass
immigration because they see it as a `critical threat`
to themselves and their nation really wants to meet that
threat, then they must first remove from power the
entire class of `leaders` who are

unable to perceive the dangers of immigration
when its dangerous consequences literally

blow them out
of their own skyscrapers."

America`s ruling class

already knows
that America is being transformed by
massive legal and illegal immigration. And they reply:
so what?

want it that way. They made the decision long ago.

made-for-TV conflict between dueling immigration bills
(S. 2611 and H.R. 4437) illustrates that the wishes of
the American people—not to be

in their nation and

out of their livelihoods—only go so far in
influencing the will of Congress.

In the
U.S. Senate, the mass immigration fix is in. But in the
people`s House of Representatives, there is hope . . .
well, at least a glimmer of hope.

But what

real immigration law enforcement
fans be hoping for

As I
have written before, one of the most critical components
of the so-called "enforcement" provisions of H.R.
4437 is really a serious step backward for immigration
law enforcement.

As I

in December, 2005:

4437 undercuts the [Immigration
Act Section 235(b) Expedited Removal
] laws already
on the books by scaling back the expedited removal
authority granted (but never implemented) by Congress in
1996. The bill allows the summary removal of illegal
aliens found within 100 miles of a land border within 14
days of entry. But in 1996 Congress previously
authorized the removal of any [illegal] alien found
anywhere in the U.S. within 2 years of entry!

So not
only has there been a quiet rigging of the

expedited removal
provisions by successive
administrations, but now the much-celebrated H.R. 4437
"enforcement" bill actually destroys the
possibility of there ever being nationwide summary
removal (outside of border areas).

And without the summary removal of
illegal aliens—sending them packing without years of

immigration litigation
—there will be no real
immigration law enforcement in this country . . .
because no one will be leaving anytime soon.

But why would a so-called
bill confine expedited removal only to
the border? And why has

absolutely no one in the Mainstream Media
on the sabotage of Immigration Act Section 235(b)
summary removal?

must be some other agenda at work here.

As in
the words of Dr. Francis, my keeping track of the
expedited removal non-implementation has been my own
"large bucket of cold reality . . . splashed
into my face."

It has
been seven months now since my rude awakening to the
internationalist agenda, as evidenced by my comments
here on VDARE.com—10/24/05
– Chertoff`s "Catch And Release" Trick Reveals Bush`s
Secret Agenda

So just for the record . . . and to
see if there is anyone out there listening . . . here
again is my unified field theory of why American
immigration law enforcement has been and will continue
to be sacrificed on the altar of

, internationalism and collectivism.

As I

in October, 2005:

“Internationalists in the Bush and Clinton
Administrations have decided to confine immigration
enforcement only to the U.S. borderlands…until there`s
no enforcement at all, because the U.S., Mexico
and Canada will have been merged into one unit behind a
new `North American security perimeter.`

shared Canada-U.S-Mexico `security perimeter` is exactly
what the

Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America

has in mind for America someday.

wouldn`t you know . . . DHS Secretary Chertoff himself
is a signer of the SPP`s

report to leaders
] on the New `North American` Order for

Security and Prosperity Partnership

the SPP just so happens to be a dead ringer for step
numero uno
toward goals outlined in the

Building a North American Community
report [PDF]
by the ubiquitous Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).


Building a North American Community
report was
signed without dissent by the former chief immigration
law enforcement officer of the U.S. — the Clinton
Administration`s Immigration and Naturalization Service
Commissioner — Doris M. Meissner.

the reports side by side for yourself [SPP
] [CFR
] and find out what the internationalist cabal
has planned for America.

“So who
cares if there`s no interior immigration law enforcement
in the United States, as long as there`s a `North
American security perimeter` in the works for what
former California Governor Gray Davis called the `magnificent
` that a merged U.S. and Mexico would

Now . . . what can

freedom-loving Americans
do in the face of this
intractable scourge of internationalism?

Answer: Go to your favorite House
of Representatives "immigration town hall meeting"
this summer. And after haranguing them about

illegal alien amnesty
, demand that they explain why
is it that the so-called "enforcement" bill, H.R.
4437, eliminates the

nationwide expedited removal
of illegal aliens.

At least you`ll have some fun . . .
and you`ll be the first on your block to quiz your
elected representatives on how much they really know
about immigration law.

Juan Mann [email
him] is an attorney and the proprietor of

He writes a weekly column for

contributes to Michelle Malkin`s

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