Dumbing-Down of America

Fifty years ago this October, Americans were jolted
by the news that Moscow, one year after drowning the

Hungarian Revolution in blood,
had put an 80-kilo

into Earth orbit.

In December, the U.S. Navy tried to replicate the
feat. Vanguard got four feet off the ground and
exploded, incinerating its three-pound payload. America
was humiliated.

Khrushchev was Man of the Year.
Some of us yet
recall the

Vanguard newsreels
and the humiliating laughter.

Stunned, America went to work to improve education in

math and science,
and succeeded. The Scholastic
Aptitude Test (SAT) scores of high school seniors began
to rise, reaching a high in 1964.


test scores
for high school students have been
falling now for 40 years. In 1984, the Reagan
administration issued

A Nation at Risk,

documenting the deterioration of American public

More trillions of dollars were thrown at the problem.
And if one judged by the asserted toughening up of
courses and rising grades of seniors, it appeared we had
made marvelous progress. On March 4, The Washington

"In 2005, 17 percent of
graduates had completed a `standard` curriculum, 41
percent completed a `midlevel` curriculum, and 10
percent completed a `rigorous` curriculum. Fifteen years
earlier, the percentages were 9 percent (standard), 26
percent (midlevel) and 5 percent (rigorous). Grade point
averages (GPA) increased, as well. The average overall
GPA increased from 2.68 in 1990 to 2.98 (virtually a B
level) in 2005.

However, it is all a
giant fraud, exposed as such by the performances of high
school seniors on the National Assessment of Educational
Progress exams known as the "nation`s report card." An

NAEP test of 12th-grade
achievement was given to
what The New York Times

a "representative sample of 21,000 high
school seniors attending 900 public and private schools
from January to March 2005."[Schools,
Money, And Results
, March 3, 2007]

What did the tests reveal?

  • Since 1990, the share of students lacking even
    basic reading skills has risen by a third, from 20
    percent to 27 percent.

  • Only 35 percent of high school seniors have
    reached a "proficient" level in reading, down
    from 40 percent.

  • Only 16 percent of black and 20 percent of
    Hispanic students had reached a proficient level in

  • Among high school seniors, only 29 percent of
    whites, 10 percent of Hispanic students and 6
    percent of black students were proficient in math.

This is only the half of it. Among the kids whose
test scores on reading and math were not factored in
were the 25 percent of white students and 50 percent of
black and Hispanic kids who had dropped out by senior

Factor the dropouts back in, and what the NAEP test
suggests is that, of black kids starting in first grade,
about one in eight will be able to read at the level of
a high school senior after 12 years, and one in 33 will
be able to do the math. Among Hispanic kids, one in 10
will be able to read at a high-school senior level, but
only one in 20 will be able to do high-school math.

Yet, as columnist

Steve Sailer
writes on VDare.com, the Bush-Kennedy
No Child Left Behind Act mandates "that all children
should reach a proficient level of academic achievement
by 2014."[

Why “No Child Left Behind” Is Nuts
, February 18,
2007 ]

We`re not going to make it. We`re not even going to
come close.

Why are so many Americans ignorant of the depths of
failure of so many schools? As Sailer explains, it is
due to government deceit.

"Not surprisingly,
practically every single state cheats in order to meet
the law" mandating a rising academic proficiency.

"For example,

… recently declared that 89
percent of its fourth-graders were at least `proficient`
in reading.

"Unfortunately, however,
on the federal government`s impartial National
Assessment of Education Progress test, only 18 percent
of Mississippi students were `proficient` or

Hence, a huge slice of the U.S. educational
establishment is complicit in a monstrous fraud that, if

did it in business,
would get you several years at
the nearby minimum security facility.

This is corruption. Teachers are handing out grades
kids do not deserve. States are

dumbing-down tests
to make themselves look good.
Voters are being deceived about how much kids are

There is no real moral distinction between what
teachers and educators are doing on a vast scale and

professional athletes
do on a smaller scale when
they take

steroids to enhance performance.

As The Washington Times noted, according to
the Digest of Education Statistics, spending for public
education, in constant (inflation-adjusted) dollars,
rose from $6,256 a year per student before "A Nation
at Risk"
to $10,464 in the 2002-2003 school year.
Taxpayers have thus raised their annual contribution to
education by a full two-thirds in real dollars in a
quarter century. More than generous.

Under George W. Bush, U.S. Department of Education
funding has risen 92 percent in six years, from $35.5
billion in 2001 to $68 billion in 2007. Sinking test
scores are what we have to show for it.

Taxpayers are being

lied to

by the education industry, which has failed
them, failed America and flunked its assignment—and
should be expelled for cheating.



Patrick J. Buchanan

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