Does Bush Mean It?

Readers in
numbers beyond my ability to reply individually have
challenged me whether President Bush`s inaugural speech
is a statement of his intentions or merely a celebration
of himself and American democracy.

Surely Bush
doesn`t believe America has the power to remake the
world in its own image other than by being an example
for others to follow?

The answer is
that it doesn`t matter whether Bush believes, or even
understands, what he said. The

believe it, and they control the
Bush administration.

On the heels

Bush`s speech,

Robert Kagan
used his column in the Washington
to set Bush`s inaugural speech in stone as US
foreign policy.

Kagan wrote:

"The goal of American foreign policy
is now to spread democracy, for its own sake, for
reasons that transcend specific threats. In short, Bush
has unmoored his foreign policy from the war on

Higher Realism
, Jan 23]

This is
precisely the goal of the neocons. It is why the neocons
orchestrated "intelligence" and propaganda in
order to bring about the invasion of Iraq, a country
whose secular ruler suppressed terrorism.

The neocons`
writings clearly state their goal and long predate the
September 11 attacks on the US. Their agenda is
independent of "the war on terror."

Many of those
who signed the

neocon strategy documents
hold presidential
appointments in the Bush administration and are the
administration`s most powerful members.

If Bush were
in control or had a brain, he would have shut Cheney up
and fired all the neocons who produced the Iraqi

despite the Iraqi mess, the Bush administration is
publicly threatening to attack

, a country that has committed no terrorist or
aggressive act toward the US. The Pentagon has been
ordered to prepare plans. Apparently, the US has already

inserted Special Forces
into Iran to gather

neoconservatives are Jacobins. The neocons are the
greatest threat America has ever faced, and they have
the reins of power. Americans need to wake up to this
fact and stop indulging their macho "kick their
Muslim butts"
fantasies and their "end times"
Rapture fantasies.

The Bush
administration is not establishing any democracies. It
is starting a war that will last a generation.

That is the
neocon plan. They have put their intentions in writing
just as Hitler did. It is no protection that their plan
is detached from reality. Robespierre was detached from
reality, and that did not stop him. So were Hitler,
Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot. People with power in
their hands who are detached from reality are the most
dangerous people of all.

The delusional
quality of their rantings disarms people from taking
them seriously: "Oh, they couldn`t mean that."

But they do.


Paul Craig Roberts is the author with Lawrence M. Stratton of

The Tyranny of Good
Intentions : How Prosecutors and Bureaucrats Are
Trampling the Constitution in the Name of Justice



for Peter Brimelow`s

Forbes Magazine interview with Roberts about the
recent epidemic of prosecutorial misconduct.