Do Reconquistas Already Run Federal Immigration Bureaucracy?

An estimated 500,000


took to the streets in

Los Angeles
over the past weekend to demand illegal
alien amnesty. There were over 30,000 people in

, and more in other American cities….cities
that are

currently American,
that is.

But the

fantasy world
inhabited by the federal immigration
bureaucracy—which would be charged with

any "guest worker" amnesty
scam—still knows no limits.

Through its Office of Communications [OoC], DHS` U.S.
Citizenship and Immigration Services [CIS] division has
just (March 26) chosen to alert its employees in its
Daily News
e-mail broadcast that a "wave of

anti-immigration sentiment
is building throughout
the state

]  . . . [c]learly there is a need
to highlight the positive aspects of

legal immigration.

To combat this "wave
of anti-immigration sentiment
the CIS announced that the Denver District Office, in
cooperation with the Office of Citizenship`s "Community
Liaison Officers
[Community Liaison Officers]
has launched
"a new initiative that embraces the

rich diversity of culture
that now

exists in Colorado.

What a relief. So this is the tally:

  • Nonexistent
    "lack of embracing diversity"
    problem: solved.

CIS made the glad news its lead news item for the day.
Here`s the thing in full:

Diversity: U.S. CIS and OoC Program Developed in the
Denver District

"The Denver District
Office, in cooperation with the Office of Citizenship
CLOs, has launched a new initiative that embraces the
rich diversity of culture that now exists in Colorado. 
The district has specifically reached out to community

business leaders
, immigrants with unique success


media personalities
, and

elected officials
to serve as speakers at local
citizenship ceremonies. The goal is to not only enhance
understanding of the agency`s mission, but also to
develop new partners in the community. Truly, one door
opens another and the initial results of this new
project indicate long-term success.

"Why: Just this
week, ten

immigration proposals
will be debated in the
Colorado legislature. A wave of

sentiment is building throughout
the state. Clearly there is a need to highlight the
positive aspects of legal immigration.

communities are experiencing growing immigrant
populations, and the diversity itself is shifting. At
the annual

Citizenship Day
ceremony in downtown Denver, there
are usually at least

ninety-five different nationalities

"When people in
mainstream communities

interact with immigrants
in naturalization settings,
it is most often a positive and educational

i.e. indoctrination]

experience for everyone involved.  Bringing in speakers
from all parts of the community and holding ceremonies
in the community help to build positive relationships
and ease

ethnic tensions.

[JM: i.e.
intimidate the American majority

"How: The
project seeks to actively engage the Community Liaison
Officer in

naturalization ceremonies
.  Speakers are selected
for their concern or involvement with immigrants, and
themselves represent a cross section of Colorado`s
diverse community.

"When: The
project was launched in February 2006 and will continue
through the remainder of the fiscal year.

"Early results:
Three U.S. House representatives have agreed to speak at
upcoming ceremonies.

anyone know who they are?]

They believe such positive, public functions will help

new ethnic tensions
through understanding and
compassion. OoC activities/presentations have fostered
awareness and helped dispel

, calm

i.e. suppress]

debates and dissolve racial/ethnic tensions.  They are
bringing diverse people together to work toward common
goals, while highlighting civic integration at its

"According to the
Office of Immigration Statistics, the diversity of the
permanent residents that immigrated to Colorado in 2004
changed considerably since 2003.  Five of the top twenty
listed countries, including


, had dropped in numbers.  Eleven of the top
twenty countries increased, three of which were not in
the top twenty the year before."

And as if the

wasn`t brought to enough of a fever
pitch already, the employee e-mail broadcast also
included a link to the
ABC Television Network

: "How My

Husband`s Boyfriend
Got His Green Card—Cheating,
Marriage, and Desperate Love for the United States
March 21, by Lara Setrakian.

Not only is the federal bureaucracy interfering in the
political process—why shouldn`t Colorado
legislators be allowed to consider "immigration
?—but it apparently finds nothing wrong in
law breaking through

marriage fraud.

This is the same CIS, remember, whose

institutionalized disregard

immigration benefit fraud
has been exposed by the
government`s own General Accountability Office (GAO) in
devastating reports in




The Treason Lobby itself couldn`t have scripted the item
any better.

Or maybe it did.
and ask.

Be prepared to speak Spanish.

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him] is
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