Diversity Is Strength! It`s Also…Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome


Virginia Tech massacre
compels inquiring minds to
search out the many other instances of immigrants who

purposely kill in quantity.

We must call this
“Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome”
, to match Daniel
Pipes` term

“Sudden Jihad Syndrome”
describing the

distinct tendency
of Muslims in the U.S. to start
suddenly offing Americans. In fact, Sudden Jihad
Syndrome may just be a special case of Immigrant Mass
Murder Syndrome.

But guess what? The
Mainstream Media doesn`t seem to have any inquiring
. Even to find these immigrant mass murders is

extremely difficult
because of the

agenda-driven refusal to use the


Additionally, some true

are suspiciously

about noting immigration backgrounds. Gory crime
details are meticulously catalogued, but foreign origin
given little attention.

As VDARE.COM has pointed
out many times, this pattern of


immigration status of perps
is reprehensible,

and (for what it`s worth)

the media`s self-proclaimed
principles—see the Society of Professional Journalists`

Code of Ethics
for unintentional hilarity.

But it`s not a laughing
matter. In effect,

political correctness
is blinding Americans to very
real danger that is being imported through immigration

One example: four years
ago, in an incident that eerily foreshadows the

Virginia Tech Massacre,
an immigrant gunman carrying
two guns and 1000 rounds of ammunition took some 100
people hostage. He killed one and wounded two before
police shot and captured him. Why didn`t you know
about this?

(For more details, read

James Fulford
used the free search engine Google to
make his

of immigrant mass murders a few days
ago. Through the generosity of a VDARE.COM

, I`ve been able to use the proprietary service

Here is my quick,
non-comprehensive list of additional immigrant mass

  • Juan Corona
    , also a serial killer, was
    convicted in 1971 for killing 25 farm workers near
    Yuba City, California. His work as a labor
    contractor brought him into contact with fellow
    Mexicans, which may have facilitated his

    sick spree
    of sadistic homosexual attacks and

    machete murders

  • Gian Luigi Ferri
    born in Asmara, Ethiopia and was educated as an
    engineer, immigrating to the US at age 27. He
    fatally shot eight people and injured six others
    before committing suicide at

    101 California Street
    in San Francisco in 1993.
    The crime shocked the area and convinced Sen. Dianne
    Feinstein that…gun control was needed against

    assault weapons
    . This led to legislation in 1994
    banning high-capacity magazines and some firearms

  • Humberto de la Torre
    killed 25 in a 1982
    Los Angeles arson destroying the Dorothy Mae
    Apartment-Hotel on Sunset Boulevard. He set the fire
    because of an argument about his gang activities
    with his uncle who managed the building. A

    Mexican national,
    he pleaded guilty to 25 counts
    of first-degree murder and was

    in 1985 to 625 years in prison.

  • Julio Gonzalez
    , set fire to a New York
    nightclub in 1990 after having a quarrel there with
    his former girlfriend who worked checking coats. The
    arson at the

    Happy Land
    social club killed 87, making it one
    of the worst mass murders in U.S. history. The
    unemployed Cuban came to the United States in the
    disastrous 1980

    Mariel boatlift
    . Another interesting immigration
    angle: the nightclub was unlicensed, having been
    closed in 1988 for code violation, and catered to


(It`s curious how the mass
murdering via fire doesn`t seem to shock as much as when
the crime involves guns. The victims are just as dead,
and they may have had a far more horrific death by fire
than if they had died from a gunshot. Remember how
trapped 9/11 victims in the

World Trade Center
jumped to their deaths

rather than be burned alive
. But there is no

Sarah Brady
of gas cans.)

President Carter`s welcome
to over

125,000 Marielitos
had plenty of immigrant crime
blowback. They even included some 800-900 Cuban
criminals who, while on their initial immigration parole
into the United States, were convicted of violations of
state or federal law ranging from attempted murder to
trafficking in cocaine to petty theft and have been in
detention ever since. A Congressional inquiry found that

10 percent of Marielitos
had a


mental illness background
that would have precluded
their legal admittance.

Another immigrant category
deserves attention: attempted immigrant mass murders
that failed. Police thwarted these would-be killers
before they could rack up their desired high death

  • In March

    Mohammed Taheri-azar
    , a native of Iran,
    didn`t kill anyone when he aimed his SUV at
    pedestrians on UNC`s campus with intent to kill, but
    it wasn`t for lack of trying. He did injure several
    and was charged with nine counts of attempted
    murder. His

    about his actions revealed jihadist
    ideology behind his

    intention to kill
    , writing from prison, "the

    gives permission for those who follow
    Allah to attack those who have waged war against

Taheri had lived most of his life in this country and
was a college graduate, yet the influence of Islam and
his Muslim milieu were more influential than his years
of American education.

And then the Virginia Tech
lookalike I mentioned above:

  • Indian immigrant

    Biswanath Halder
    killed one and shot two
    others in the course of a seven-hour siege at Case
    Western Reserve University in 2003. This could
    easily have ended just as badly as or even worse
    than Virginia Tech. The young man murdered by Halder
    was just as poignant a story as the many Virginia
    students struck down:

    Norman Wallace
    , 30, was a hardworking graduate
    student who had recently been elected the president
    of the Black MBA Student Association.

At the time, news coverage
at the time appeared excited by the prospect of another
white-guy gun conflagration—until the identification of
the shooter was made. Then the case disappeared from
national media.


not one national media mention of
Halder in the wake of the Virginia Tech massacre. In
contrast, there are “about 7,740,000” mentions of

“Virginia Tech”and
“Gun Control.”

Immigration enthusiasts
will object to this sort of analysis. They will say that
America has

home-grown killers.
That`s true. In fact, that`s
the point
. We`ve already had too many Americans mass
murdering. Consequently, we don`t need to

import murderers
from abroad.

The accumulation of
mass-murdering immigrants is the merely worst indicator
of a society grown

too diverse
social harmony.
The elite ideological infatuation
with diversity as the highest good has had a terrible
cost. Teddy Roosevelt warned against

hyphenated Americans

as destructive to the America`s unity.
Today, in contrast,

those negative characteristics
are actually
celebrated by our


Professor Robert Putnam,

Bowling Alone
scholar of

community values
has cautioned,

"More ethnic diversity means less trust."

Policy-makers should pay attention.—now.

Meanwhile, our latest tally
of the Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome cost: 23 killers,
about 238 dead, some 111 wounded. And counting.

Brenda Walker (email

her) lives in Northern California and publishes
two websites,


Recent events have convinced her that the Second
Amendment should apply to citizens only.