Democrats Dither As Cheney, Neocons Plot To Nuke Iran

The Washington, DC, think-tank, The

American Enterprise Institute
, camouflages its
purpose with its name. There is nothing American about
AEI, and the organization`s enterprise is fomenting war
in the Middle East against Israel`s enemies. Its real
name should be The Likud Center for Middle East War.

AEI has the largest collection of warmongers in
America. AEI "scholars" have agitated for war in
the Middle East for years. A moronic president and 9/11
gave them their opportunity.

Now that the US invasions and occupations of Iraq and
Afghanistan have failed, the AEI warmongers are
conspiring with Vice President Cheney to foment war with

Writing in The Washington Note, Steven C.
Clemons reports that Cheney is working with the AEI
warmongers to short-circuit the efforts of Bush`s
secretaries of defense and state to find a diplomatic
solution. Clemons reports that one former high level
national security official describes the Cheney-AEI
conspiracy as possibly an act of "criminal
against President Bush. [Cheney
Attempting to Constrain Bush`s Choices on Iran Conflict:
Staff Engaged in Insubordination Against President Bush
May 24, 2007]

Now that the Democrats have

betrayed their mandate
of last November to end
Bush`s war against Iraq and given Bush carte blanche to
continue the gratuitous bloodshed, the

plan, spearheaded by Vice President
Cheney, to initiate aggression against Iran is back on
the front burner.

Disinformation is being fed to the media that Iran is
responsible for attacks on US troops in Iraq. This
disinformation is routinely reported without skepticism
by the American media in the face of challenges from
experts. For example, a

recent British report
concludes: "few independent
analysts believe Tehran is playing a decisive role in
the sectarian warfare and insurgency."
`accused of attacks in Iraq to bolster US strategy`

By Anne Penketh and Eric Silver, The Independent,
May 25, 2007]

While the Cheney/AEI conspirators strive to whip up
American anger at Iran with lies and disinformation,
they are doing everything possible to provoke Iran. The
warmongers have planted the story in the media that the
US is conducting covert operations against Iran. The

US Navy is conducting "exercises" off Iran`s
The US military in Iraq has violated
diplomatic privilege and kidnapped Iranian officials in
Iraq despite protests from the Iraqi and Iranian
governments. The US government is stirring up more
trouble in Lebanon by setting extremists Sunnis against
Iran`s Hezbollah ally. In short, the US government is
doing everything possible to start a war with Iran.
Bombing Iran, perhaps after a contrived "false flag"
operation, is the next step.

Bush continues to tell his favorite lies that he is
bringing "freedom and democracy to Iraq" and that
Muslims hate us because of our "freedom and
He continues to make these inane
assertions even as he ignores the will of the American
people and destroys habeas corpus, the foundation of
civil liberty.

Bush ignores the will of the people as expressed in
last November`s congressional elections and as expressed
in opinion polls. The New York Times/CBS News
poll released May 24 shows another sharp drop in public
support for Bush and his war. America is

"seriously off on the wrong track"
was the
response of 72 percent of the public.

President Bush, the Republican Party, and the
Democratic Party have proved to the entire world that
the American people have no voice. The American people
have no more ability to affect their government`s policy
than inmates in a

would have.

What do people in other countries think when they
hear Bush prattle on about "freedom and democracy"
while he ignores opinion polls and election results and
detains people without warrants, tortures them, and puts
them before military tribunals in which they are denied
even knowing the evidence against them? Bush has
contrived a situation for defendants in which no defense
is possible. In Bush`s America, people can be executed
on the basis of hearsay and secret evidence.

If this is "freedom and democracy," what is

Recent polls show that the majority of the American
people are no longer fooled, no matter what politicians
say and media report. The election last November
demonstrated the electorate`s lack of support for
continuing the war. 

The problem is in implementing the will of the
people. Democrats in Congress are not only recipients of
AIPAC, oil industry, and military-security complex
payoffs just as the Republicans are, Democrats are also
behaving very cynically. They believe that it is Bush`s
policy that gave them control of Congress in November
and that by continuing to let Bush prevail, they will
clean up on a larger scale in 2008. They believe that
their antiwar base has nowhere else to go.

Their cynical logic is probably correct as far as it
goes. Bush is being blamed for the war and its failure.
The longer this goes on, the worse the situation for the
Republicans. Prior to Bush`s invasion of Iraq, I wrote
in a column that the unintended consequences of an
invasion would be the destruction of Bush, the
Republican Party
, and the conservative movement. It
has taken longer than I thought, largely because of
Americans` blind desire for revenge for 9/11, but the
prediction is on track.

The problem with the Democrats` cynical logic is that
allowing Bush to prolong the war in Iraq increases the
chances that Cheney, Israel, and the neoconservatives
can contrive a war with Iran. Most experts, and many in
our own military, think that a war with Iran would go
very badly for us, endangering our troops in Iraq by
exposing them to more intense attacks from the more
numerous Shiites, who would be armed with Iranian
weapons that can neutralize our tanks and helicopters,
leaving our fragmented and divided troops isolated and
cut off from supplies and retreat routes.

The pending disaster would play into Cheney`s hands.
With America faced with the loss of an army, Cheney and
the neoconservatives would likely succeed in convincing
Bush to nuke Iran. Cheney and Rumsfeld have already
changed US war doctrine to permit preemptive nuclear
attack against non-nuclear powers. Surprised by the
inability of the US military to prevail in Iraq and by
Israel`s military failure against Hezbollah, the neocons
concluded that the only way to establish US/Israeli
hegemony over the entire Middle East is to nuke Iran.
The neocons believe that using nuclear weapons against
Iran will demonstrate to the Muslim world that they have
no alternative but to submit to US hegemony.

The Democrats are far from being alone in lacking the
vision to see the abyss into which their cynicism is
leading us. With the corporate media serving as
propaganda ministry for the administration, Cheney will
be able to whip up enough fear and anger to convince the
American people that the use of nuclear weapons was

Bush`s popularity will return as he prevails over the
enemy and tells Americans how he saved them from Iran`s
nuclear weapons.

The Democrats` cynicism will have destroyed them and
opened new avenues to destruction and violence.



Paul Craig Roberts

] was Assistant
Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration.
He is the author of

Supply-Side Revolution : An Insider`s Account of
Policymaking in Washington
and the Soviet Economy

Meltdown: Inside the Soviet Economy
and is the co-author with Lawrence M. Stratton of

The Tyranny of Good Intentions : How Prosecutors and
Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name
of Justice
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