Democrat Pleads: “Please, General Obama, Don`t Make Amnesty Your Pickett`s Charge”

As we approach on July 1 to 3,
2009 the

146th Anniversary

, that
battle of the
Civil War,
thinking American citizens better be
ready for another catastrophic charge to force
another amnesty down the throats of the dissenting
American majority.

You recall that the famous

General Robert E. Lee,
whose wily defense of the
Confederacy had kept the superior Union forces at bay,
finally made the tactical error of his life when he
allowed his forces to make what the history books have
Pickett`s Charge,
across an open field uphill into
the blistering gunfire of the Union army. Lee`s forces
suffered devastating losses and if it hadn`t been for
the ineptness of the

Union general, Meade
, in failing to pursue his
victory, the Confederate Army would have been massacred
as it limped away.

Well, on June 25th, the
Washington Times
story of June 26, 2009 reported,
"President Obama told lawmakers Thursday he wants to
sign an immigration bill this year or early next year
even though they don`t have the votes yet to pass it—and
just in case they fail, the administration is ramping up
talk of other actions it`s taken to help immigrant
pushes immigration bill
, By Stephen Dinan]

Here we are amidst the
most serious economic crisis s
ince the

Great Depression
and Obama apparently feels that
this is the right moment to override the majority of us
citizens who are watching in horror at the

invasion of our country
, while both parties kowtow

(and even some

) business and their co-conspirators, LULAC, La
Raza and the

Catholic Church.

Washington Times
said, "Thursday`s
meeting had been put off twice before, and a White House
official at the time said it was supposed to be a small
meeting of bipartisan leaders on both sides of the
issue. Instead, it included 30 lawmakers, and was almost
entirely made up of lawmakers on the record supporting a
path to citizenship for illegal immigrants—the portion
of the plan that critics label amnesty. The group was
mostly made up of Democrats, but among the Republicans
was Sen. John McCain, Mr. Obama`s opponent in last
year`s election, who led the 2006 and 2007 efforts."

The greed and arrogance was clear.
As the Times
story noted, "But
it`s not clear whether much has changed since 2006 and
2007—the last two times Congress tried to move an
immigration bill. Each effort failed, including a
bruising loss in 2007 when a bipartisan majority of
senators joined a filibuster, urged on by a flood of
phone calls and e-mails from voters. "There`s been a
shift in the people who sit in these seats [in
Congress]. I don`t think the public has changed at all,"
said Rep. Steve King of Iowa, the top Republican on the
House immigration subcommittee, who was left out of the
meeting. Lawmakers at the summit agreed that the major
sticking points remain: Voters don`t yet think enough
has been done to enforce existing laws, labor unions
don`t want a program to increase the flow of future
workers, and businesses won`t support a bill that does
not allow for more worker visas."

Think this through! More work
visas, when the Federal government now issues over
100,000 visas to LEGAL aliens every month and yet
business wants more. Bipartisan when most of the members
of Congress who oppose amnesty weren`t at the meeting."

Well, damn the opinions and needs
of American citizens,

bring on more slaves

Make the charge if you will,
General. You may not have seen the real reserve of anger
welling up in the citizenry of your country.

Just at General Lee failed to see
that most of his artillery shots, like the charges of
racism against those who would argue that this massive
invasion is wrong, were over the heads of Mead`s army,
the present ad hominem attacks on dissenters is not
changing the minds of us citizens.

As a Democrat who voted for this
President, I am truly sorry that he has taken this
dangerous and reckless charge against many of the
citizens who embraced his candidacy and yet will be the
ones most hurt by this attempt.

There are many good things that
Obama can do with his newly given political power. Among
the good things Mr. Obama has already done in the cause
of freedom, in my opinion, are removing restrictions on
women`s right to choose and advocating making more money
available for family planning both here and overseas so
that women can escape the bondage of forced pregnancies.
Also add his apparent strong support for the arts plus
being the throes of economic reforms which have yet to
mature or be measured.

But it would therefore be utterly
unwise to use up precious political capital on an issue
which will leave the country, win or lose, so divided
and angry that other potential accomplishments will go

Like Robert E. Lee, who regretted
his mistake at Gettysburg, Obama needs to take advice
from other advisors–as Lee failed to do from General
Longstreet, and cease this frontal attack on American
citizens by the expanded importation of slaves.

Lets first secure our borders, get
strong ID for drivers licenses, extend E verify and
strengthen thereby the Rule of Law, which lies at the
heart of the survival of any democracy.

Then a moderate immigration policy
can be formulated, one based on need, not greed, on
reason, not passion and haste.

Donald A. Collins [email
him], is a freelance writer living in Washington DC and a former long time member of the board of FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform. His views are his own.