Dates That Destroyed America

The decision by Congress to
socialize medicine in the US ranks among the most
draconian, most egregious, most horrific actions ever
taken by the central government in Washington, D.C. This
bill rocks the principles of liberty and constitutional
government to the core. It changes fundamental
foundations; it repudiates historical principle. Oh! The
same flag may fly on our flagpoles, the same monuments
may grace our landscape, and the same

National Anthem
may be sung during our public
ceremonies, but it is not the same America. The Congress
of the United States has now officially turned America
into a socialist state.

On March 21, 2010, Congress passed,
and on March 23, 2010, President Barack Obama signed the
dreaded national health care bill into law, and as such,

these dates join a list of dates
that have each
inflicted unconstitutional, socialistic, and sometimes
even tyrannical action against the States united and
have, therefore, contributed to the destruction of a
free America.

April 9, 1865

This is the date when

General Robert E. Lee
surrendered the Army of
Northern Virginia to U.S. Grant at Appomattox Court
House, Virginia. Regardless of where one comes down on
the subject of the Civil War, one fact is undeniable:
Abraham Lincoln seriously dismantled the Jeffersonian
model of federalism in America. Ever since, virtually
every battle that free men have fought for the
principles of limited government, State sovereignty,
etc., has stemmed directly from Lincoln`s usurpation of
power, which resulted in the subjugation and forced
union of what used to be
"Free and
Independent States"
(the Declaration of
Independence). In fact, the philosophical battles being
waged today regarding the recent health care debacle
(and every other encroachment upon liberty and State
power by the central government) have their roots in
Lincoln`s tyranny.

July 9, 1868

This is the date when the

14th Amendment
was ratified. This amendment

codified into law
what Lincoln had forced at

bayonet point
. Until then, people were only deemed
citizens of their respective states. The Constitution
nowhere referred to people as
"US citizens."
It only recognized
"the Citizens of
each State."
Notice also that citizenship was only
recognized among the
"several States,"
not among people living in non-State territories. Until
the 14th Amendment, people were
"Citizens of each
(Article. IV. Section. 2. Paragraph. 1.) The
14th Amendment created a whole new class of persons:
"citizens of the United States." This false notion of
"one nation"
overturned the Jeffersonian principle that our nation
was a confederated republic, a voluntary union of

February 3, 1913

This is the date when the 16th
Amendment was ratified, and the direct income tax and
IRS were instituted. This was a flagrant repudiation of
freedom principles. What began as a temporary measure to
support the War of Northern Aggression became a
permanent income revenue stream for an
unconstitutional—and ever-growing—central government.

April 8, 1913

This is the date when the 17th
Amendment was ratified. This amendment

overturned the power of the State legislatures to elect
their own senators
replaced it with a direct, popular vote. This was
another serious blow against State sovereignty. The
framers of the Constitution desired that the influence
and power in Washington, D.C., be kept as close to the
people and states as possible. For example, the number
of representatives in the House of Representatives was
to be decided by a limited number of voters. In the
original Constitution, the ratio of
"people of the several States" deciding their House member could not
exceed "one for
every thirty thousand."
(Article. I. Section. 2.
Paragraph. 3.) And when it came to the US Senate, the
framers also recognized the authority of each State
legislature to select its own senators, thereby keeping
power and influence from aggregating in Washington, D.C.
The 17th Amendment seriously damaged the influence and
power of the states by forcing them to elect their US
senators by popular vote. The bigger the State, the less
influence the State legislature has in determining its
US senator. Senators who answered to State legislators,
each answering to a limited number of voters, were much
more accountable to the
"citizens of the
several States"
than those who were elected by a
large number (many times numbering into the millions) of
people. For all intents and purposes (at least in the
larger states), US Senators are more like
"mini-Presidents" than they are representatives of sovereign states.

December 23, 1913

This is the date when the

Federal Reserve Act was passed
. This Act placed
oversight of America`s financial matters into the hands
of a cabal of private international bankers, who have
completely destroyed the constitutional principles of
sound money and (for the most part) free enterprise. No
longer would the marketplace (private consumption,
thrift, growth, etc.) be the determinant of the US
economy (which is what freedom is all about), but now a
private, unaccountable international banking cartel
would have total power and authority to micromanage (for
their own private, parochial purposes) America`s
financial sector. Virtually every recession, depression,
and downturn (including the one we are now experiencing)
has been the direct result of the Fed`s manipulation
(again, for its own purposes and with Washington`s
cooperation) of the market.

June 26, 1945

This is
the date when the
Nations Charter
was signed and America joined the
push for global government. Ever since, US forces have
spilled untold amounts of blood and sacrificed thousands
of lives promoting the UN`s agenda. Since the end of
World War II, in virtually every war in which US
military forces have been engaged, it has been at the
behest of the UN. And it is also no accident that
America has not fought a constitutionally declared war
since we entered the UN—and neither have we won one.

Furthermore, it is America`s
involvement in the United Nations that has spearheaded
this draconian push for a New World Order that George H.
W. Bush, Henry Kissinger, Tony Blair, Walter Cronkite,
et al., have talked so much about. The United Nations is
an evil institution that has completely co-opted our US
State Department and much of our Defense Department. It
is an anti-American institution that works aggressively
and constantly against the interests and principles of
the United States. But it is an institution that is
ensconced in the American political infrastructure. Like
a cancer, the UN eats away at our liberties and values,
and both major political parties in Washington, D.C.,
are culpable in allowing it to exert so much influence
upon our country.

June 25, 1962, and June 17, 1963

These are the dates when the US
Supreme Court removed removed

prayer (`62)

Bible reading (`63)
from public schools. At this
point, these two Supreme Court decisions were the most
serious affront to the First Amendment in US history.
Think of it: from before a union of states was
established in 1787, children had been free to pray and
read the Scriptures in school. We`re talking about a
period of more than 300 years! Of course, the various
State legislatures—and myriad city and county
governmental meetings—still open their sessions in
prayer, as do the US House and Senate, and even the US
Supreme Court. But this same liberty is denied the
children of America. There is no question that America
has not recovered from these two horrific Supreme Court
decisions. In effect, the federal government has
expelled God not only from our public schools, but also
from our public life. And America has not been the same

October 22, 1968

This is the date when President
Lyndon Baines Johnson

signed the Gun Control Act of 1968
. Before this Act,
the 2nd Amendment was alive and well in the United
States. The Gun Control Act of 1968 turned a right into
a privilege and forever forced the American people to
bow at the altar of government when seeking to arm
themselves. Interestingly enough, this Gun Control Act
mirrored Nazi Germany`s Gun Control Act of 1938. In
fact, the Gun Control Act of 1968 is almost a verbatim
copy of Hitler`s Gun Control Act of 1938.

Our Founding Fathers could never
have imagined that governments within the
"several States"
would ever be allowed to deny the people`s right to keep
and bear arms. In fact, it was the attempted
confiscation of the firearms stored at Concord,
Massachusetts, that triggered the War of Independence in
1775. That the people of Massachusetts would be denied
their right to keep and bear arms, as they are today,
could not have been foreseen—and would never have been
tolerated—by America`s founders.

Yet, most of the hundreds of
draconian gun control laws that have been inflicted upon
the American people have all come about as a result of
the Gun Control Act of 1968.

January 22, 1973

This is the date when the US
Supreme Court issued the

Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton
decisions, which, in
effect, legalized abortion-on-demand. These two
decisions expunged the Jeffersonian principle that all
men are endowed by their Creator with the unalienable
right to life (Declaration). Since then, more than 50
million unborn babies have been legally murdered in
their mothers` wombs. Abortion is, without a doubt,
America`s national holocaust. It has opened the door to
a host of Big Government programs and policies that have
resulted in the wanton destruction of human life both in
the United States and overseas. It has created an entire
industry whose express purpose for existing is the
destruction of human life. It has desensitized the
conscience and soul of America. Furthermore, it has
forced men of decency and good will to finance—with
their tax dollars—the unconscionable act of killing
unborn children.

And once again, another
Jeffersonian principle was eviscerated. He said,
"To compel a man
to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of
ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and
The Roe and Doe decisions violate this
principle in the most egregious manner possible.

October 26, 2001

This is the date when President
George W. Bush signed the

USA Patriot Act,
and the federal government`s war
against individual liberty began in earnest. Most of the
unconstitutional eavesdropping, snooping, wiretapping,
phone call intercepting, email reading, prying,
financial records tracking, travel watching, ad
infinitum, ad nauseam, by federal police agencies began
with the implementation of the Patriot Act. The
Department of Homeland Security and the
"war on
which have resulted in the deaths of
tens of thousands of innocent people worldwide, and the
usurpation of federal power at home, have all come about
as an outgrowth of the Patriot Act. The USA Patriot Act
has forever shifted the focus of American law and
jurisprudence against constitutional government and
individual liberty, toward a police-state mentality. The
Patriot Act is even attempting to turn our local and
State law enforcement agencies into military-style
where police officers see themselves not necessarily as
guardians of the citizenry, but, as often as not, as
adversaries, where citizens are deemed to be the

October 17, 2006, and October 9,

These are the dates when President
G.W. Bush signed and President Barack Obama re-signed

the Military Commissions Act
. This Act is the
outgrowth of the Patriot Act but has, in effect,
terminated the fundamental protections of individual
liberty, which are found in the US Constitution and Bill
of Rights. For all intents and purposes, the Patriot Act
and Military Commissions Act eviscerated the 4th and 5th
Amendments, and do serious injury to several others. The
Military Commissions Act also expunges the
constitutional right of Habeas Corpus.

March 21 and 23, 2010

These are the dates when Congress
passed and President Obama signed into law the

Protection and Affordable Care Act,"
so-called "health
care reform"
bill that we spoke about at the
beginning of this column. While Social Security and
various Welfare programs have toyed with socialism in
the United States, this bill is the largest and most
expansive endorsement of socialism in American history.
This bill socializes some 18% of the US economy by
socializing the health care industry in America. The
fallout and ramifications of this bill are going to be

When future historians review the
demise of our once-great republic, they will observe
that the above dates were the dates that destroyed
America. The American people have been far too tolerant
for far too long.

People concerned about the future
of freedom and prosperity in America should line up
quickly and demand that their respective State
legislatures and governors resist this new health care
bill, even to the point of refusing to implement it in
their states. More than 30 states are threatening to
take the health care bill to court. But states must do
more than that. They must pass legislation refusing to
comply with it. Yes, I`m saying it: it is time for
another State rebellion! If states do not stand up and
draw their lines in the sand now, it will be forever too

Dr. Chuck Baldwin is the
pastor of Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola,
Florida. He hosts a

weekly radio show
. His
website is