Contra Contreras (Again)

"Well, well,
shrill racism is surfacing throughout the
country. It has been since the attack on
September … With the exceptions of a single
Chinese immigrant woman and one Cuban immigrant
… these anti-Mexican fanatics are generally
white males. Their profound hatred for Mexicans
is hard to explain, though manifested
everywhere. What makes a white male like Peter
Brimelow, born an Englishmen who became, first,
a Canadian immigrant, then an immigrant to
America, such a hater of Mexicans? What makes a
white American male like
Sam Francis who
eats food put on his plate by Mexicans, hate
them so much? … What makes a Chinese immigrant
woman named

Ling Ling
, who speaks English with a
terrible accent, make her life`s work stopping
immigration? What makes Cuban [George]
Borjas propose stopping
immigration of Mexicans without Ph.D`s?… Lets
see: The targets are Mexicans and 90% of all
Mexicans are either mixed blood of European and
Indian blood, or pure Indian. The critics, with
the exception of the Chinese woman, are all
white, including white Cuban George Borjas.
What`s the juxtaposition here? Before anyone
charges "race card," perhaps they should look in
the mirror. … Thus, if almost all Mexican haters
are white, aren`t they related to those white
people who terrorized the entire American black
population for hundreds of years?

Raoul Lowery Contreras
, December 2, 2001

must say that I am disappointed that Hispanic Republican

Raoul Lowery Contreras
left me out of his latest
diatribe. I guess he just doesn`t know me well enough
yet to criticize my pronunciation or excessive nose hair
or whatever. Fortunately, he did include me in another
recent effort:

When facts smash
anti-Hispanic fanatics and scatter their ridiculous and
unsubstantiated views to the wind, I laugh.

[You gotta love those
verbs! Perhaps Raoul took a correspondence course on
"Choosing Predicates the Mein Kampf
Way." – Steve]

Writers Peter Brimelow and
Steve Sailer come to mind as do their published views
that President Bush and his Republican Party are
committing suicide by actively seeking Hispanic support.

Lowery Contreras
Arizona Republic

November 17, 2001

Peter Brimelow denies that Raoul is secretly on the
payroll of the crack VDARE Publicity Department. But I
say we should at least send him a

nice fruit basket
for all the hard work he`s done in
getting our names out there.

So is
Peter Brimelow running a racist webzine? Well, the funny
thing about is that more than just about any
other outlet in America, we have been systematically
critical of Mexico`s white elite and its 480-year
tradition of discriminating against beige and brown
Mexicans. For example, Allan Wall wrote in VDARE on

Oct. 11th

Certainly, Mexican immigration to the U.S. helps
Mexico`s white elite to stay in power. Jorge Castañeda,
now Fox`s Foreign Minister, stated as much in his famed

Atlantic Monthly article
of July 1995. The
white Mexican elite is determined to keep as many of
their poorer, darker-skinned countrymen heading north.
The emigration "safety
" was Zedillo`s policy, and now it`s Fox`s
policy—the new president is just more aggressive about

Similarly, I`ve written on "Mexico`s
corrupt white power elite
." I`ve described

Mexico`s racial stratification
and traced its
permanence to

discrimination against darker, more indigenous women

(as seen so vividly on Mexican TV, where the actresses
all look like Lithuanians).

Last summer, I wrote

the unexplored problem with massive mestizo immigration
is that by creating in America a beige servant caste,
mass immigration slowly turns the wealthier native-born
Americans into a white master caste. Maybe we`ll be able
to withstand the temptations inherent in this kind of
society better than the whites of Latin America, who
were thoroughly corrupted by them. The history of the
American South, though, suggests that rich white
Americans aren`t immune to the sinister blandishments of
luxurious living based on a surplus of cheap laborers of
dusky hue.

Interestingly, my conclusion was almost identical to
that reached in November by the estimable Harvard
sociologist Christopher Jencks in the New York Review of
Books in his important two part series "Who
Should Get In?

Fifty years from now our
children could find that admitting millions of poor
Latinos had not only created a sizable Latino underclass
but—far worse— that it had made rich Americans more like
rich Latin Americans.

James Fulford`s critique of Jencks, click

Raoul`s second quote refers to billionaire Michael
Bloomberg`s $55 million victory in the New York City
mayor`s race, which he sees as vindicating the Bush-Rove
plan to trade visas for Hispanic votes.

course, Republican mayoral candidate

Orlando Sanchez`s loss in Houston

on Dec. 4th doesn`t help Raoul`s argument.

Further, I`d be more impressed if there had been any
Republicans in the NYC race.
Instead, as in

LA`s mayoral election
last June, after eight
successful years of moderate Republican leadership, no
Republican even made the runoff. Oh sure, Bloomberg is a
Republican – albeit for less time than Hillary Clinton
has been a resident of New York – but he was a

lifelong liberal Democrat
who donated ten times more
to Democrats than Republicans over the last decade. He
refused to deny that he had voted for Hillary last year.
Then, on the road to Damascus, the scales fell from his
eyes and he realized … that he was

more likely to succeed in buying the mayor`s office as a
than as a Democrat. He ended up spending
something like $85 per vote. And he still wouldn`t have
won without Rudy Giuliani`s endorsement.

if nominating a liberal Democrat billionaire media mogul
is the key to winning the Hispanic vote, all the
Republicans have to do is nominate

Ted Turner
for President.

My editor, however, points out
that there are operatives in the Republican Party who
will take my sarcastic suggestion at face value. They
would gladly give Ted Turner the Republican Presidential
nomination if they thought it would bring in the
precious Hispanic vote. Heck, they`d nominate a ticket
of Ted for Prez and the ex-Mrs. Ted (Jane Fonda) for
Veep if they thought it would help.

it`s important to note that what actually happened in
New York had little to do with the appeal of the
national Republican Party to Hispanics. Instead, a large
fraction of the Hispanic vote stayed home – to
spite Democratic candidate Mark Green for beating the
Hispanic candidate, Fernando Ferrer, in the Democratic
primary.  Because the Hispanic vote was down, the
Republican share of it went up. And, with a key
part of the Democratic coalition not voting, Bloomberg
won, narrowly.


New York Times

Hispanic voters in New York
have voted Democratic in the past, but this year, after
voting in record numbers during the primary, many stayed
away from the polls during the general election. And
those who voted were almost evenly divided. Hispanic
voters have shown an increasing willingness to vote
Republican in recent years, but the anger that many
voters felt over the tactics used during Mr. Green`s
runoff election against Fernando Ferrer, who would have
been the city`s first Puerto Rican mayor, served as a
catalyst that accelerated the trend this year.

For the record, in their articles
on immigration and the shifting electoral balance, Peter
Brimelow and Ed Rubenstein have been
exactly this immigration-induced coalition problem in
Democratic primaries: "Thus the vast complication of
ethnic politics brought about by current immigration
policy may, in the end, confound both parties."

Green`s "tactics" that offended
New York Hispanics included publicly linking Ferrer to
Al Sharpton, a Ferrer ally in the labyrinthine
complexities of New York ethnic politics.

So who needs Ted Turner? The GOP
should just nominate Al Sharpton for President.

That would get the Hispanics
the African-Americans!

Republican strategists! That`s just a joke! Right?

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January 03, 2002