Christians In The Crossfire

Yes, it`s maddening when
politically correct bureaucrats ban

nativity scenes

Christmas carols
in the name of

and "tolerance."
We are under attack by

Secularist Grinches Gone Wild.

But the war on Christmas in America
is a mere skirmish.

Around the world, a bloody,
repressive war on Christians rages on.

In Iraq, Islamist rebel troops have declared open
season on Christian churches, priests, and missionaries.
In February, four American pastors were traveling in a
taxi near the capital when terrorists ambushed them.

Rev. John Kelly
, pastor of Curtis Corner Baptist
Church in rural Rhode Island and a former Marine, was

killed in the attack.
The missionaries were starting
up a new church south of Baghdad.

A friend of Rev. Kelly`s

upon word of his murder that "he
wanted to be a witness for Christ in a part of
the world where there aren`t a lot of witnesses for

On March 15, Southern Baptist missionaries Larry and
Jean Elliott of Cary, North Carolina, Karen Denise
Watson of Bakersfield, Calif., and

David McDonnall
of Rowlett, Texas, were

killed in a drive-by shooting
in northern Iraq.
McDonnall`s wife, Carrie, survived the attack. The
group, one of several Christian aid groups helping with
reconstruction efforts, was scouting out locations for a
water purification project.

The McDonnalls were young students at

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
served on the Baptist International Mission Board, as
did the Elliotts. At the Elliotts` funeral, their oldest
son, Scott, touched his chest and looked upward in
tribute to his parents:

"Thank you for living for the Lord. I am a life that was
Stephen Rummage, interim senior pastor
at First Baptist Church in Cary, N.C., said the couple
"loved the gospel and the souls of lost men and women
more than themselves."

In Saudi Arabia, an Indian Christian man was abducted
and held captive by the kingdom`s religious police (the
"Muttawa") for seven months earlier this year.

Brian Savio O`Connor
was singled out by the
Wahhabist thug cops for "possession of Bibles and
preaching Christianity."
In addition, the Muttawa
falsely charged that O`Connor had illegally sold
alcohol. While in custody, O`Connor was allegedly beaten

"pressed to convert to Islam,"
according to the
AsiaNews website. The Saudi government succumbed to
international pressure and freed O`Connor last month.

But persecution by the Saudi government against
Christian Saudis continues. A Saudi Christian convert,

Emad Alaabadi,
was taken into custody by the Muttawa
last November. The father of four became a Christian two
years ago. Family and friends at the human rights group,

International Christian Concern,
fear he has been
tortured for his beliefs.

On Dec. 1, Christian pastor

Zhang Rongliang
disappeared from his village
apartment in Zhengzhou, China. According to

The Voice of the Martyrs
, a non-profit charity that
tracks religious persecution, state police confiscated
all of Pastor Zhang`s Christian DVDs, materials, and
photos. Three other Christian churches were reportedly
raided after Pastor Zhang`s arrest—part of a nationwide
crackdown on the Chinese "house church" movement. More
than 100 other Christian pastors were arrested in
Kaifeng city in September. Many have been beaten,
sentenced to "re-education through labor," and
accused of being "leaders of an evil cult."



North Korea
, followers of Christ have been arrested,
beaten, tortured, and forced to renounce their faith. In

, an Islamist terrorist group

named after the Taliban
conducted religious pogroms
in the northern part of the country this fall—kidnapping,
raping, and killing
Christian villagers as part of a
radicalization program that government officials suspect
is being funded by

Saudi Wahhabists.
In Sudan, Muslim radicals have
perpetrated mass slaughter and enslavement of Christian
men, women, and children, some of whom have been
literally crucified.

If America`s mainstream media would give the global

War on Christianity
just a fraction of the attention
it pays to the War on Christmas, lives might be saved.
And light would be shed on the true heroes of the
original religion of peace.

Doing so, however, would require the nation`s
secularized pundits and pontificators to take religious
persecution seriously. In that, alas, I have no faith.

Michelle Malkin [email
her] is author of

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Criminals, and Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores

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