Christian Rout in the Culture War

A Democratic Congress,

discharged by the voters
on Nov. 2, has as one of
its last official acts, imposed its

San Francisco values
on the armed forces of the
United States.

"Don`t ask, don`t
is to be repealed.

Open homosexuals
are to be welcomed with open arms
in all branches of the armed services.

Let us hope this works out better
for the

Marine Corps
than it

for the

Catholic Church.

Remarkable. The least respected of
American institutions, Congress, with an approval rating
of 13 percent, is imposing its cultural and moral values
on the most respected of American institutions, the U.S.

Why are we undertaking this social
experiment with the finest military on earth? Does
justice demand it? Was there a national clamor for it?

No. It is being imposed from above
by people, few of whom have ever served or seen combat,
but all of whom are aware of the power of the homosexual
rights lobby. This is a political payoff, at the expense
of our military, to a militant minority inside the
Democratic Party that is demanding this as the price of
that special interest`s financial and political support.

Among the soldiers most opposed to
bringing open homosexuals into the ranks are

combat veterans
, who warn that this will create
grave problems of

unit cohesion and morale.

One Marine commandant after another
asked Congress to consider the issue from a single

the admission of
gay men
into barracks at Pendleton and Parris Island enhance the
fighting effectiveness of the Corps?

Common sense suggests that the
opposite is the almost certain result.

Can anyone believe that mixing
small-town and rural 18-, 19- and 20-year-old Christian
kids, aspiring Marines, in with men sexually attracted
to them is not going to cause hellish problems?

The Marines have been sacrificed by
the Democratic Party and Barack Obama to the homosexual
lobby, with the collusion of no fewer than eight
Republican senators.

This is a victory in the culture
war for the new morality of the social revolution of the
1960s and a defeat for traditional Judeo-Christian
values. For only in secularist ideology is it an article
of faith that all sexual relations are morally equal and
that to declare homosexual acts immoral is bigotry.

But while this new morality may be
orthodoxy among our elites in the academy, media,
culture and the arts, Middle America has never signed on
and still regards homosexuality as an aberrant
lifestyle, both socially and spiritually ruinous.

To these folks, homosexuality is
associated with a high incidence of disease,

early death, cultural decadence and
civilizational decline. And no sensitivity training at

Camp Lejeune
is going to change that.

Behind these traditionalist beliefs
lie the primary sources of moral authority for

traditionalist America
: the Old and New Testaments,
Christian doctrine, natural law. Thomas Jefferson

homosexuality should be treated with the
same severity as


And 31 consecutive defeats for

same-sex marriage
in state referenda testifies that
Middle America sees the new morality as the artificial
invention of pseudo-intellectuals to put a high gloss on
a low lifestyle.

Not until recent decades have many
in America or the West argued that homosexuality is
natural and normal. As late as 1973, the
Psychiatric Association
listed homosexuality as a
mental disorder.

Today, anyone who agrees with that
original APA assessment is himself or herself said to be
afflicted with a mental disorder: homophobia.

The world has turned upside down.
What was criminal vice in the 1950s—homosexuality and
abortion—is not only constitutionally protected, but a
mark of social progress.

Yet, just as

busing for racial balance
led to

white flight and

the ruin of urban schools,
this social experiment is
not going to be without consequences. And it is the
military that will endure those consequences.

Yet, again, if we believe our armed
forces to be the best in the world, why are we doing
this, against the advice of countless senior officers
and NCOs? What is the motivation other than the payoff
of a campaign debt?

What happens now to Evangelical
Christian and conservative Catholic chaplains who preach
that homosexuality is a sinful and shameful practice?
Will they be severed from the service as homophobes?

That cannot be far behind when the

Family Research Council,
a respected organization of
religious and social conservatives that has fought the
homosexual agenda from same-sex marriage to gay
adoptions, has

now been declared
by the Southern Poverty Law Center
to be a "hate

The advance of what was once a
radical agenda has accelerated.

In 2004, John Kerry may have lost
Ohio and the presidency because same-sex marriage was on
the ballot in almost a dozen states, bringing out
committed social conservatives to the polls. Six years
later, the gay rights agenda is imposed by Congress and
Obama on the 82nd and 101st.

Let the reader decide if the
direction America is headed in is toward those
"sunny uplands,"
or straight downhill.



Patrick J. Buchanan


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