Chris Cannon And The Betrayal Of Utah

Here`s a heads up to my Utah friends from a
California guy who knows the score on

Your leaders, Governor Mike Leavitt, Senator

Orrin Hatch
and Representative

Chris Cannon
are selling you down the river Styx.

And while they have gone loco in the coco over Mexico
and all things Mexican, you`re whistling past the

According to Ken Thomson, a former Utah Republican
Delegate and current Executive Director of

Utahns for Immigration Reform
, “The people in Utah
consider immigration a California problem.”

In 1988, when I moved back to California from Seattle,
I saw that immigration had completely changed the Golden
State. The California that I grew up in and loved was
gone. And through my job at the Lodi Adult School, I
could see that greater erosion for California was

I called friends in North Carolina, Georgia and New
Jersey to tell them about what immigration had done to

“That`s your problem,” they replied. “We`re
okay here.”

I told them it was only a matter of time. Now, fifteen
years later, they wish they had listened.

If Utah doesn`t wise up, it will be in the tank right
next to California.

Earlier this month, Governor Leavitt

Mexican President Vicente Fox at Fox`s Los
Pinos compound. And here`s what Leavitt told Fox about
issues of crucial importance to Mexico:

  • Share a common curriculum—it only makes sense!

  • Televise classes via satellite directly to Utah–I
    was about to suggest it!

Naturally, Leavitt supports the in-state tuition fees
for illegal aliens attending state universities as
outlined in Orrin Hatch`s Dream Act and Chris Cannon`s

Student Adjustment Act

After meeting with Leavitt, Fox told the Salt Lake

“This kind of visit, like
the one done by the governor, is the best way to work
together, building a future for both [the United States
and Mexico]."[
Mexico`s Fox, Leavitt Huddle
By Tim Sullivan,

The Salt Lake Tribune
, February 4, 2003]

But what Utah gets out of this—except the bill and the
additional immigration that will certainly follow—is
exactly zip.

Let`s look more closely at

Chris Cannon
. Of all of the two-faced oddballs that
are constantly pumping for more, more and still more
freebees for illegal immigrants, he must be on the top of
the list.

Even by the abysmally low standards set by
politicians, Cannon has astonishing cheek. He can look
you in the eye and lie to you. And Cannon`s lies are even
bolder since he knows that you know that he is lying.

At David Horowitz`s 2002 Restoration Weekend, Cannon

Michelle Malkin
that he is completely opposed to
illegal immigration. But only a few months earlier at the
MALDEF Excellence in Leadership award ceremony, of all
places, Cannon



love immigrants in Utah
. And we don`t often times
make the distinction between legal and illegal. In fact,
I think Utah was the first state in the country to
legislate the ability to get a driver`s license based on
the matricula consular card and of that I am

You heard him – “Proud!”

And, according to Cannon, legal and illegal are the
same? That would be distressing news to his Brigham Young
University law professors.

Cannon seemed to have a very clear idea of legal vs.
illegal when he was a Trial Manager for the Republicans
in the impeachment proceedings against President

Bill Clinton
in 1999.

In his

opening statement
, Cannon quoted

John Locke
(no less) about the law: “Wherever law
ends, tyranny begins.”

Then Cannon, in his next breath, recalled the words of
Teddy Roosevelt:

“No man is above the law
and no man is below it.”

Cannon argued passionately about the illegalities of
obstruction of justice and cited chapter and verse from
the Articles of Impeachment.

But only a few years later, Cannon seemingly

can`t get a handle
on the difference between someone
who is legally in the U.S. and someone who is not.

The Clinton trial was not the only time Cannon huffed
and puffed for the enforcement of the nation`s laws. Two
years later, on September 20, 2001 Cannon was on his
soapbox in front of the International Trade Commission
railing against the perils of “dumping” foreign steel in
the U.S.

Since Cannon and his brother Joe were the owners of
the now defunct Geneva Steel Company, his speech was even
more self-serving than his diatribe against Clinton.

Said Cannon:

“…illegal trade practices of foreign countries”
[jeopardize the future of U.S. steel mills;] “…foreign
steel companies and the governments that support them
must observe the law….”

Cannon`s testimony ago takes on a special significance
when read in light of his support of

guest worker
/amnesty programs.

According to Capitol Hill insiders, Cannon and
Saxby Chambliss
(R-GA) and

Larry Craig
(R-ID) are itching to introduce such
legislation this year.

U.S. workers
be damned!

But when the future of Cannon`s Geneva Steel was
threatened by foreign competition, he

how hurtful illegal practices are:

“It is not just American
companies that are adversely affected by these illegal
actions, American families are hurting the most. I have
personally witnessed the harm caused to

steel workers
and their families after losing their
jobs. These families are suffering tremendously,
struggling to buy food and pay bills.”

I wonder if pandering to Mexican lobbyists has
anything to do with Cannon`s change of heart?

Utahns, you have your hands full with

And the news gets worse. Fox has sized you up as a
patsy. He`ll soon be sending a contingent of “migratory
specialists” to Utah.

Sew up your

. And don`t say I didn`t warn you.

Joe Guzzardi [email
him], an instructor in English at the Lodi
Adult School, has been writing a weekly newspaper column
since 1988. This column is exclusive to VDARE.COM.