Chertoff`s “Catch And Release” Trick Reveals Bush`s Secret Agenda

"We are moving to end the old
`Catch And Release` style of border enforcement,
increasing removals by tens of thousands a year
of Homeland Security Secretary

Michael Chertoff
told the

Senate Judiciary Committee
on October 18.

Yawn.  As

Peter Brimelow

, it never occurred to us at that
anyone would take Secretary Chertoff`s remarks
seriously. Peter suggested a two-point plan to
gauge the sincerity of any

"illegal immigration crackdown"
—(1) is the

Expedited Removal
law, on the books since 1996,
finally going to be implemented? (2) are lawyers, in the
shape of the

Executive Office for Immigration Review
, going to be
gotten out of the way, so illegals can be summarily
deported? This Bush bafflegab failed on both counts.

But it does reveal something about
the Bush Administration`s real attitude to immigration
law enforcement—and toward the extraordinary elite drive
to merge the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

In his statement, Secretary
Chertoff trumpeted:

"Today I am announcing this goal for DHS: eliminate
completely the `Catch And Release` enforcement problem. 
Return every single illegal entrant—no exceptions.
What`s more, it should be possible to achieve
significant progress in less than a year, as we apply
concentrated removal efforts with the support of
individual countries."

Yawn again. All this means is that
the phrase "Catch And Release" has been so loudly
shouted from the rooftops by heroic media patriots like

Lou Dobbs
(with a little help, we like to think,
) that it has become


So, in order to sell its guest
worker program, the Bush Administration has realized
that it has to pretend to be against its own "Catch
And Release"

Accordingly, in a sleight of hand
worthy of its notorious redefinition of "amnesty,"
the Bush Administration has reinterpreted "Catch And
as purely a "border enforcement"

Here`s a Juan Mann reality check:
There`s far more catching-and-releasing of

illegal aliens
and removable criminal alien
residents going in the interior of the United States
than at the borders.

It`s clear from Secretary
Chertoff`s statement that this business about "return[ing]
every single illegal entrant"
certainly does NOT
apply at all to the thousands of illegal aliens already
given a de facto non-deportation amnesty by being
allowed to adjust their status to permanent residence
under the shameful

Section 245(i) give-aways.

This Section 245(i) crowd of

illegal aliens and visa-overstayers
aren`t being
returned ANYWHERE!

As I

in 2002, the DHS does not "Catch And
aliens simply for sport, like some sort of
fishing tournament. It does it to serve the EOIR system.

If the EOIR Immigration Court
process (complete with its smorgasbord of
relief from removal and automatic appellate rights)
did not exist, then there would be absolutely no excuse
for the federal government to release captured
deportable aliens back to the streets.

With this type of unwieldy system,
the INS cannot possibly detain so many aliens for so
long during the process.  The EOIR is the reason for
what appears on the surface as mere INS folly.

"Catch And Release" isn`t
simply about "border enforcement." It never was! 
Here`s the proof:

  • "Catch And Release"
    applies to asylum claimants—illegal aliens

    under Immigration Act Section 235(b)
    expedited removal proceedings who have been found by
    a DHS Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS)
    division asylum officer to have a "credible fear"
    of persecution.  And by the way, these CIS
    asylum officers just happen to find aliens` fears
    with a 99 percent

    pass rate
    .  So these "credible" aliens
    are released in droves—never to be seen again.

  • The EOIR`s "Catch And
    poster boy for all time should be 2002

    sniper Malvo
    , who along with his illegal alien
    mother were valiantly released by the INS in order
    to be able to attend EOIR Immigration Court
    proceedings.  But Young Malvo had other plans.

  • According to columnist

    Michelle Malkin
    , "[s]anctuary for
    illegal aliens remains the policy in almost

    every major metropolis
    .  And `Catch And
    Release` remains standard operating procedure for
    untold thousands of illegal aliens who pass through
    the fingers of federal immigration authorities every

  • As I

    in 2003, even if Section 133 immigration
    authority, allowing local law enforcement to make
    immigration arrests, were expanded to police
    departments nationwide, and thousands of illegal
    aliens were arrested every day, any hope of an
    illegal alien-free country would hit the brick wall
    of current

    Catch And
    policies in the

    Department of Homeland Security
    , and the "deportation
    " of the


  • And as I

    in March, 2002, even if all of the illegal
    aliens and deportable resident alien criminals were
    rounded up tomorrow, the system would not be capable
    of handling them. The aliens would all be released
    back out on the street on immigration bonds and go
    back right where they were as if nothing happened.
    [See Chapter 10 of Invasion by
    Michelle Malkin (page 215-16, fn. 41)].

That`s a lot of catching and

Secretary Chertoff`s co-opting of
the term "Catch And Release" is more evidence
that the Bush Administration has no interest in
enforcing immigration laws away from the borderlands.

It`s really only interested in its
"Temporary Worker Program" a.k.a "amnesty." Thus Chertoff
also said:

comprehensive approach we have taken to removal can be
applied more broadly to other aspects of border and
interior enforcement.  In that sense, what we are
doing in our removal efforts is simply a down payment on
our overall border enforcement initiative, which we are
designing as a complement to the President`s

Temporary Worker Program.
[My emphasis]

And here`s what I think is the underlying reason why
America`s deportation system remains inexplicably
paralyzed by federal litigation and rigged in favor of

relief from removal

Internationalists in the Bush and Clinton
Administrations have decided to confine immigration
enforcement only to the U.S. borderlands…until there`s
no enforcement at all, because the U.S., Mexico
and Canada will have been merged into one unit behind a
new "North American security perimeter."

This shared Canada-U.S-Mexico "security
perimeter" is exactly
what the

Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America

has in mind for America someday. 

And wouldn`t you know . . . DHS Secretary Chertoff
himself is a signer of the SPP`s

report to leaders
] on the New "North American"
Order for

Security and Prosperity Partnership

And the SPP just so happens to be a
dead ringer for step numero uno toward goals
outlined in the

Building a North American Community
report [PDF]
by the ubiquitous Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).


Building a North American Community
report was
signed without dissent by the former chief immigration
law enforcement officer of the U.S.—the Clinton
Administration`s Immigration and Naturalization Service
Commissioner—Doris M. Meissner.

Read the reports side by side for
yourself [SPP
] [CFR
] and find out what the internationalist cabal
has planned for America.

So who cares if there`s no

interior immigration law enforcement
in the United
States, as long as there`s a

"North American security perimeter"
in the works for what former California
Governor Gray Davis called the "magnificent
that a merged U.S. and Mexico would

This may sound shocking—but
remember, the same sort of elite consensus hornswoggled
the historic nations of Europe into the

"European Union."

And after all, under the
Chertoff-Meissner plan, aren`t we all North Americans

Juan Mann [send him
] is a lawyer and the proprietor of