Canada`s Immigration Policy Threatens U.S. Security

Canadian Prime Minister Jean
Chretien is vacationing in the Dominican Republic this
weekend, where he will

tee off
with former U.S. president

Bill Clinton
for the newly inaugurated
Soft-on-Terror Masters Tournament.

While Chretien golfs, his fellow
countryman and favorite accused terrorist

Ahmad Said Khadr
is still on the loose.

Khadr, an Egyptian-born Canadian
citizen, is considered by intelligence officials to be

highest-ranking Canadian
within Osama bin Laden`s
inner circle. He studied computer science at the
University of Ottawa and worked for an Ottawa-based
Islamic charity,

Human Concern International
, which was generously
subsidized by Chretien`s government.

Khadr is suspected of siphoning
charity funds to bin Laden and other jihadists, and of
serving as a chief terrorist recruiter. Known as

(Arabic for "The Canadian"), Khadr had
previously been in custody in Pakistan for the 1995
bombing of the Egyptian Embassy in Islamabad that killed
17 people.

As I`ve noted before (and it is
especially worth repeating in light of attempts by some
high-ranking American diplomats to make amends with
Canada), our so-called friend and supposed War on Terror
partner Chretien was instrumental in securing Khadr`s

Chretien personally intervened on
behalf of Khadr during a 1996 state visit to Pakistan.
He aggressively sought guarantees from Benazir Bhutto,
then the country`s prime minister, that Khadr would

due process and fair treatment.
The suspected
Egyptian Islamic Jihad terrorist was released shortly
after Chretien`s diplomatic lobbying campaign.

The United Nations, U.S., and
Canada (last, of course,) have since frozen the fugitive
Khadr`s assets due to his suspected ties to bin Laden.
One of his sons, an al Qaeda operative and former terror
training camp commander, is on the run with Khadr.

Another of Khadr`s sons,
16-year-old Omar, is in U.S. custody at

Guantanamo Bay
for his alleged role in an ambush of
U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan last summer. Omar is
accused of lobbing the hand grenade that killed

Sergeant 1st Class Christopher Speer
, a 28-year-old
medic with the U.S. Special Forces.

"That wasn`t a panicky teenager
we encountered that day,"

Sergeant First Class Layne Morris of South Jordan, Utah,
who lost his right eye in the ambush, told the Boston
last month. "That was a trained Al Qaeda
who wanted to make his last act on earth the killing of
an American."
[A boy`s journey from Canada to Al
By Colin Nickerson, Boston Globe,
March 9, 2003



Speer left behind a wife and two
children, ages 3 and 11 months. Just days before his
murder, Speer had selflessly walked into a minefield to
rescue two wounded Afghan children.

Chretien`s government, naturally,
is pleading for leniency in Omar Khadr`s case.

While Chretien golfs, another

fellow countryman

suspected terrorist
, Al Rauf Bin Al Habib Bin Yousef
Al-Jiddi, also remains on the loose. Al-Jiddi is a
Tunisian-born Canadian citizen from Montreal who vowed
to become a martyr in the "war against the infidels."
The suicide threats were recorded on a

found at an al Qaeda safehouse in
Afghanistan owned by bin Laden`s military chief,
Mohammed Atef.

Al-Jiddi has been linked to a
Canadian-based al Qaeda cell that included Ahmed Ressam,

Algerian terrorist plotter
nabbed by U.S. Customs
officials at the Canadian border in Washington state
with a car full of explosives intended for use in a
bombing attack at Los Angeles International Airport
during the millennium celebration. Tunisian-Canadian
Faker Boussora, an associate of Al-Jiddi`s, also remains
a fugitive.

While Chretien golfs,
counterterrorism officials estimate that al-Qaeda has
roughly 75 operatives still on the loose in Canada and
that the country remains an operations base for at least
50 different international terrorist organizations—many
of whose members have gained Canadian citizenship thanks
to Chretien`s chronically lax refugee and asylum

While Chretien golfs,

remains a magnet for jihadists and

a breeding ground
for anti-American terrorism.

Yet the Bush administration is now
planning to exempt Canadian citizens from our federal
law requiring a system to track all entries to and
exists from the U.S. by 2005. The Toronto Globe and

that “The Chrétien government has lobbied
hard for such an exemption, saying it is needed to keep
people and commerce flowing freely across the border.”

Chretien has undermined America`s
national security efforts every step of the way.

Why do we continue to serve as
caddies for his terror-friendly,

open-borders agenda?

Michelle Malkin [email
her] is author of

Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists,
Criminals, and Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores

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