Call It Treason: Flake-Gutierrez Bill Immigration Insanity And Merger With Mexico

The latest
nation-destroying amnesty scheme of
H.R.1645—the Security Through Regularized
Immigration and a Vibrant Economy (STRIVE) Act—was
introduced in the House of Representatives on March 22
by Treason Lobby mouthpieces

Rep. Jeff Flake (R-AZ)

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL)

But don`t be
fooled.  This bill is not just about selling-out America
to the lowest foreign worker bidder. The end-game of
H.R. 1645 is the even more deadly: the
Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America
(SPP) plan for regional government.

H.R. 1645 is 697
pages of immigration give-aways including at least seven
flavors of amnesties great and small. 

Here`s my tally:

  1. Section 401—new
    worker program;
  2. Section
    624—rolling amnesty for children under 16 years old;

  3. Section
    643—agricultural workers “blue card” amnesty;

  4. Section
    601—conditional non-immigrant worker program;

  5. Section

    relatives of 9/11 victims
  6. Section 732—asylum
    free-for-all for persecuted
    religious minority
  7. Section 733—“forestry”
    worker addition to the 1986 amnesty.

And there`s an
unbelievable aw-shucks-just-give-it-to-`em-anyhow

standard of proof
for the bill`s main illegal alien
amnesty in “Title VI—Legalization of Undocumented
”  Section 602(a)(4)—Adjustment of
Status for Conditional Nonimmigrants
—explains that

is the sense of the Congress that the requirement under
this section should be interpreted and implemented in a
manner that recognizes and takes into account the
difficulties encountered by aliens in obtaining evidence
of employment due to the undocumented status of the

With that kind of
standard, H.R. 1645 is a

fraud magnet
and an illegal alien-chasing
immigration lawyer`s dream. 


Treason Lobby enforcers
in the immigration bar stand
to make millions.

The bill also has
massive bureaucratic expansions, more government grant
give-aways to universities and non-profit groups to buy
more potential supporters, more boots-on-the-ground
federal officers, more government lawyers, greater
complexity for more

litigation-based deportation
, and more sham
enforcement provisions and flaccid removal grounds. 

And there are the
detention-diluting provisions: the
[to detention] program” in
Section 177 (“an alien who has been detained may be
released under enhanced supervision.”
); the “less
restrictive detention facilities”
program of Section
178 (“prison-style uniforms or jumpsuits are not

Yes, H.R. 1645 is
all of these things . . . amnesties and more.  But it`s
also a “misdirection play”.

My advice: keep
your eye on the ball . . . and the ball is called the
Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America
(SPP) plan.

The true horror of
H.R. 1645 is that it is the most explicit expression yet
of the globalist elite`s ambition to destroy United
States sovereignty in favor of a European Union-style
subcontinental government, including, of course,

marriage with Mexico

(Think that`s
impossible? That`s what citizens of the

historic nations
of Europe thought too. But look



The greasy
globalist fingerprints of the sovereignty saboteurs are
all over H.R. 1645. 

For starters,
they`re moving the border.  H.R. 1645 begins with
“Title I—Border Enforcement”
and “Subtitle
C—Southern Border Security”

But upon closer
examination, they`re referring to Mexico`s
southern border!  The bill`s Section 121 for
“Improving the Security of Mexico`s Southern Border”

betrays the true agenda:

“The Secretary of
State, in coordination with the Secretary

[of Homeland
Security], shall work to cooperate with the head of

Foreign Affairs Canada
and the appropriate officials
of the Government of Mexico to establish a program—(1)
to assess the specific needs of the countries of Central
America in maintaining the security of the international
borders of such countries . . .
(4) to encourage the
countries of Central America— (A) to control

alien smuggling and trafficking
; (B) to prevent the

use and manufacture

fraudulent travel documents
; and (C) to share
relevant information with Mexico, Canada, and the United

So now the concern

Central America?

Why aren`t we
trying to “encourage” Mexico—which happens to be
our immediate neighbor—”to
control alien smuggling and trafficking…to prevent the
use and manufacture of fraudulent travel documents?”

Well, with the SPP
(including Mexico) already in play—remember that the
second P means “partnership”—globalist elitists
don`t intend to worry about what happens on the
southwestern U.S. border any more. Witness the
south-bound border shift to Central America.

Another step to the
forced merger of Mexico, Canada and the United States is
the frightening language in H.R. 1645 about studying and
“reporting” back to Congress on common identity
document standards, common immigration documents, and a
common security perimeter among the countries.

The bill`s “Subtitle
B–Border Security Plans, Strategies, and Reports”
provides in
Section 133 for Reports on improving
the exchange of information on North American Security.”

Section 113(a) authorizes yearly reports to Congress in
perpetuity where

Secretary of State, in coordination with the Secretary
and the heads of other appropriate Federal agencies,
shall submit to Congress a report on improving the
exchange of information related to the security of North

Apparently, the decisions apparently already been made
to go ahead with common “security clearances and
document integrity”
. The bill merely asks for a
report on

“[t]he progress made toward the development of common enrollment, security, technical, and biometric standards for
the issuance, authentication, validation, and repudiation of secure documents, including—(A) technical and
biometric standards based on best practices and consistent with international standards for the issuance,
authentication, validation,
and repudiation of travel documents, including—(i) passports; (ii) visas;
and (iii) permanent resident cards.”

Can a

common North American
passport be far behind?

Even more radical,
H.R. 1645 also intends a common immigration policy for
the United States, Canada and Mexico.  Thus the common
security perimeter envisioned by the SPP plan contains
frighteningly vague language in Section 113(b)(3)(E)

“developing and
implementing an immigration security strategy for North
America that works toward the development of a

common security perimeter
by enhancing technical
assistance for programs and systems to support advance
automated reporting and risk targeting of international

(What exactly will
be the “immigration security strategy for North
  And will this new regional immigration
policy have anything whatsoever to do with the interests
of the United States?)

The bill also
establishes a goal in Section 113(b)(1)(B) of “working
with Canada and Mexico to encourage foreign governments
to enact laws to combat alien smuggling and trafficking,
and laws to forbid the use and manufacture of fraudulent
travel documents and to promote information sharing.”

And the bill`s
Section 113(b)(3)(C) provides for “exploring methods
for Canada, Mexico, and the United States to waive visa
requirements for nationals and citizens of the same
foreign countries
[My emphasis]

Under this
scenario, the three SPP countries could designate more
“amigo” countries out of the currently
countries in the hemisphere and waive visa
entry requirements when their nationals cross into
the SPP “security perimeter”.  For instance, if
the SPP partners someday want to come up with a plan to
waive visa requirements for


citizens . . . presto, more instant Central
American tourists or uninvited guest workers throughout
the U.S.A.!

I`ve been writing
about the SPP since October, 2005. 

As I recently

pointed out
using a

from Peter Brimelow in

American Conservative

"You can see how

enforcing American law at the border
must seem
like a boring irrelevance if you`ve decided that the


labor forces will shortly be

anyway.  . . .  It`s as good an explanation
as any for Bush`s

extraordinary systematic refusal

uphold immigration law

[Battle for the
, by Peter Brimelow, The American
, December 4, 2006.]

The elitist vision
of regional North American government through the SPP
explains it all.  Yes, Virginia Dare, there is a very
real agenda for regional government out there…which
explains the relentless push for illegal alien amnesty
by otherwise apparently rational folk.

What I really would
like to know is: how does this SPP-style implementation
language gets into these immigration bills anyhow? And
who really is pulling the strings of the Congressional
puppets here?

Once you`re aware
that the

Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America

plan exists, and that it continues to move forward
without the consent of the American people (that`s the
people of America the beautiful, not North America, mind
you)…nothing really matters except stopping the SPP in
its tracks.

The last time I checked,
there is no reference to the “immigration security
strategy for North America
” in the good old United

Immigration and Nationality Act

Let`s keep it that way by
seeing H.R. 1645 for what it really is…a dagger pointed
at the heart of

American sovereignty
. The people who propose it are

. They must be stopped.  Period.

Juan Mann [email
him] is an attorney and the proprietor of
He writes a weekly column for
contributes to Michelle Malkin`s

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