California Ruling Points Toward The New America

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Well, so much for what passes for
"democracy" in the merry old New World Order.

With a flick of their Bics,

three federal judges
succeeded in smothering
in the euphemism favored by the

) the most recent breath of grassroots
political wind that was blowing the

recall movement
in California and the campaigns of
135 candidates for the


Of course it was not the first time
the courts have strangled populist resistance, and
unless they are brought under control, it will not be
the last.

Not long after the victory of
California`s 1994 Proposition 187, which sought to
terminate most public services for illegal aliens, the

same federal court
struck down the popularly passed
ballot measure as "unconstitutional." A couple of
years before, a court struck down the popular effort by
the people of Colorado to amend their own constitution
with language that

forbade granting homosexuals any special rights

I omit, for the sake of brevity,
the encyclopedia of court decisions, from

Brown v. Board of Education
in 1954 through any
number of rulings on

school prayer,


, etc., down to the Supreme Court`s
brainless decisions on

affirmative action

state laws against sodomy
last summer.

The point is clear enough: Whatever
beliefs and values the actual people of the United
States want their local and state communities to uphold
and enforce, whether

immigration control,


sexual morals
, or

race relations
, the federal judiciary will decide
whether they are proper or not.

Whenever voters wish to challenge
the way they are being ruled, either by changing laws or
recalling elected officials, the judiciary will make
certain those wishes are thwarted.

The California decision last week
was merely the latest installment of the same message
the courts have been transmitting to Americans for
generations: Shut up, sit down, and do what you`re told.

Unlike most critics of the courts,
I do not blame the courts themselves or the judges who
run them. I blame the American political class in
general and the voters who keep it in office and the
judges in power.

Any healthy people would long ago

or actually

the judges who hand down these ridiculous,
self-interested and outright dangerous rulings or would
simply have ignored them, in the same way we ignore
harmless cranks who babble about the

Lost Continent of Mu
or the truth about the
assassination of Princess Diana.

But Americans` long tolerance of
these stupid, unwanted and harmful court rulings means
that judges have no reason whatsoever to stop or correct
themselves. The unwillingness of Californians to resist
or ignore a ruling that openly thwarts the will of the
900,000 voters who signed the

recall petition
and pitches into the garbage the $60
million or more being spent on the election means there
is probably nothing the courts cannot do and get away

Of course the rulings are not
merely the random fantasies that roam the fevered brains
of the judges and clerks who concoct them. They serve a
purpose, which is to

the historic American civilization and the
people who created it, to lock into power those who wish
to advance that destruction and to help build the
foundations of the

New America
that twitters in their mind`s eye like a
bat at twilight.

In that New America, the people who
count will not be the historic population of the nation,
but the "minorities" already

well on the way
to becoming the "majority."
The court`s decision last week was careful to base
itself on concern for their interests.

The suit against the recall was
launched by the

, along with the

and the

Southwest Voters Registration Education Project,
Hispanic lobby, and their main argument, which the court
endorsed, was that the voting procedures would in effect
discriminate against and "disenfranchise"
non-white voters.

But why can`t "voters of color,"
as the court`s language called those who brought the

cast their ballots
like everyone else? Why should
electoral laws and procedures be struck down and
engineered to suit their preferences and interests? Why
are the millions of voters preparing to vote in the
scheduled election not being "disenfranchised" by
the court`s decision? [Read
the decision


The answer, of course, is that the
country now belongs to or is about to

fall into the possession
of those "minorities"
and the judges, politicians and others in the American
ruling class willing and eager to serve them.

Hence, not only the old culture
itself and its symbols but also the laws, the
institutions, the power must be "adapted" to the
new, emerging order.

Americans who remain loyal to the
old America tend to think they still live within it.

The first step toward taking it
back is for them to understand that that America is no
longer at the same address.



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