As “Fairness Doctrine” Looms, Americans Must Fight For First Amendment Rights

The countdown to

VDARE.COM`s Fifth Annual Worst Immigration Reporting Award

is underway. It comes at a time when a new attack on “Hate
Speech”—a.k.a. free speech, the honest discussion of what I`ve
called “hate facts”

Within the next thirty days we`ll announce who
during 2008, among the dozens of candidates, has consistently
written the least professional immigration stories on
America`s most important topic.

Because we have so many
to choose from,
will not bestow its award more than once to any journalist.

And that must disappoint Newsday`s
Bart Jones, [e-mail him]
the 2006

with his equally unprincipled colleague
Mae Cheng. [e-mail

Based on Jones` coverage of the
of illegal alien Ecuadorian Marcelo Lucero, he could
easily qualify were he not an earlier honoree.

If I didn`t know better, I`d bet that
Jones` stories, as well as the entire Newsday treatment
of the Lucero incident highlighted by its character
assassination of Suffolk County executive
Steve Levy,
could have been written and edited by
Raza`s Janet Murguia.

I hate to disappoint Jones. So let`s take a
moment to have a little fun at Jones` expense by picking apart
his cornerstone sob story. [Lucero`s
Family Hosts Mass at Home He Helped Build
, Bart Jones,
Newsday, November 17, 2008]

Jones, who filed from Ecuador, loves
angle, mentioning it five times in his 800-word story
intending to build sympathy for more illegal immigration.
(Aside: Newsday still hasn`t recovered from its

circulation scandal
of two years ago. Advertising revenues
remain soft. Company

layoffs and buyouts
have been ongoing since 2004. Yet, it
foots the bill to send a reporter to Ecuador?)

To re-emphasize his point that the Lucero
family is religious, Jones also included two references to the
deceased`s wake. Religion is one of many common denominators in
MainStream Media illegal immigration stories. The objective is
to hammer home the message: illegals good; Americans bad!

In addition to the curious coincidence that
such a high percentage of immigration stories involve deeply
religious illegal aliens, there`s another statistical oddity:
the high incidents of critical illnesses among the protagonists.

In the case of the Luceros, Marcelo`s
father died of a heart attack and his mother survived a
cancer scare.

I know that being cynical about their faith
and skeptical about their health makes me appear insensitive,
especially to readers less hardened than myself.

The reality is, however, that over the last
fifteen years, it has been one of my jobs to read mainstream
media immigration stories—first for
Californians for Population
, then for
and now for

Having now read several thousand
, I`ve developed a tough stomach. And after a few
years, I`ve been struck by the amazing quirk that such a large
number of aliens are so religious and so sickly.

Somewhere out there must live an illegal alien
who`s a heathen. And with all the
free health
they receive, somebody should be in good physical

Back to our “Worst Annual Immigration
award. Jones` story caught my eye because since
2003 when we
first introduced
our contest, the stakes have gotten

Five years ago, we had a two-fold

We did well on the first part of our
mission. Every single patriotic immigration reform proponent
knows exactly how dismally the media presents our issue.

Of course, on our second goal, the odds
against us were too long to achieve total success.

Still, we
soldier on.

But today, instead of a didactic crusade,
a defensive battle to preserve our

First Amendment

Brenda Walker
last week
about the
New York
and its ratcheting up efforts to squash any
immigration points of view it doesn`t cotton to.

The Newsday/Jones/ Lucero case is an
excellent example of what we`re up against.

In a follow-up story to Jones` piece,
reporter Juliann Vachon stacked the deck against
Levy [Civil
Rights Leaders Denounce Levy, Media After Slaying
Juliann Vachon, Newsday, November 25, 2008]

To save you time and trouble, I`ll fill you
in on the details:

Murguia charged that Levy has taken:

"…A notably hard line against immigrants in
his county, and has been lauded by cable hosts like

Lou Dobbs
as a folk hero. Suffolk County is a particularly good example of
elected officials stoking the fires of anti-immigrant sentiment.

She added that:

“For two years
we have urged politicians and members of the media to show some
restraint in echoing the damaging rhetoric that demonizes our

Lucero`s murder, Murguia said, is the latest
“wake up call.”

Representatives from other
rights groups
—as they refer to themselves— joined
Murguia in her attack on Levy: the Asian-American Justice
Center, the
Anti-Defamation League
, the

National Urban League
, the

, the

Mexican American Legal Defense Fund
, Suffolk County Human
Rights Commission and the Educational Fund and the Leadership
Conference on Civil Rights.

In his defense, Levy made the perfectly
logical observation that:

“It is reprehensible that anyone would suggest
that the tens of millions of Americans who favor secure borders
are necessarily intolerant or bigoted. Since when is enforcing
the law seen as something negative and


But that`s exactly where the argument is. If
you speak out against immigration, even illegal immigration,
the civil rights groups come after you and the MSM backs them up
every inch of the way.

Think about
that—self-appointed civil rights groups opposed to free speech!

This isn`t a new trend, but
it`s a growing one.

So far, Americans still have

First Amendment

Murguia and others like her have done a good
job at

chipping away
at them. The
her while it marginalizes Levy (and ignores
defending our country`s laws.

Today, no American can speak frankly about

, or
in the US and
keep his
demands that every characteristic of any of
the ethnic
must be accepted uncritically or not mentioned at

If we aren`t

, and with the
looming, the U.S. might end with soft
totalitarianism, up like our neighbor to the north,

, or the once-proud
and France.

It can happen here. Heaven help us—and
America—if it does.

is a California native
who recently fled the state because of over-immigration,
over-population and a rapidly deteriorating quality of life. He
has moved to Pittsburgh, PA where the air is clean and the
growth rate stable.
long-time instructor in English at the Lodi Adult School,
Guzzardi has been writing a weekly column since 1988. It
currently appears in the

Lodi News-Sentinel.