Anti-White Bias and Bigotry in Academia

A decade ago, activist

Ron Unz
conducted a study of the

ethnic and religious composition
of the
body at Harvard.

Blacks and Hispanics, Unz found,

then being admitted to his
alma mater

in numbers approaching their share of the population.

And who were the most
underrepresented Americans at Harvard?

White Christians and ethnic
Catholics. Though two-thirds of the U.S. population
then, they had dropped to one-fourth of the student
body. [Some Minorities Are More Minor than Others, Ron K. Unz,
Wall Street
, November 16, 1998]

Comes now a more scientific study
from Princeton sociologists Thomas Espenshade and
Alexandria Radford to confirm that a deep bias against
the white conservative and Christian young of America is
pervasive at America`s elite colleges and Ivy League

The Espenshade-Radford study
"draws from … the National Study of College Experience … gathered
from eight highly competitive private colleges and
universities (entering freshman SAT scores: 1360),"

Princeton Professor

Russell K. Nieli
, who has summarized the findings:

Elite college admissions officers
may prattle about
"diversity," but what they mean is the African-American contingent
on campus should be 5 percent to 7 percent, with
Hispanics about as numerous.

"an estimated
40-50 of those categorized as black are


African immigrants
, or

children of such
who never suffered segregation or Jim Crow.

To achieve even these percentages,
however, the discrimination against white and Asian
applicants, because of the color of their skin and where
their ancestors came from, is astonishing.

As Nieli puts it,
"Being Hispanic
conferred an admissions boost over being white …
equivalent to 130 SAT points (out of 1,600), while being
black rather than white conferred a 310-point SAT
advantage. Asians, however, suffered an admissions
penalty compared to whites equivalent to 140 SAT

"To have the same
chance of gaining admission as a black student with a
SAT score of 1100, a Hispanic student otherwise equally
matched in background characteristics would have to have
1230, a white student a 1410, and an Asian student a

Was this what the civil rights
revolution was all about—requiring kids whose parents
came from Korea, Japan or Vietnam to get a perfect SAT
score of 1600 to be given equal consideration with a


kid who got an 1150? Is this what it means to
be an Ivy League progressive?

What are the historic and moral
arguments for discriminating in favor of kids from
Angola and

over kids whose parents came from



There is yet another form of
bigotry prevalent among our academic elite that is a
throwback to the

snobbery of the WASPs
of yesterday. While Ivy League
recruiters prefer working-class to middle-class black
kids with the same test scores, the reverse is true with
white kids.

White kids from poor families who
score as well as white kids from wealthy families—think

George W. Bush
—not only get no break, they seem to
be the most undesirable and unwanted of all students.

Though elite schools give points to
applicants for extracurricular activities, especially
for leadership roles and honors, writes Nieli, if you
played a lead role in

Future Farmers of America, the 4-H Clubs

junior ROTC
, leave it off your resume or you may
just be blackballed.
"Excelling in these activities is `associated with 60 or 65 percent
lower odds on admissions.`"

Writes Nieli, there seems an
unwritten admissions rule at America`s elite schools:

"Poor Whites Need
Not Apply."

For admissions officers at our top
private and public schools, diversity is
"a code word"
for particular prejudices.

For these schools are not
interested in a diversity that would include
Christians from the Bible belt, students from


and other

rural and
small-town areas
people who have served in the U.S. military, those who
have grown up on farms or ranches,

, Pentecostals, Jehovah`s Witnesses, lower- and middle-class Catholics,
working class

`white ethnics
,` social and political conservatives, wheelchair users, married
students, married students with children or older
students just starting into college and raising

"Students in
these categories,"
writes Nieli,
"are often very
rare at the most competitive colleges, especially the
Ivy League."

whites prove to be all-around losers"
at the elite
schools. They are rarely accepted. Lower-class Hispanics
and blacks are eight to 10 times more likely to get in
with the same scores.

That such bigotry is pervasive in
2010 at institutions that preen about how progressive
they are is disgusting. That a GOP which purports to
represents Middle America, whose young are bearing the
brunt of this bigotry, has remained largely silent is

Many of these elite public and
private colleges and universities benefit from U.S. tax
dollars through student loans and direct grants. The
future flow of those tax dollars should be made
contingent on Harvard and Yale ending racial practices
that went out at

Little Rock Central High in 1957



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