Anthony Weiner—The Ick-arus of Capitol Hill

How long before
Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner conducts his next
meltdown press conference flanked by two

a la Charlie Sheen? Like the
delusional bad-boy actor, Weiner actually thinks his
self-destructive act is winning, too.

The tweetaholic
congressman spent the week dodging and deflecting
questions about what he called a
"randy" image that appeared in his official, verified Twitter
account last Friday. The Fruit of the Loom torso shot in
his social-networking stream was addressed to a
21-year-old Seattle college student. She`s an ardent fan
of the cable TV-hopping lawmaker and a member of the
fawning generation that unabashedly asks its political

"boxers or

Curiously, one
of Weiner`s non-deleted tweets made reference to the
Seattle time zone the same night the junk photo turned
up. Weiner wrinkled his nose at a question on Wednesday
about that inconvenient allusion, dismissing it as

"pure, pure
He refused to explain why he gave
Seattle of all places a Twitter shout-out. Weiner, if I
may helpfully point out, represents 
New York`s 
9th District, not Washington State`s.

flag!)—he protested, he had
"no idea." He then segued into relentless self-promotion of his
Twitter messages and started braying about the debt
limit and health care reform.

It worked on
cowed CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer. But did it work on his
wife? Would it work on yours?

Sending creepy
photos to another adult on Twitter is not a crime, of
course. But it is abjectly embarrassing for Democrats to
be caught with their double-standard pants
down—especially given how liberals hyperventilated over
former GOP New York

Rep. Christopher Lee`s shirtless Craigslist photo
As always, it`s the cover-up that`s worse than the
original transgression.

In Weiner`s
barrage of defiant yabber-jabber, the incident has
morphed from a "hacking" to a "prank" to
"spam" to a
"goofy thing."
And in the political circumlocution of the year, he
can`t say for sure if it`s his package in the pic (Maybe
it`s "Randy`s"?),
but he adamantly maintains he didn`t deliver it.

Just a few
months ago, this Ick-arus of Capitol Hill was the toast
of the Beltway at the White House Correspondents Dinner
in D.C.—cracking off-color jokes about his name, making
nasty cracks at his GOP congressional arch-nemesis Rep.
Michele Bachmann and boasting (again) about his cable-TV
combativeness. Echoing the many fan-girls he follows on
Twitter, the media elite gushed that Weiner
"killed it."

The party`s
over, but he`s still yukking it up while his political
credibility and public dignity are on the line.
Washington Times editor Emily Miller reports that Weiner
indulged in repeated, bizarre phallic jokes with Beltway
reporters on Wednesday afternoon, joking that he was
"a little bit
and that the story was
"the point of
al-Qaida`s sword."

He then turned
on his heels, sat down for the cameras and played the
role of chivalrous knight for his wife, extolling his
own virility in doing all he can to
"protect her."
But his disrespect of women (the obsession with Bachmann
is downright creepy) and his disastrously flippant
response to the controversy are—as with everything he`s
attempted this week—doing far more harm than good.

Like the
mythical jerk who ignored common sense and flew too
close to the sun, Weiner keeps flapping his lips while
the brouhaha`s heat melts the wax off his sullied wings.

He`s falling and
he can`t shut up.


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