Another War in the Works

anyone remember all the lies that they were told by
President Bush and the
"Main Stream
about the grave threat to America from
weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?  These lies
were repeated endlessly in the print and TV media
despite the reports from the weapons inspectors, who had
been sent to Iraq, that no such weapons existed.  

weapons inspectors did an honest job in Iraq and told
the truth, but the mainstream media did not emphasize
their findings.  Instead, the media served as a
Ministry of Propaganda, beating the war drums for the US

the whole process is repeating itself.  This time
the target is Iran. 

there is no real case against Iran, Obama took a script
from Bush`s playbook and fabricated one.

the facts: As a signatory to the non-proliferation
treaty, Iran`s nuclear facilities are open to inspection
by the International Atomic Energy Agency, which
carefully monitors Iran`s nuclear energy program to make
certain that no material is diverted to nuclear

IAEA has monitored Iran`s nuclear energy program and has
announced repeatedly that it has found no diversion of
nuclear material to a weapons program.  All 16 US
intelligence agencies have affirmed and reaffirmed that
Iran abandoned interest in nuclear weapons years ago.

keeping with the safeguard agreement that the IAEA be
informed before an enrichment facility comes online,
Iran informed the IAEA on September 21 that it had a new
nuclear facility under construction.  By informing
the IAEA, Iran fulfilled its obligations under the
safeguards agreement.  The IAEA will inspect the
facility and monitor the nuclear material produced to
make sure it is not diverted to a weapons program.  

Despite these unequivocal facts, Obama announced on
September 25 that Iran has been caught with a
"secret nuclear
with which to produce a bomb that would
threaten the world.  

Obama regime`s claim that Iran is not in compliance with
the safeguards agreement is disinformation. 
Between the end of 2004 and early 2007, Iran

voluntarily complied

with an additional protocol (Code 3.1) that was never
ratified and never became a legal part of the safeguards
agreement. The additional protocol would have required
Iran to notify the IAEA prior to beginning construction
of a new facility, whereas the safeguards agreement in
force requires notification prior to completion of a new
facility.  Iran ceased its voluntary compliance
with the unratified additional protocol in March 2007,
most likely because of the American and Israeli
misrepresentations of Iran`s existing facilities and
military threats against them.    

accusing Iran of having a secret
"nuclear weapons
and demanding that Iran
"come clean" about the nonexistent program, adding that he does not
rule out a military attack on Iran, Obama mimics the
discredited Bush regime`s use of nonexistent Iraqi
"weapons of mass
to set up Iraq for invasion. 

US media, even the
National Public Radio, quickly fell in with the Obama
lie machine. Steven Thomma of the McClatchy Newspapers


non-operational facility under construction, which Iran
reported to the IAEA, to be
"a secret nuclear facility."

Thomma, reported incorrectly  that the world didn`t
learn of Iran`s
facility, the one that Iran reported to the
IAEA the previous Monday, until Obama announced it in a
joint appearance in Pittsburgh the following Friday with
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and French President
Nicolas Sarkozy.  

Obviously, Thomma has no command over the facts, a
routine inadequacy of
reporters.  The new facility was
revealed when Iran voluntarily reported the facility to
the IAEA on September 21.

Akbar Dareini, an Associated Press writer, reported,

incorrectly, over AP

"The presence of a second uranium-enrichment site that could potentially
produce material for a nuclear weapon has provided one
of the strongest indications yet that Iran has something
to hide."

Dareini goes on to write that
"the existence of
the secret site was first revealed by Western
intelligence officials and diplomats on Friday."

Dareini is mistaken. We learned of the facility when the
IAEA announced that Iran had reported the facility the
previous Monday in keeping with the safeguards

Dareini`s untruthful report of
"a secret
underground uranium enrichment facility whose existence
has been hidden from international inspectors for years"

helped to heighten the orchestrated alarm.  

you have it.  The president of the United States
and his European puppets are doing what they do
best–lying through their teeth. The US
"mainstream media" repeats the lies as if they were facts. The US
"media" is
again making itself an accomplice to wars based on
fabrications.  Apparently, the media`s main
interest is to please the US government and hopefully
obtain a taxpayer bailout of its failing print

Mohamed ElBaradei, Director General of the International
Atomic Energy Agency,  a rare man of principle who
has not sold his integrity to the US and Israeli


his report (September 7, 2009) the baseless

"accusations that
information has been withheld from the Board of
Governors about Iran`s nuclear programme. I am dismayed
by the allegations of some Member states, which have
been fed to the media, that information has been
withheld from the Board.  These allegations are
politically motivated and totally baseless. Such
attempts to influence the work of the Secretariat and
undermine its independence and objectivity are in
violation of Article VII.F. of the IAEA Statute and
should cease forthwith."

there is no legal basis for action against Iran, the
Obama regime is creating another hoax, like the
"Iraqi weapons of mass destruction."
  The hoax
is that a facility, reported to the IAEA by Iran, is a
secret facility for making nuclear weapons.  

as the factual reports from the weapons inspectors in
Iraq were ignored by the Bush Regime, the factual
reports from the IAEA are ignored by the Obama Regime.

the Bush Regime, the Middle East policy of the Obama
Regime is based in lies and deception.

is the worst enemy of the American people, Iran or the
government in Washington and the media whores who serve

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