Another Military Illegal Alien Scandal

On Oct. 3, an
illegal alien truck driver from Canada was caught
hauling a shipment of

into northern Maine. They weren`t just any
Humvees. They were U.S. military Humvees scheduled for
delivery from the

Texas Army National Guard

to the Maine National Guard facility in

Well, why not?
If we`re going to

allow “undocumented” workers
into the

U.S. military
, we might as well let “unauthorized”
foreign truckers deliver our Army vehicles, ammunition,
and other vital equipment, too.

According to a
Department of Homeland Security intelligence report I
obtained, Raymond Levesque was driving northbound along
the I-95 near

Houlton, Maine
when he was stopped by U.S. Border
Patrol agents.

Thank heavens
they`re doing their jobs.

The agents
arrested Levesque for working illegally in the U.S.
Levesque said he has been operating as a truck driver in
the U.S. for 15 years. He was freed on his own
recognizance from the

Fort Fairfield Border Patrol
station in Maine
pending an immigration hearing. (Catch
and release
is still the order of the day.)

investigative agents keenly noted that,

“taken as an isolated incident, the
violation concerning Levesque could be of minor
interest, however a possible terrorism nexus here is
clear…There are at any given time several hundred
military vehicles on site and security is non-existent. 
The fact that undocumented foreign nationals are
illegally transporting this equipment throughout the
U.S. with access to the Limestone facility and other
military facilities also would seem to pose a threat.”

Alain Normand Transport
, the Quebec-based firm which
contracted out to Levesque, is not even bonded for U.S.
military shipments. Rachel Gagnon, a company dispatcher,
explained that she learned about the military load from
an American freight broker who put out a bid on the

“Nobody said
we couldn`t do this,”

Gagnon told me.

The U.S. Army`s

Military Traffic Management Command
(MTMC), which is
responsible for contracting out surface transportation
of military arms, ammunition, explosives, vehicles, and
other motorized equipment, refuses to comment on what
steps it takes to screen out frauds, felons, or
potential terrorists. 

“We work very
closely with commercial carriers, and all defense
transportation partners to ensure the safety and
security of all of our shipments,”

MTMC public affairs officer Corenthia
informed me last week. “To safeguard these
operational security measures I will not elaborate on
the details.”

One person who
did talk openly about lax security measures involving
the shipment of motorized U.S. military equipment is 
CWO3 Gary Cleaves, general manager of the Maine National
Guard maintenance center. The facility

refurbishes and ships
military Humvees and

M109 mobile howitzers
. Those howitzers, resembling
large tanks, are capable of delivering

nerve gas rounds and nuclear munitions

Cleaves told
investigators that no identification is required from
drivers dropping off shipments at the National Guard
site. The trucking company name and truck numbers on
government bills of lading often do not match the trucks
actually delivering loads. And no records are kept on
who actually delivers shipments.

This is not the
first time suspicious foreign nationals have been caught
around the Maine National Guard site. 

In June,
according to the Border Patrol,

a Humvee was stolen from the Limestone
While searching for the missing vehicle, agents
apprehended a Russian illegal alien nearby.  He had a
valid New York State commercial driver`s license
allowing him to haul hazardous materials and a pass that
granted him access to sea ports along the East
Coast—including high-level security bonded customs

Also this
summer, two other Russian nationals, dressed in military
battle dress uniforms, were stopped by Canadian
authorities as they attempted to enter the U.S. at an

crossing approximately 20 miles south of

The open-borders
crowd will shrug this off as another case of an innocent

“undocumented worker”
just doing a job that

“no one else will do.”
Why bother going after
Levesque? He was just trying to “put food on the

According to

House Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi,
shouldn`t have our immigration law enforcement officers
“terrorizing” and “terrifying” illegal
alien workers.

Yeah, that`s the
ticket. Lock up the

Border Patrol “terrorists,”
let the immigration
outlaws loose, and hand over our Army Humvees and
howitzers to whoever trucks across the border first.

security, here we come.

Michelle Malkin [email
her] is author of

Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists,
Criminals, and Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores

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