Another Migration Miscellany

Can`t Do Anything “Right”

Blogger Charles Murtaugh

on a

New Scientist
interview of Betsy Hartmann by
Fred Pearce (February 19, 2003) entitled

“The Greening of Hate,”
in which
environmentalists and immigration reformers are
described as right-wingers “attempting to penetrate
the mainstream environment movement.”

The New Scientist article

Virginia Abernethy
and the

Carrying Capacity Network
as the rightists in
question. The difference between them and mainstream
enviros is apparently that the real hard Greens hate

all humans equally,
whereas people like Abernethy
and former Sierra Club director John Tanton love their
own countrymen.


Tancredo vs. Media Again


Independence Institute`s
Dave Kopel has an

in his Rocky Mountain News media
criticism column reproving an

on Congressman Tom Tancredo in the same paper.
Kopel disagrees with Tancredo over

troops on the border,
but he points out that the
story suppressed Tancredo`s reasoning on the fence`s
technical feasibility.


“Most Immigrants Aren`t Terrorists.” So What?

In the March , 2003 issue of
Reason Magazine,
Cathy Young has a piece called

Guilty by Association |
Its subheading: Note
to conservatives: Most immigrants aren`t terrorists

Young seems to feel that the
economy will suffer if illegal immigration is stopped,
and that making illegal immigration legal will stop the
trade in

false documents
which terrorists take


But the point is that in the long
run, illegal immigration and illegal immigrants do

more harm

than terror.


Vin Sees the Light?

Vin Suprynowicz
is a

columnist for the Las Vegas
He recently had an experience with
illegal immigration advocates that has shown him what
the problem with illegal immigration is.


`I don`t know what an illegal alien is`
Jan 26,
2003, and

Attack of the killer euphemisms
Feb 2, 2003,
Suprynowicz writes about the forces trying to censor
newspapers that report on illegal immigration.

A Las Vegas Hispanic activist named
Fernando Romero demanded that
word terms
, such as `illegal
` … etc. not to be used in future articles."

Suprynowicz thought that illegal
means illegal.

Of course, once you see the light
on immigration, you start feeling the heat, as Ken Ward

at the same paper that Suprynowicz works

I wish him luck.


H-1B In The News

WKMG in Orlando has done an
interesting special on H1-b visas called “Where
did the jobs go
.”You can see a brief video clip by

clicking here.



Dan Stein was on the O`Reilly
February 18, talking about the Ford
Foundation`s funding MALDEF, and when I say talking, I
mean trying to get a word in edgewise, [transcript]
of course, as is always the case on the

O`Reilly Factor.

The title of the show was “Ford
Foundation Funding Groups Against Stricter Border
This is an old story to VDARE.COM readers,
who have read Joe Fallon`s three-part series in the
Social Contract,
[Funding Hate: Foundations and
the Radical Hispanic Lobby
But it`s one that needs exposure to a wider audience.


Polling Hispanics: Como Se Votando?

In the latest Columbia
Journalism Review
, Sergio Bendixen

that multilingual polling is a necessity. Of
course, he may feel that way because he makes his

by multilingual polling.

There are Latino voters, American
citizens, who

prefer Spanish
as their language of work, play, TV
viewing et cetera. But I don`t think it`s a trend that
should be given much encouragement – considering that
outside the Miami area, where Bendixen lives, the
Hispanic vote is

, and


Did you know, by the way, that you
can register to vote in Spanish – not just in

Denver, Colorado?
but in

Stamford, Connecticut?


Outrageous Charge Of Dual Loyalty?

Slate blogger Mickey Kaus
pointed this out (scroll down). I don`t know if his one
line comment is ironic:

Saturday, March 1, 2003

The Washington Post

again raises an

outrageous charge of dual loyalties

[Fighting `Their War` For Soldiers With Mexican
Roots, A Struggle of Pride vs. Heritage
, By Mary
Jordan, March 1, 2003]

“For many of those
[Mexican-American] troops, serving in the U.S. military is a
source of pride, but also of deep personal conflict.
They wrestle with the weight of culture and a tradition
in which Mexican nationalism has long been measured by
opposition to its powerful northern neighbor. Mexican
public opinion is overwhelmingly against a war with
Iraq. President Vicente Fox has said Mexico, which holds
a seat on the U.N. Security Council, will oppose
unilateral U.S. military action against Saddam Hussein.
In a country with a deep reluctance to get involved in
conflicts outside its borders, the antiwar sentiment is
raw and passionate.”

The Army`s Hispanic recruiting
strategy will make this dual loyalty

worse, not better. No doubt many
Mexican-Americans are extremely patriotic, and that`s
fine. But, south of the border,

El Presidente
Fox will certainly make
himself heard if Mexican-Americans are killed fighting
for the United States.

Which, according to the
Washington Post,
this may be starting already.

news widely reported in Mexico, Spc. Rodrigo Gonzalez
Garza, 26, a U.S. soldier born in the Mexican state of
Coahuila, was killed Tuesday with three other soldiers
when their

Black Hawk helicopter crashed in Kuwait.

Thanks, Ilana!

Ilana Mercer
has just (March 5) published a

arguing that the real immigration problem is
legal, not illegal, immigration. We think it`s brave and
powerful, although it`s very nice about

Peter Brimelow

Paul Craig Roberts

Steve Sailer


Diane Alden in

Diane Alden
has a five part series running on
immigration in, in which she gives a lot of
credit to VDARE.COM for our research, et cetera. It`s
worth looking at. Only four parts have been published so
far, the next one`s on Immigration And The Poor.
I`ve added some links below, because doesn`t
have the massive linking that we put in all VDARE.Com

Part I:

Dumping the Third World on the West


ancient history

Anthony Browne

Part II:

H-1B: Bombing the Middle Class



Part III

States of Disunion


Peter Brimelow


Part IV:

America for Sale: Visa Roulette


Jeff Elkins