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The Saga Of
American Renaissance`s 2010 Conference:
In Action,
Alexander Hart;

2010 AR Conference held Against All Odds
, by Jared Taylor]


whites have a racial identity?

Are they allowed to be glad they are white or to think
about what is good for them as a group?

Shelby Steele,
a black
scholar at the

Institution at Stanford University

“no”; he says
“hell no”.

“[B]eyond an identity that



white supremacy,

absolutely no white identity is permissible. In fact, if
there is a white racial identity today it would have to
be white guilt—a shared, even unifying, lack of racial
moral authority.”

[White Guilt: How Black and Whites Together Destroyed the Promise of the Civil Right Era,
Shelby Steele]

Steele continues:
“Black children today are


with the idea of racial identity and pride, yet

racial pride in whites

constitutes a grave evil. Say `I`m white and I`m proud`
and you are a


Steele means all whites everywhere:
Today`s whites, the world over,

cannot openly have a racial identity
.” [Yo,
Howard! Why did Dean have to embrace the Confederate
flag?, November 13, 2003]


it? If any whites
anywhere permit themselves the vagrant thought that it
might be nice to

remain a majority
in North
America or Europe, or if it dawns on them that to

is to
celebrate their dispossession, they are

Well, I
guess I`m “evil”
by Dr. Steele`s standards. And, dear reader, you
probably are, too.

all a

white person needs to do is attend a Tea Party,

and the

NAACP will call him

Even voting Republican can be a form of moral leprosy.



Tim Wise,
] who hectors whites
about their sins

at $6,000 a day
, recently

unbosomed his joy
at the
thought of the deaths of millions of us. He wrote that
any white who was

happy about the 2010 election results

or who voted Republican was a
hijo de Puta
[son of a whore] and should go to hell.

But first
they should die:

“We just have to be patient. And wait for your
hearts to stop beating. And stop they will. And for some
of you, real damned soon, truth be told. Do you hear it?
The sound of your empire dying? Your nation, as you knew
it, ending, permanently? Because I do, and the sound of
its demise is beautiful.” [
Open Letter to the White Right, On the Occasion of Your
Recent, Successful Temper Tantrum
, Tim Wise, Daily Kos, November
3, 2010

Mr. Wise
repented of his candor and

removed that passage from his website
But it`s edifying to know where we stand.


Southern Poverty Law Center

is constantly on the sniff for
“hate”, so I
thought I would call Mr. Wise to its attention. My good
friend at the center,

Heidi Beirich,
] is a

world-class hate sniffer.

She assured me that Mr. Wise`s calling me and millions
of whites sons of whores, telling us to go to hell, and
thrilling at the thought of our deaths

not qualify as
I`m greatly

I`m also
perplexed, though, because

Dr. Beirich
thinks my
American Renaissance
peddles “hate”—and

VDARE.COM does, too.

In fact,
anyone who wants whites and their culture to survive,
and who thinks they are not interchangeable with any
other people or cultures is apparently a hater. Anyone
who likes being white or—heaven help us—hopes his

will be
white is too awful for words.

Steele, Dr. Beirich, and Mr. Wise will no doubt be
outraged to know that we
“haters” get together from time to time to discuss such shocking
American Renaissance
is holding its next conference
over the weekend of Feb. 4- 6 in

Charlotte, North Carolina
and I invite all VDARE.COM readers to attend. If you are
a dissenter from

racial orthodoxy
you will
have a marvelous time.

details are

We will have some great speakers.

will be a mystery guest from Europe, who represents the
very best of nationalist political movements. He (or
she) is a prominent figure in just the kind of party we
must have in this country if we are not to go extinct,
as Mr. Wise so ardently wishes. This speaker seldom
comes to the United States, and the

American Renaissance conference

will be a rare and inspiring chance to hear about what
works across the Atlantic.

speaker from South Africa,

Dan Roodt
, is an

leader whose

face a far sharper
crisis than our own. He will offer a riveting analysis
of the psychology of capitulation, and how to avoid it.

Jonathan Bowden,
known in the United States, has a tremendous following
in British nationalist circles. I do not believe I have
ever heard so powerful and mesmerizing a speaker
anywhere. He will share a

British nationalist`s

perspective on America.

Thomas is one of the few people who really understand
how the American

works. Like so many things the government does, the
deeper you probe the worse the rot. His report will
shock you.

Kennedy, an expert on

free speech law,
will talk
about where thinking of the Shelby Steele kind
ultimately leads: censorship. After all, if

with a sense of their

group interests
are a
“grave evil”, it is only a matter of prudence to curtail their
rights of speech and

. Mr. Kennedy will
explain the ways the First Amendment could be neutered.

speakers include

who will offer
“A Comanche View
of White America”
, and Prof.

Raymond Wolters
of the
University of Delaware, who will describe the desperate
folly to which the

racial gap in school achievement

has driven our

As usual,
there will be remarks by your servant and the

Sam Dickson,
and we will
have yet another mystery guest, an American academic
who, in his retirement, is finally free to speak his

I would

that in
this sweet land of liberty
there are so many people of the Steele-Wise-Beirich
persuasion that we have to be coy about the exact
location of the conference. We know that if we give the

lovers of tolerance and diversity

enough time to organize, they will put

on the venue to
cancel their contract with us. Our venue is fully
briefed and believes in freedom of speech. But just to
be on the safe side, we are releasing the final location
just a few days before the conference begins.

In the
meantime please make your plans to drive or fly to
Charlotte. Roundtrip tickets are cheaper than you think:
If you book now, they are under $200 from New York and
under $300 from Los Angeles or Dallas.

And when
you come, be on the sniff for
hate, will
you, and let me know if you find any.

For details of American
Renaissance`s ninth conference, Feb. 4-6 2011, click


Taylor (
him) is editor of

American Renaissance
and the author of Paved
With Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in
Contemporary America

Peter Brimelow`s review, click