An American Mother Blows The Whistle On A Criminal Alien—And The EOIR

The Treason Lobby and its
handmaidens in the media are quick to provide all the
details when the federal immigration bureaucracy of the
Justice Department`s Executive Office for Immigration
Review actually deports – perish the thought – an
illegal alien or criminal alien resident.

Any hint of federal bureaucrats not
loving aliens enough gets fast-track media attention
immediately. An example: the recent cheerleading
supporting federal appeals court judges in
their criticism of the EOIR`s immigration judges and
appellate body – the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA).
Criticize Immigration Courts
David B. Caruso,
Associated Press Jan. 27, 2004]

But what happens when the EOIR
litigation bureaucracy gives away the immigration store

again and again
to illegal aliens and criminal

green card

Answer: silence.

As I`ve been

since 2001, the dirty little secret of
federal immigration policy is that U.S. immigration laws
and the entire federal deportation system is rigged for
perpetual litigation.  And the litigation is

not over
until the alien wins.

But worst of all, when the alien
wins, no one talks.  If an alien loses a case, or feels
unloved, a media firestorm erupts.

When EOIR immigration


or the federal courts hand out legal
status to an illegal aliens, allow convicted violent
criminals to keep their

status or release them from
detention, the aliens and their attorneys are happy. 
And, since they have nothing to complain about, no one
will know what travesty of justice may have happened
behind the EOIR`s closed doors.

Through it all, government officers are

from talking to the press as a matter of
policy. The EOIR`s cadre of immigration judges and BIA
members aren`t talking either – perhaps out of
well-justified shame.
(INS, now DHS, has a

bad record on

.) The EOIR`s cadre of immigration
judges and BIA members aren`t talking either – perhaps
out of well-justified shame.

So it`s high time that someone
starts talking – someone like Loretta Schloerb.

is a private citizen speaking out for deporting criminal
aliens – or at the very least, deporting one despicable
criminal alien in particular.  [E-mail her your
encouragement at:

Loretta`s daughter was molested
over many years by an uncle through marriage, who is a
permanent resident alien.  He was convicted in 1995 in
state criminal court for endangering the welfare of a
child through sexual conduct. But he walked right out
onto the streets again—without ever being put in federal
deportation proceedings.

Eight years later, in April, 2003,
officers from the

Customs and Border Protection
happened to discover
this convicted criminal alien`s record during a routine
airport inspection when he was re-entering the
country.   It was only then that the wheels of the EOIR
litigation bureaucracy began to turn.

After months and several
Immigration Court hearings later, Loretta and her
daughter eventually testified as witnesses for

Secretario Ridge`s
Department of Homeland Security
(DHS) against the alien.  The EOIR hearings were to
determine whether the molester was removable under the
immigration laws, and to decide whether he should be
allowed to keep his green card and remain in the
country, in spite of his crimes.

Despite the testimony of Loretta
and her daughter, the immigration judge hearing the case
decided on December 5, 2003, to allow the molester of
Loretta`s daughter to keep his green card

But because of Loretta`s
involvement in the case, the DHS has appealed the
immigration judge`s decision to the EOIR`s appellate
body, the BIA.

But that`s not all.  Loretta is
going public about the EOIR.

Loretta filed a complaint with the
EOIR`s Chief Immigration Judge

Michael J. Creppy
relating what she and her daughter
were subjected to in the EOIR Immigration Court.

If he ignores her complaint,
Loretta will plead her case to Attorney General John
Ashcroft – Creppy`s boss in the Department of Justice. 

As Loretta explained in her

“I have
no words to describe how badly
[the immigration
judge] treated us during these proceedings.

actually expected
[the immigration judge] to
decide in favor of the child molester after witnessing
[the immigration judge] in action from the first
day in his courtroom.

comments and actions were most unprofessional,
disturbing and offensive to each one of us during the
hearing.  Each day we walked away from the courtroom
questioning what had just occurred,
[asking] how
could we be treated like this?

understood that the decision would be based on the law,
the testimony of the victims and character witnesses.  
I can`t for the life of me see how this convicted child
molester should be allowed to stay in this country—but
it seems the system has failed another victim.

handing down his decision during a ninety-minute
[the immigration judge] suggested that
the reason we never liked
[the molester] was that
he was from a “different culture”—so now besides him
suggesting we lied about the abuse, we were
re-victimized and called prejudiced as well!!!”

this point we feel that as many people we can make aware
[the immigration judge`s] actions and
behavior can only benefit our desire to have him either
sanctioned or removed from the bench.

his testimony the respondent
[alien] admitted he
lied during the criminal trial about the number of times
he assaulted my daughter and that he lied initially to
[the immigration judge] about the number as
well.  He admitted to three incidents when indeed there
[many].   Again, [the immigration judge]
would not allow my daughter to testify about any other
incidents other than these three.

my daughter was on the stand for ninety minutes,

[the judge] continually confronted her as to her
reasons for her drug and alcohol abuse.  The judge
asked: couldn`t it have been because her parents split
up, instead of
[because she was] sexually abused
for years by an uncle?  Maybe the molester was really
her father? – The drugs could have clouded her memories
of the abuse?…

my two hours on the stand, he and the defense attorney
continually questioned me as to why my daughter waited
so long to disclose—again he had no concept of a
victim`s pain.

are confident the appeals court will overrule this
decision based on the testimony and

character of the respondent.”

Because of Loretta`s perseverance,
though the alien won a round, the case is not over. 

It`s not over because Loretta is
taking a stand.

Immigration enthusiasts like the
Cato Institute`s

Dan Griswold
sometimes claim that they are so
in favor of deporting criminals.

The case of Loretta Schloerb and
her daughter shows that the system just doesn`t work
like that.

EOIR immigration judges can minimize the seriousness
of criminal convictions if they want to.  They can put
ridiculous theories about “culture” above actual
testimony and evidence.

Americans have no idea how bad this situation is at the
EOIR.  They will only find out if others who know follow
Loretta`s example and start talking ­- and if the
Establishment media follows VDARE.COM`s example and
starts reporting it.

Juan Mann [send him
] is a lawyer and the proprietor of