America`s Insane Asylum For Terrorists

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Do you know how the alleged

"shopping-mall" bomber
entered our country? He

cross the border illegally.
He didn`t

sneak in on a ship
. He came through the front door
at America`s invitation.

Nuradin M. Abdi, who was

last week for plotting with al Qaeda to
blow up an Ohio shopping mall, flew here from Somalia
and received bogus

status in 1999, according to authorities.
Prosecutors allege that Abdi then fraudulently obtained

refugee travel document,
which he used to fly to
Ethiopia for jihad training. After returning, Abdi
blended back into

American landscape
along with tens of thousands of
other refugees from a country known to be a breeding
ground for Islamic terrorists. Columbus, Abdi`s home
base, is home to more than 30,000 Somalis—the

Somali community
in the U.S., after


The Somali-al Qaeda
connection is

d. Intelligence reports indicate that
Osama bin Laden sent extremists to Somalia in the early
1990s to train and organize the Somali Islamic radical
group al-Ittihad al-Islamiya. Bin Laden claimed
responsibility for the deaths of 18

American soldiers
in Mogadishu. In addition, a

Saudi Arabian-based
Muslim charity with alleged ties
to al Qaeda has been funding refugee camps in Somali
border towns. The feds have frozen the Al-Haramain
Foundation`s assets based on terrorism grounds, but the
flow of refugees from the overseas camps subsidized by
the group has not been stanched.

Not every Somalian refugee
or asylum seeker is a terrorist, of course. But the
system for screening out the well-meaning from the
menaces is completely overwhelmed. Claims of

"credible fear of persecution"
are almost
impossible to document, but are rarely rejected. Federal
homeland security officials are unable to detain asylum
seekers for background checks without the civil
liberties brigade screaming

"racial profiling."
And there is still a woeful
shortage of detention space—just 2,000 beds nationwide—
to hold those with suspect claims.

As a result, thousands of
refugees and asylum seekers who have made flimsy claims
of persecution are let loose. As the Department of
Justice`s Inspector General reported, 97 percent of all
asylum-seekers from any country who

were released
from immigration custody were never
found again and deported.

Abdi`s case cannot be
viewed in isolation. At least three other high-profile
Islamic militants that we know of exploited the asylum
system over the past decade:

Ramzi Yousef
landed at New York City`s JFK airport
from Pakistan and flashed an Iraqi passport without a
visa to inspectors. He was briefly detained for illegal
entry and fingerprinted, but was allowed to remain in
the country after invoking the magic words "political
asylum." The then-INS released him because it didn`t
have enough space in its detention facility. Yousef
headed to Jersey City to plot the 1993 World Trade
Center bombing.

Gazi Ibrahim Abu Mezer, a

, entered the U.S. illegally through
Canada in 1996 and 1997. He claimed political asylum
based on alleged persecution by Israelis, was released
on a reduced $5,000 bond posted by a man who was himself
an illegal alien, and then skipped his asylum hearing
after calling his attorney and lying about his
whereabouts. In June 1997, after his lawyer withdrew
Mezer`s asylum claim, a federal immigration judge
ordered Mezer to leave the country on a

"voluntary departure order."
Mezer ignored the
useless piece of paper. He joined a New York City
bombing plot before being arrested in July 1997 after a
roommate tipped off local police.

Mir Aimal Kansi,
convicted in 1997 of capital murder
and nine other charges stemming from his January 1993
shooting spree outside the CIA headquarters in McLean,
Virginia, also exploited our insane asylum laxity.
Despite his history as a known Pakistani militant who
had participated in anti-American demonstrations abroad,
Kansi received a business visa in 1991. After arrival,
he claimed political asylum based on his ethnic minority
status in Pakistan. While his asylum application was
pending, he obtained a driver`s license and an AK-47,
murdered two CIA agents, and wounded seven others.

The feds deserve credit for
tracking down asylum abusers suspected of terrorism. But
homeland security would be easier to achieve if they did
a better job of keeping murderous frauds out in the
first place.

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