American Renaissance`s 2008 Conference: Thank You, Loonies!

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Alexander Hart
coverage of the 2006 MSM coverage

American Renaissance:

Fashionable Clothes, And Unfashionable Ideas

Every two years since 1994, the magazine I edit,

American Renaissance
, has held a conference.
Every two years, assorted loonies

do us the favor of trying to shut it down.
Which is
to say that every two years, they both ensure splendid
press coverage and reveal the true goal of the
tolerance-and-diversity crowd: utter intolerance of

diverse views.

American Renaissance

takes the position that

racial differences are real
, that

racial solidarity
is part of human nature, and that

multi-racial societies
will always have

racial conflict.
All this is obviously true, which
is why the lefties fly into such a rage when someone
says so. Since the people at AR conferences are among
the most

thoughtful, persuasive people
who have ever said so,

is intense.

This year the raging started earlier than usual. Last
November, no less than three months before the 2008
conference, a group of living-dead who call themselves
Students for a Democratic Society put out the word that
"neo-nazis and

racist bigots
will be planning more racist terror at
the American Renaissance Conference,"
where they
would "vent their hatred and spew their racist venom
towards communities of color."
(This isn`t satire;
those were their words.) They called for "a day full
of actions (in many forms)"
to "shut these
racists down by any means necessary."
Protest Calendar (Beta) » white supremacist conference,
D.C., February

This is the sort of thing we hear every two years. So
what can we expect from their "day full of actions"?
Perhaps a dozen

, braying,

throwbacks to the 1960s
, who will divert
conference-goers and passing motorists alike with quaint
slogans and eccentric attire. Nothing could be more
edifying than the contrast between the detritus on the
sidewalk and the crisp, good manners in the conference

The braying also ensures

excellent media coverage
, which promotes our message
and brings more people to the next conference.

I am therefore deeply grateful to the loonies for three
reasons: They entertain, they show the other side up for
what it really is, and they are the best PR agency I
ever worked with. I wish 200 would show up rather than
only a dozen.

The loonies, you see, have the magic touch with the
media. This year, we are particularly indebted to a web
page and an answering machine known as the

Jewish Defense Organization
. This obscure offshoot
of the Jewish Defense Organization phoned up the newspapers in
Northern Virginia, where we will hold the conference, to
announce "Operation Nazi-Kicker," the silly name
for their plan to shut us up. Sure enough, the

Washington Post

Washington Jewish Week
 , the  

Herndon Observer
   , the 

Fairfax Times
, and the 

Herndon Connection
  all sprang into action and wrote
up the conference. We couldn`t have gotten that kind of
advance publicity if we had sent out press releases
promising a Storm Trooper rally, a

, a lynching, and free beer. Thank you,
JDO! [White
Nationalist Group`s Meeting Prompts Protest
| Jewish
Defense Organization Urges Herndon Hotel to Halt
`Neo-Nazi` Conference in February,
By Fredrick
Kunkle Washington Post, December 13, 2007]

The left is always claiming to have spotted Nazis, but
everyone knows it`s mostly wolf-crying. Even the

Southern Poverty Law Center
, when sufficiently
pressed, will concede that American Renaissance,

fearfully loathsome
, is hardly Nazi.

This Jewish Defense Organization, however, may believe its own
foolishness. "Taylor is a Nazi pig," its
spokesman explained to the Fairfax Times,
claiming that the many Jewish speakers we have had over
the years were all tricked. One of those Jewish speakers
wrote to tell them that if they were looking for Nazis,
they were barking down the wrong hole—and was met with a
blast of insults. Even the

Anti-Defamation League
 calls these people "extremist,"
so they must be pretty far gone.

In any case, thanks to volunteer press agents, the 2008
conference has attracted even more attention than usual.
But we will always make space for VDARE.COM readers. How
could we not admire people who read the second-best

on the entire Internet?

Our full lineup of speakers—including

Philippe Rushton

Fred Reed
, Michael Walker,

Paul Gottfried

Bruno Gollnisch
, and other prominent figures—is

described at our website, along with registration

Please join us for a most stimulating and memorable
conference, with the bonus attraction of an authentic
troop of

performing loonies
. It will be a weekend not to be

So, again—register


Jared Taylor (email

him) is editor of

American Renaissance

and the author of

Paved With Good Intentions: The Failure of Race
Relations in Contemporary America
(For Peter Brimelow`s review, click