Afro-Racism And Harvard`s Spineless Summers

Paul Craig Roberts says

Shelby Steele For Harvard President!

At Harvard University, the New Year blasted off with
a little lesson in the Afro-racist version of what the
Nazis used to call

—literally, disciplining of the
opposition, but more accurately translated as kicking in
the teeth of anyone who doesn`t do and say what you tell
him to do and say. Indeed, the year not only started
with the lesson but promises to continue with it well
into the future. 

Last October, Harvard`s new president, Larry Summers
him mail
), formerly President Clinton`s

Secretary of the Treasury
, had a little chat with
black Harvard professor Cornel West. Professor West, you
must understand, is a

Big Name,
a "University Professor" who has published
lots of books and is well known outside his academic
field, which in his case is what these days is called

"Afro-American Studies."

The chat apparently was not friendly. Mr. Summers
criticized Mr. West for spending too much time away from
his teaching duties—serving as a political adviser to
the presidential campaigns of Sen. Bill Bradley and more
recently of the

Rev. Al Sharpton
—and for cutting his own record of

rap music.
 (Listen to samples
here.) He also
pointed out that Mr. West`s courses display what is
politely called "grade inflation"—that is, the prof
hands out A`s like penny candy, rendering his courses
popular with lazy undergraduates but not very demanding

Any other professor would have taken a talk like this
from the president of his university as a warning to
straighten up or ship out, and most academics would have

But Mr. West is black and Mr. Summers is white, and
this is Harvard, so that`s not what happened. Instead,
Mr. West promptly alerted the

Afro-bigot squad
that racism was being committed.
Soon the Rev. Jesse Jackson was preaching that he was
"disturbed" at President Summers` apparent lack of
enthusiasm for affirmative action, the Rev. Sharpton
himself rumbled that he just might sue Harvard for
interfering with his plans to become president, and
before you could spell Kwanzaa, an entire platoon of
Afro-racists was ranting and raving about President
Summers, Harvard itself,

white society
, America and all the rest of the

Buttressed by support from the Afro-American Studies
Department`s chairman,

Henry Louis Gates,
who is more or less a real
scholar, and someone who calls himself

Kwame Appiah,
a philosophy professor, Mr. West was
soon gasping that he just might leave Harvard and go to
a real racial utopia like Princeton. "When you`re
disrespected like that," Mr. West fumed about his talk
with Mr. Summers, "you don`t stay at a place.”

Well, maybe he was beginning to catch the drift of
what Mr. Summers had been hinting at all along, but
this—again—is Harvard, and that`s not how things work. 

By the beginning of the new year, Mr. Summers had

confessed his sins
in a note to the

Harvard Crimson
affirmed his pride in Harvard`s "diversity," his
commitment to affirmative action, his ambition to make
Harvard even more "diverse" and his deep regrets over
any misunderstanding Mr. West might have had. "Diversity
contributes to educational excellence," Mr. Summers
recited. And of course, he vowed he wants to keep the
famous Afro-American Studies Department and everybody in
it at Harvard.

But that wasn`t enough for the persecuted Mr. West,
who promptly responded that he had been "attacked and
insulted" by Mr. Summers and might just leave Harvard
anyway. "The one thing I do not tolerate is disrespect,
being dishonored and being devalued," the black windbag
blustered. "As much as I forgive, I will not forget." 

if you want to listen to West on the Tavis
Smiley Show. You must have RealAudio, low blood
pressure, and a lot of free time.]

Mr. West denies that Mr. Summers` original criticisms
of his academic performance were true, but whether they
were or not, at this point Mr. Summers would be
perfectly justified in firing Mr. West and closing down
the whole department. Scholarship, the real kind rather
than the fake version to which "diversity" contributes
so much, would improve dramatically, as would the public
understanding of who—the

duly appointed president

or a gaggle of academic frauds who got their jobs
through affirmative action—really runs the university
and who determines the standards of the education it

But, yet once more, this is Harvard, and that`s not
the way it works. The way it works at Harvard is what
happened soon after Mr. Summers published his cowardly
letter and Mr. West brayed forth his crudities. Harvard`s

a group of professors the university was
placing their proposal for a Latino Studies Department
"on the front burner," after Mr. Summers had rejected
the idea twice. "Several of the Latino professors last
week said they were thinking about leaving Harvard
because of the president`s lack of support."

If Mr. Summers and other whites don`t understand the
way it works at Harvard, you can bet the non-whites do. 

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January 14, 2002